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Chapter 143 [Episode 73] Various differences with the previous life. 2


‘This is similar to unlimited mode.’


His abilities were completely different, but his senses were still alive, so he was able to adapt quickly.

Sang Hyuk, who swung his two-handed sword a few times and quickly adjusting to his environment, slowly looked everywhere.

Though the snowflakes weren’t very large, it was snowing quite a lot and the snow fields of pure white spread out in all directions devoid of anything that looked like an obstacle.


‘Isn’t it time for you to show up, right?’


The battleground for 1:1 of both unlimited or limited wasn’t that big.

So, if the opponent had moved as soon as the game started, he or she should have been in front of Sang Hyuk by now.


‘If no one has appeared yet, then it means one of two possibilities.’


Sang Hyuk carefully rested his two-handed sword on his shoulder and opened his senses as widely as he could.


‘A Stealth user or Ranged combat dealer.’


These two were the most likely.

Sang Hyuk had already used all three of his Ancient Knowledge ‘buffer’ soul skills as soon as he entered the game.

Sang Hyuk himself had chosen three buff skills: ‘Soaring power’, ‘The Agility of the Monkey’, and ‘The Eyes of the Hawk’.

Soaring Power increased damage by increasing strength.  The Agility of Monkey was a buff that simultaneously increased agility and evasion.

And finally, The Eyes of the Hawk greatly enhanced vision and gave a weak concealment detection effect.

Sang Hyuk chose these three buffs because they were the most versatile.

Anyway, the winner in limited mode was the player who was most effective with the limited number of skills available to each user. Choosing skills that had the widest application, and using those skills with clever tactics and maximizing the effectiveness of each skill no matter the environment was the key to victory.

Thanks to The Eyes of the Hawk, Sang Hyuk had the ability to detect concealment. And not only that, if he focused, he could extend his visual range.

Sang Hyuk frowned a bit, focused and looked at his surroundings thoroughly.

How much would he be able to observe?

Momentarily, an almost imperceptible flicker caught Sang Hyuk’s eyes.

It was so far away and vague that it would never have been discovered had he been a normal user.


‘A mound made from a bit of snow….. Momentary glitter….. Camouflaged sniper rifle…..A Sniper Nest.’


The snow was falling, and the sunlight on the pure white environment created visual artifacts and optical distortions. Even under these bad conditions, Sang Hyuk knew exactly where his opponent was through the miniscule traces that was discovered by his remarkable concentration.


‘Are you waiting for me to walk into your killing zone?’


The distance from where the sniper sits to where Sang Hyuk stands is approximately 2 km away.

At this level, it was difficult to succeed in sniping. Even if the sniping was successful, he could not finish his opponent with one shot. A sniper would be forced to fight an unfavorable battle if they could not bring down their opponent in a single hit.

So, they always fought in a way where they waited for the other party to come into their desired kill zone after concealment. In fact, the sniper was not a good choice for a 1 on 1 showdown.

Unless they won with the first shot, the sniper would have to fight much harder, because he will have lost his biggest advantage, surprise.

‘You know it is obviously harder, so it is very likely that you normally play a sniper in EL on the regular server, because you’ve chosen a sniper in the limited mode where you can choose everything, right? You have got to be amazing at it….. therefore I can’t take you lightly at all.’


Experience was an important variable that should never be ignored.

That’s why Sang Hyuk slowly walked forward, keeping his focus.

There were a number of tips for dealing with snipers, and Sang Hyuk’s choice was the most certain, but also the most dangerous.


‘I just have to break his timing.’


Sniping was a task that required a high degree of concentration. As a result, the first shot could not hit if the timing was a little off.

Sang Hyuk had a rough idea of the location of the sniper’s nest while recalling the sniper-related Ancient Knowledge he saw when he picked his Ancient Knowledges before joining the game.

Sang Hyuk didn’t remember every detail of all the 74 ancient knowledges and 116 equipment he saw in the waiting room, but he was so experienced that he already knew all the powers and their effectiveness.

So predicting the sniper’s kill zone wasn’t that difficult.


‘Interrupt the timing and narrow the distance as quickly as possible. Then it would definitely be my victory.’


Sang Hyuk walked forward slowly and leisurely, not fast and not in a rush. Then he continued to watch where the sniper was hiding. The sniper didn’t know that Sang Hyuk had dramatically expanded his vision through The Eyes of The Hawk, so he couldn’t have even dreamed that his position had been exposed.

Was that so? He made three consecutive mistakes, and ended up exposing the shiny muzzle of his rifle. This made it easier for Sang Hyuk to predict his timing.


‘Four steps forward…. This is dangerous.’


Sang Hyuk had estimated the risk as accurately as possible based on his predicted location. The point at which the estimated kill zone began was four steps ahead.

That meant that he had to break the opponent’s timing from the fourth step ahead.


‘One…. Two….. Three…. Four! Now!’


Sang Hyuk chose Shadow Flash Sword, the Shadow Knight’s signature soul skill, as soon as he entered the kill zone he had predicted.

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