168 Part 2

He used 18,745 books out of the 19,000 books he prepared and it was risky.

But the important thing was that he succeeded.


[Skill] +9 The Art of Conversation (Synthesized/General) – With a marvelous Silver Tongue, you can lead the conversation to your advantage. However, the correction effects through the Art of Conversation skill does not work on another ‘player’.

Enhancement Bonus: (+2 Bonus: The favor of all NPCs increases by 2% except for some special NPCs.) (+3 Bonus: The favor of all NPCs increases by 3% except for some special NPCs.) (+4 Bonus: The probability of the NPC’s curiosity about your words increases by 10%.) (+5 Bonus: The probability of the NPC’s curiosity about your words increases by 20% [Cumulative 35%].) (+6 Bonus: When favor with a NPC rises, an additional 5% of favorability is given.) (+7 Bonus: When favor with a NPC rises, an additional 10% [Cumulative 15%] of favorability is given.) (+8 Bonus: When you hire NPC mercenaries, for 30% of them the starting salaries are reduced by 30%.) (+9 Bonus: The ultimate effects in Art of Conversation will work for any entity. The summoning duration for all your summons is increased by 30%.) Cooldown time: None (Passive)


[Proficiency: 0]


Due to the +9 effects, this was a general skill that had to be learned. Rather, the benefits of the high rank were better than the high rank benefits of synthesized Magic Engineering made earlier.

The rarity, and benefits of +9 were known publicly (and coveted by many) shortly before Sang Hyuk came back in time.


“Let’s finish with this General Skill.”


Honestly, he wanted to change some of the existing general skills, but it wasn’t that urgent now.


‘Awakening Skill Slot….. I have to fill it up first.’


The most urgent thing now was to create the Ancient Knowledge that will be inserted into the Awakening Skill Slot.

Of course, Sang Hyuk had already planned everything.

Even the materials were all collected, so all he had to do was to make them.

The problem was…. that this Ancient Knowledge was totally unordinary.

Originally, the Awakening Skill Slot was meant to be equipped with an easy and common ‘Ancient Knowledge’. By the way, after the Ancient Knowledge registered in the Awakening Skill Slot was lost after the time limit expired, a different Ancient Knowledge than the one registered before could not be mounted immediately.

If one wanted to mount something else, one had to ‘Initialize’ the Awakening Skill Slot for four days.

This penalty was to prevent abuse of the Awakening Skill Slot by preventing the players from switching the Ancient Knowledge to fit the situation, rather than using it for the intended purposes.

For this reason, Sang Hyuk intended to use one Ancient Knowledge constantly.

But that Ancient Knowledge was not normal and certainly not easy to get.


“The Ritual of the Thunder…. With this, I can cover for the absence of an active attack skill.”


Sang Hyuk had his four soul holes filled with the ‘Shadow Knight’, ‘Elementalism’, ‘Card User’, and ‘Giant Blood’.

But in fact, Sang Hyuk was not 100% satisfied with this choice. Of course, after a lot of thought, it was a choice he made using all of the EL knowledge he has, and it was the best configuration when he first thought about it.

But there was certainly a little difference between theory and practice.

As he continued to use those four souls throughout his play, he was able to find many shortcomings, and there were two lethal shortcomings.

First, the number of active offensive skills was insufficient. In particular, as you can see there is no offensive skill that specializes in ‘wire’ as the main weapon and he almost always used general offensive skills as an expedient.

This was the part where Sang Hyuk always got frustrated.

And the second one was, the Giant Blood. Sang Hyuk admitted that it was an obvious mistake to choose the Giant Blood.

Of course, the Giant Blood itself was excellent. However, by now Sang Hyuk and the Giant Blood were slightly out of focus.

It helped a lot in terms of defense, but Sang Hyuk had now abandoned the defensive build in raid or PvP in favor of a high speed attack style, forgoing defense and relying on pure offense to win.

In this way, of course he didn’t like Giant Blood.

However, because it wasn’t something he could change because he didn’t like it, Sang Hyuk was forced to admit his mistakes and used his abilities to make the most of it.

Anyway, in that sense, ‘Ritual of the Thunder God’ was an Ancient Knowledge which was a must for Sang Hyuk.

This Ancient Knowledge was a type often referred to as Martial Arts.

To be precise, it was a kind of Martial Arts that used “Thunder”.  This technique dealt sonic/concussion damage by creating spheres of vacuum in the air, and damage was inflicted when the spheres violently imploded due to atmospheric pressure.  Sang Hyuk intended to use it to complete his own wire combat method.

Everything was perfect here.

However, in order to do this, he had to keep loading the Ritual of Thunder God on the Awakening Skill Slot….. By the way, the Ritual of Thunder God was a hidden Ancient Knowledge that could be created with a very low probability from a combination of the Divine Thunderbolt skillbook, which is the highest ranked Martial Arts skill, and the Heavenly 72 Whip Techniques skillbook, which is a first rank Martial Art skill.


The very low probability mentioned above was only 0.5%.

In other words, it was an Ancient Knowledge that was not easily obtained even if he knew how to do it.

Even Divine Thunderbolt and Heavenly 72 Whip techniques were not easy to obtain, so making the Ritual of the Thunder God itself was quite difficult.

But, did he have faith in that 0.5% probability and roll the dice?

In fact, the Ritual of Thunder God was an Ancient Knowledge that wasn’t appropriate for the Awakening Skill Slot at all.


Hidden Martial Arts such as the ‘Ritual of Thunder God’ was usually known to users through quest and when players learned how to get the Ritual of the Thunder God, it was clear that they would never put it in the Awakening Skill Slot.

But, Sang Hyuk was different.

He already knew about the Ritual of Thunder God in the first place. Because one of the progamers he liked the most used it as one of his main soulskills.

Anyway, he knew exactly how to make it. Therefore, he planned it from the beginning and kept on buying these two books of Martial Arts….. Divine Thunderbolt and Heavenly 72 Whip Techniques.

Since he has been collecting them for almost a few years, he has collected about 22,349 volumes of Divine Thunderbolt and 31,734 volumes of Heavenly 72 Whip Methods.

Theoretically, there are about 22,000 volumes of Ritual of the Thunder God that could be made.

If so, even with only 0.5% chance, the results suggested that more than 100 books of Ritual Thunder God could be produced.

In addition, Sang Hyuk had the item skill, ‘Great Luck’.

So he was confident that he would pull out more than 100 books no matter what.

Even if you used up one skillbook a month it would be 100 months.

It meant that it could be used for almost 10 years in a row. If this were enough, putting the Ritual of Thunder God in the Awakening Skill Slot didn’t seem to be a problem.


“Now, should we make them now?”


Sang Hyuk, who smiled as he watched the Martial Arts books stacked in front of his eyes.

He was thinking of drawing at least 150 books of Ritual of Thunder God today.

Chapter 167 [Episode 86] Fancy Fireworks 2 – End


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