Chapter 146 [Episode 75] Ink-Black Dragon Great Victory 1

@Ink-Black Dragon Great Victory


Because all the conditions have been met, the Ragna Blade, which was registered as an event skill, was activated.

Sang Hyuk stacked all kinds of amplified abilities and added the multiplied immense force to the two wire lines which he shot forward…… obviously the Ragna Blade triggered.

Ziiing! Kwagwagwagwagwagwagwa!

Once Sang Hyuk released the Ragna Blade, the Ink-Black Dragon was pushed back from the recoil of the titanic forces unleashed!

The Ragna Blade didn’t exactly shoot towards the Reverse One Fleet.

Blow up the Reverse One Fleet using Ragna Blade?

This was not impossible. It may be difficult to obliterate all seven ships but at least it was powerful enough to completely destroy more than 5 of them and wipe out all the enemies on board.

But before saying what was and was not impossible, Sang Hyuk used the Ragna Blade in a different way for other reasons.

First the biggest problem was the death penalty.

If Sang Hyuk cleared all his enemies with ragna blade, his enemies would die…. but just die.

This was already confirmed by several experiments done after Sang Hyuk obtained the Ragna Blade.

The desire to erase everything using ragna blade was really unreasonable so of course the ‘items’ or ‘karma’ they should lose was not lost.

Obviously, the time limit for access due to death was not applied normally, so they were able to connect right after their death without a lag.

It was a bit like a bug, but it was hard to argue that it was a bug from Sang Hyuk’s point of view.

So, if Sang Hyuk obliterates the Reverse One Fleet with ragna blade, the only thing they lose is the Sky-grade Ships.

Of course, losing the Sky-grade ship could be a fatal blow, but due to the nature of Sky-grade Ship, even if it is destroyed, the Keel and skeleton frame of the ship will revert back into the spirit virtual space, so it will take a long time to recover but it won’t disappear completely.

In the end, it means that the only benefit Sang Hyuk could gain was to delay their progress for a very long time.

Of course, Sang Hyuk couldn’t get anything like loot.

Thus it was a vain result, and Sang Hyuk was NOT going to let them off so easily.

Because of that, Sang Hyuk wouldn’t blow up the fleet using ragna blade.

So, this was his choice.

Gurrrrrrrung, Kwagwagwagwagwang!

Sang Hyuk did not aim the ragna blade toward the fleet, but rather at underneath the fleet.

Naturally, the ragna blade pierced the Sky-sea and drilled a hole in the Sky-sea.

A massive hole was made in the sea. Of course, the waters of the Sky-sea would rush in to fill the void immediately, but the important thing was that right now there was a massive void in the Sky-sea underneath the Reverse One Fleet.

It was the same as when he drilled a massive hole through the sea from the underground dungeon.

A miracle that only Ragna Blade which can erase even the system was capable of…. Naturally, right after it was holed the waters of the Sky-sea poured into that unimaginably immense chasm.

Then the Sky-sea fell in.

Of course, the Sky-sea didn’t have sea water like the real sea. This was a milky translucent material similar to sea water, and as the megatons of this material fell into the hole, with a world shaking roar, an immense vortex was made on the sea.


A massive artificial vortex  was created by Sang Hyuk. However, the size and power of the vortex was unimaginably powerful for all that it had created by just a single user.

Actually, it was impossible to believe that anyone could create a natural disaster artificially, but in any case, the reverse fleet was where a huge vortex was created, and all seven large Sky-grade Ships were caught in that vortex.

On the Reverse One Fleet’s side, it was literally a bolt out of the blue. They tried their best to turn the bow of their ships to chase the escaping Ink-Black Dragon.

However, a titanic vortex formed out of nowhere in the sea and they were caught in it, so they naturally panicked.

Especially, the four Sky-grade Ships which were intertwined because of Sang Hyuk, shuddered uncontrollably, failing to remain upright, almost capsizing in the grip of the vortex.

Kwagwagwagwang! Kwagwagwagwagwagwang!

In the process, the Sky-grade Ships collided with each other and suffered major collision damage.

Moreover, the three Sky-grade Ships, which were not entangled, struck each other and there was extensive hull and superstructure damage a multiple locations.

The durability of the hull was cut down so much that it would be difficult to sail properly.

The giant vortex gradually decreased over time, and at the same time the sea stabilized, but the Reverse Fleet suffered devastating, crippling damage.

It was for only a minute that they caught in the vortex but the four Sky-grade Ships which were intertwined, were almost completely wrecked, and the remaining three Sky-grade Ships suffered “merely” crippling damage.

With some luck, Ragna Blade had performed better than Sang Hyuk could have imagined.

Of course, it wasn’t the end of the battle.

In fact, Sang Hyuk, who had stopped his enemy’s fleet dead in the water, was already driving the Ink-Black Dragon back at full speed to the front of the Reverse One Fleet.


“Gye Baek, don’t be frugal with the ammo, keep those Sky-grade Ships under continuous fire with the cannon. And Aspice continue to control Ink-Black Dragon, and just in case there is an enemy who want to board us, please give them a ‘warm’ welcome.”


Sang Hyuk, who has recovered some of the health and vitality consumed by using ragna blade through potions and healing items, gazed with delight at the screaming, wrecked mess he had made of the Reverse One Fleet.

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