Chapter 147 [Episode 75] Ink-Black Dragon Great Victory 2


The Black Market’s Sky-grade ship, which was named ‘the Darkness’, had on board the elite users of Black Market.   They of course, expected the One Guild’s ace to attempt a boarding so they had all gathered on the deck to give him a “warm reception”.

In this situation, suddenly, a magic cannonball exploded in the bow, and the explosion threw into chaos their preparations.

Sang Hyuk aimed for that gap in their awareness.

Phaaaat! Thathak!

The elites of Black Market who panicked, allowed Sang Hyuk’s solo crossing to be uncontested.


“That brat has come over!”


“The bow! He’s at the bow!”


“Tankers forward! Ranged Dealers maximum firepower!”


Black Market’s elites were dealing with Sang Hyuk as if this was a raid. Their response was excellent.

The large scale guilds and coalitions found their numbers were futile against Sang Hyuk because they had thought Sang Hyuk was the same type of user as themselves.

The Black Market’s response was the most accurate way to attack Sang Hyuk. Sang Hyuk was not a user but a raid boss monster. Moreover, he was the type of a powerful raid boss monster that was very hard to catch and it was right to fight Sang Hyuk as if it was a raid.

Chok chok chok chok!

Equipped with their characteristic large shields, the tankers quickly took their designated spots at the front ranks. Then the supporting dealers, buffers, and healers took their place at the back.

Sang Hyuk smiled as he watched them.


‘This is like waking up a boss monster from a sound sleep.  Like kicking a sleeping dragon on the butt….’


Unfortunately stealth tactics were out because the battle was taking place when the other party was aware of Sang Hyuk and his intentions.

The original plan was to finish the nearest ship quietly, when his enemies were distracted and after that he was going to try a concealed assault. Using concealment, then he could become a reaper in the shadows and would be able to easily wipe out his enemies.


`No matter how you look at it…. I can’t help it.’


If the concealment doesn’t work, there is only one thing left.


Sang Hyuk gripped the two blood wires from both of his hands, and looked at the elites of the Black Market, who had a solid formation.


‘Unexpectedly, you have prepared a lot.’


The formation was much more solid than he thought. Originally, he would use hit-and-run tactics in this sort of situation to throw his enemies into chaos and engage in a slashing dog-fight, but with his foes dug in like this, this would lead to defeat.

Sang Hyuk did not rush. The guys in front of him were a single force, so it was very unlikely that the support troops would come here from the other Sky-grade Ships.


‘I will attack at the weakest place.’


Sang Hyuk had to lead the battle into a chaotic slaughter. In order to do so, the tanker formation had to be destroyed.

If the battle order of the tankers remain intact, no matter how he breaks the other ranks, the line of battle can be reformed again in an instant, so the battle that Sang Hyuk desired would never occur.

So, battle formation of the tankers had to be destroyed.


“Don’t think of your opponent as a user, but as a powerful boss monster!”


“Tankers don’t hesitate to use your survival skills, and the healers be vigilant, heal anyone who needs it.”


This was really a raid.

Not only that, it was a raid with as many as 100 elite users….. If that’s the case, even a boss monster would be sorted out in an instant.


“Start again…”


Chwarururururuk, chwarururururuk!

Sang Hyuk murmured briefly and straight flew the bloodwire in different directions.

Frontal confrontation with power versus power, it would not be an easy fight, but Sang Hyuk never thought he would be defeated, not even for a single second.

* * * *


[Why do you think we can’t get in touch with them?]


[Have you checked them offline?]


[Why did suddenly they shut down their communications?]


[A little while ago, Red Blood’s Sky-grade ship exploded, and the Darkness next to it was greatly shaken…. Is that the aftermath?]


Ten minutes after the head of the Black Market, Hazad, disconnected, all the other Representatives of Reverse One were irritated.


[Huu, there is nothing else we can do. We are going to board the ‘Darkness’.]


Dark Dragon, who silently fumed, eventually made a decision.


[Intruding is a bit…..]


[How about we wait for a bit longer? Even if they had an accident, they’ll eventually get in touch offline.]


[Each Sky-grade ship is the unique property of each member of the coalition, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to invade it.]


As expected, most of the representatives responded negatively.

They never crossed a certain line, no matter how serious the situation was.

This was the limit of Reverse One.


[No matter what you say, I’m going onboard. Otherwise the One Guild will defeat us once again. Now is not the time to be hesitant.]


DD stubbornly adhered to his position.

The other delegates couldn’t stop DD when he was like this.


[In this occasion, all of us are just going to invade Darkness and take it over. Rather, this is an opportunity! We’ll have him cornered, stuck inside a narrow Sky-grade Ship!]


DD thought that Dark Dragon’s assault force alone could not catch the Immortal.

Unfortunately, that was the reality. So he attempted to persuade the last four remaining coalition delegations.

Would DD’s heartfelt pleas work on them?

The representatives of the four coalitions, who continued to make negative comments, stopped and began to think.


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