Chapter 164 [Episode 84] Red Bearded Whale 2

* * * *

The average clear time for EL raids was about 40 minutes.

Most EL raids took more than 20 minutes, no matter how easy it was. As a result, players who specialize in raids, cite ‘tenacity’ as one of the most important qualities a user should have in a raid. (EN: The author/MTL uses “patience” in this chapter.  However, it is obvious by context he means “tenacity”.  Changed. )

Staying focused for a long time was even more painful than you might think, so those without tenacity could never join a top-level raid.

Tenacity is so important that the first thing to ask when the raid teams, which are in the top 100 ranking, select new users is how long they have fought non-stop without rest.

No matter how good a player was, he or she couldn’t play in a top-tier raid team if he didn’t have enough tenacity and concentration.

In that sense, Team Rush with those three members had the qualities to be counted among the best raid teams.

The battle with the Red Bearded Whale had lasted more than four hours, but the three remained sharp.

It wasn’t just holding on, they targeted the Red Bearded Whale at every opportunity and pulled its health down to 40%.

Of course, the process wasn’t easy. A few times they came close to team wipe and Gye Baek and Dark Knight barely avoided death more than once.

Sang Hyuk was exposed to even more crises because he flew in to save his teammates, and for two really dangerous moments he was able to escape only with the aid of the golden dragon coin and the combination card, Drop of Phoenix Blood.

It wasn’t all that was consumed. In fact, the Ink-Black Dragon, the sky-grade ship which was the strongest defense for Team Rush, had only 20% durability left.

Team Rush was tired, body and mind, and has used up their most powerful skills, with the longest cool down times….. On the other hand, the Red Bearded Whale not only had a lot of health, but it also seemed to be able to continue.


[You guys are still….. not yet qualified!]


As the Red Bearded Whale’s life went down to 40%, it issued a warning for the first and last time, with a raspy voice.


‘It’s beginning!’


Sang Hyuk knew that this warning was a sign that the third phase of the Red Bearded Whale raid had begun.

He also knew that the third phase was the key to defeating the Red Bearded Whale.

In fact, they had to endure this third phase to defeat the Red Bearded Whale.

The reason why one used the word ‘endure’ was they couldn’t stop the Red Bearded Whale’s rampage as the third phase began, so they had to hold on until its health went down to 20%.


Most other monsters became berserk just before their health bottomed out and died. However, the unusual Red Bearded Whale went berserk between 40% to 20% of health.

Of course, if this monster became berserk in the middle of the battle it would be very tricky for the users who were targeting it.

Therefore, even in the past life, it has been known that the most important key to the Red Bearded Whale raid is to endure past this berserk.

In fact, there were many of the opinion that the raid could succeed more than 90% of the time, if the timing of this berserk was predicted and the raiders prepared and held well.

The fourth phase, which started after the berserk ended and health was below 20%, was easier to break than the first or second phase.


‘As it said, we still can’t withstand its berserk.’



The moment the flaming haze rose from the Red Bearded Whale, Sang Hyuk faced reality.

Team Rush would wipe because it could never endure the Red Bearded Whale’s berserk.


‘If you can’t stand….attack at once!’


The Dragon God Artifacts, the Red Dragon’s Fang!

Phiing, dududududuk!

Sang Hyuk finally used the Dragon God Artifacts, which he had previously refused to use, no matter how dangerous the raid had become, which had been saved just for this moment.

When the Dragon God Artifacts was used, a red light rose from Sang Hyuk’s right hand, winding up Sang Hyuk’s body and at that moment Sang Hyuk’s body grew and changed.

He grew nearly twice as large and his hair and eyes were dyed a vivid red color.

At the moment Sang Hyuk summoned the Dragon God Artifacts, more than 100 tentacles protruded from the Red Bearded Whale’s body.

This was not the infinite tentacles.

They were the tentaculocysts that emitted the ranged ‘Red Glow’ beam attack, which is used only when the Red-Bearded Whale is at the state of berserk.


“Leah! Deploy the shield!”


The only thing that could stop the Red Glow was the shield of the Ink-Black Dragon.

Kyaoooo, flash!


More than a hundred tentaculocyst emerged from the Red Bearded Whale’s body, and with their appearance, they emitted the Red Glow straight away, attacking and completely bombarding the Sky-sea.

The scary thing about the Red Glow was that they couldn’t avoid it. So, in Sang Hyuk’s past life, teams would only start the raid after preparing a wide area defense for the Red Glow.

If they couldn’t withstand this, they couldn’t withstand the berserk of the Red Bearded Whale.

They endured the first Red Glow with the shield of the Ink-Black Dragon. However, Team Rush was unable to fight back behind the shield.

And if this continued, if they only endured and endured it…. That meant team wipe.

The shield was not indefinitely sustainable.

Nevertheless, the reason for Sang Hyuk using this shield was because they had to endure the Red Glow two or three times.


The shield, which was enhanced by four times using the Krakon’s Galactic Eye, held on against the Red Glow and as a result, the Ink-Black Dragon remained floating on the insanely tossing Sky-sea.

The Dragon God Artifacts inheritance skill ‘The Rage of the Red Dragon’!




Sang Hyuk used ‘The Rage of the Red Dragon’. Then all kinds of buffs were applied to his body. The cooldown of the two skills he had previously specified was also immediately reset.

Sang Hyuk didn’t stop here, but he activated all kinds of amplification effects, just as he did when preparing for his first attack.

His words to attack when they can’t hold on….

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