Chapter 153 [Episode 79] Diamond Cut Diamond 1

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Time was not on Kim Junyoung’s side.

Kim Junyoung knew that too. Of course, even in this situation, he knew better than to be impatient.


‘It is just the first game anyway.’


Kim Junyoung controlled himself, because haste makes mistakes.

His opponent was strong and the game was not going his way. To be honest, it was an unfamiliar situation to Kim Junyoung, but he refused to panic or let his emotions control his actions.


‘There is only one chance!’


As time passed, the defeat of Kim Junyoung was obvious.

That’s why his only chance at victory was in an all-out attack.

Tadadang, tadang!

Meanwhile, Sang Hyuk and Kim Junyoung continued to attack and defend, the speed and power of their swords clashing terrifyingly fierce and intense.

Sang Hyuk continued to defend and attack as efficiently as possible. It was a tactic that denied his opponent any openings.

Of course, in such a situation, it was impossible for Kim Junyoung to take the initiative and have the game that he wanted.


‘Should I solidify my win like this?’


Because he had the advantage, as Sang Hyuk intended, Kim Junyoung would be defeated without even the chance to fight back.


‘I can’t help it!’


In the end, Kim Junyoung gave up waiting for that one chance. If he looked at his opponent’s perfect skills and Sang Hyuk’s effortless moves, it was a 99% certainty that the one chance he was waiting for would not come until the end.

If so, there is one thing left……

It was to force that one chance.




Kim Junyoung, who took two steps back, gripped the two-handed sword and jumped toward Sang Hyuk with all the power he had!

Kim Junyoung gave up on defense or evasion. Kim Junyoung’s pure attack was brilliant in that he intended to maximize the uncertainty of the game using the technique described simply as ‘You die and I die’.

He made the winning possibility which had fallen towards 0 became 50:50.

Kim Junyoung made a complex situation brutally simple.

However, this technique was one of the many tactics that Kim Junyoung might use that Sang Hyuk had already predicted.




When your opponent comes out with an ‘You die and I die’ attack, it’s best to just run away.

Nothing was as foolish as meeting a Kamikaze attack head on.

For this reason, Sang Hyuk pulled out as much as possible from the Shadow Knight’s final draw, the ‘Shadow Flash Sword’. Obviously there was nothing more foolish than fighting a rampage dog.

Flash! Phaphaphaphat!

Sang Hyuk avoided confrontation at high speed and increased the distance.

Sang Hyuk thought that if it was Shadow Flash Sword, he could shake Kim Junyoung off. Therefore, he was not too afraid when his opponent charged out to attack.

But Sang Hyuk missed one thing.


Surprisingly, Kim Junyoung caught up with Sang Hyuk, who used Shadow Flash Sword.

As far as Sang Hyuk knew, there were no movement skills among the soul skills that can be learned through the Berserker and Blade Master that could catch the Shadow Flash Sword.


‘What exactly is this….. Ah!’


At the moment Kim Junyoung caught up with him, Sang Hyuk realized which soul skill Kim Junyoung had used.

One of the basic 16-Soul Skills of the Blade Master, the Sword Pull Skill!

Surprisingly, Kim Junyoung cleverly used the Sword Pull Skill to form a powerful ‘attraction’ between Sang Hyuk’s sword and his two-handed sword, and he was able to use that force to narrow the distance in an instant.

Because Kim Junyoung was convinced that Sang Hyuk would abandon defense and run away if he used a ‘You Die and I Die’ attack, so he prepared his counterattack, by triggering Sword Pull even before he started his attack.

If before retreating Sang Hyuk and Kim Junyoung had crossed swords even briefly, then the Sword Pull Skill would have triggered and Kim Junyoung could never have been pulled to Sang Hyuk, as the target sword had touched Kim Junyoung’s sword, fulfilling the termination conditions of the skill.

In other words, it could be said that Kim Junyoung used Sang Hyuk’s terrifying reaction speed rather than the reverse.


[email protected] it!”


At least for this time, Sang Hyuk was beaten by Kim Junyoung. And this one mistake ultimately decided the winner and loser.

At the moment of crisis Kim Junyoung made a desperate throw of the dice and won.

It worked, and the first game was taken by Kim Junyoung.

The game had been determined already, but the unbelievable skills shown by both of them attracted more attention. Everyone who watched the game said that Immortal and Master K were the Absolutes of EL.

There were almost no one who called the defeated Immortal’s ability “hype” except a few diehard haters.

However, Sang Hyuk, who lost his first game, focused more on the war than on a single battle.

In the end, a single, almost completely unavoidable mistake caused a defeat, but the main thing was that he lost.

The second game started just after five minutes.

Sang Hyuk, surprisingly, chose Shadow Knight and Buffer again.  On the other hand, Kim Junyoung, who won the first game, switched to Blade Knight and Elemental Magic (Flame).

Normally, it is supposed to be the losing side that changes tactics while the winning side keeps it, but Sang Hyuk or Kim Junyoung regardless of the outcome of the game, they chose the ancient knowledge according to their own thoughts.

The second game followed the selection.

The second game took place on an endless desert terrain.

* * * *

In the second game, Sang Hyuk, motivated by the first defeat, showed a perfect run without making a single mistake and won at the end of a long battle.

The score was ‘1:1’, but the atmosphere was not good on Kim Junyoung’s side.

The reason was simple. Kim Junyoung lost to his opponent, even though he had drawn the magic knight he was confident on.

Of course, the biggest reason why Kim Junyoung lost was because of Sang Hyuk’s familiarity with Kim Junyoung’s magic knight through his previous life experience.

Kim Junyoung hadn’t noticed yet, but choosing magic knight against Sang Hyuk was suicide.

Sang Hyuk was completely familiar with Kim Junyoung’s magic knight’s tactics, choice of soul skills, and his proficiency using his soul skills.

Sang Hyuk made the choice to play with Kim Junyoung’s psychology in the third game.

Because he was almost 100% sure that Kim Junyoung, who was proud, would choose magic knight again, so he chose ‘Hell Hunter’, a combination of Gunner and the ‘Curse Magician’, which could be called the ‘Nemesis’ of Kim Junyoung’s Magic Knight.

The reason for Hell Hunter was the ‘Nemesis’ of Kim Junyoung’s Magic Knight was simple.

First, Gunner itself was a highly powerful Ancient Knowledge, with high-speed ranged attacks that were the bane of the melee professions and the Curse Magician was able to ‘nullify’ the flame-based magic that Kim Junyoung used as his main magic.



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