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Chapter 142 [Episode 73] Various differences with the Previous life 1

@ Various differences with the previous life.


The seven giant forces of Reverse One built the seven earth-grade sky-ship squadron by using their own resources. They were earth grade, but the size was as big as quadruple size, so all seven were huge.

The number of passengers was slightly different, but there was an average of about 150 on board.

What they lacked was in the magic armor, which acts as the engine. The energy efficiency of all seven ships was not very high because all seven ships used 2 to 2.5 grade Magic Armor as the engines.

Of course, the maintenance costs have gone up tremendously.

However, the Reverse One fleet was able to afford its maintenance costs due to its mighty financial power. Not only that, even after the launch of the first seven Sky-grade ship squadron, they kept on producing magic armor and sky-grade ships to increase the size of their fleet.

When they lacked in quality, it was Reverse One’s strategy to win the game with sheer quantity.

However, this strategy unknowingly hit the jackpot.

Leading the fleet into the Middle Layer, Dark Dragon arrived on a large sky island called the Red Mountain and received the first Blue Sky Sailing Route Quest…. which turned out to be a little unusual…


[Quest] ‘The first Blue Sky Sailing Route Quest [Fleet]’ <Number of connections 1>

: The Blue Sky Sailing Route leads the Skyway towards the Continent of the Sun. And the efforts of you and your colleagues to blaze the trail using a ‘fleet’ is worthy of recognition.

Quest Progress

– The heart of a 9th grade Sky Whale [in progress]


– Fleet Configuration Conditions [Size: 3 ships of Quadruple grade, 2 ships of triple grade, 2 ships of double grade], [Grade: All are Earth-grade], fleet personnel composition [total 700 people] [Complete]


Quest Rating: S-Grade.

Naturally, DD noticed that this quest was different from the quests received by the other users.

It is obvious that something had changed. The Reverse One fleet hunted the 9th grade Sky Whale quite easily. In fact, with the level of firepower they had, the 9th grade Sky Whale was obliterated in a single salvo.

After the hunt was done and as soon as he completed the quest, DD was able to see how daebak (great) the quest rewards were.


‘You got the fleet bonus and acquired the shortest distance sailing route.’


‘You got the fleet bonus and the speed of the Sky-grade ships increased by 30%.’


‘You got the fleet bonus and the durability of the Sky-grade ship increased by 30%.’


The shortest distance sailing route. This was the most desired sailing route for those exploring through the Blue Sky Sailing Route. After a long time, the sailing route was shared through several means, but it took a lot of time to do so.

DD didn’t know exactly how useful the shortest distance sailing route was, but he felt it was going to be a real jackpot.

The fleet that was set up to catch the One Guild hit the jackpot in unexpected places, so there’s no reason for DD to not feel good.

Actually, the fleet bonus, which obtained by the Reverse One fleet, was one of the biggest secrets hidden in the Middle Layer. Even in Sang Hyuk’s previous life, it took a really long time before it was discovered.

At that time, the secret was exclusive to only a few top guilds, so even Sang Hyuk wasn’t aware of the fleet bonus.

Of course, obviously even if a fleet gets a speed bonus, it can’t keep up with the Ink-Black Dragon, but if the fleet follows the shortest distance sailing route, then the story would be a bit different.

Especially, due to the nature of the fleet, if the fleet encountered a low grade sky whale or pirate ship, there would be no delay, as these hazards would be no match for the fleet’s firepower.

Moreover, the fleet was so crowded that it was able to keep moving without resting. There was a little difference between the fleet’s progress and Sang Hyuk’s group, which had to be docked at sea for four to seven hours every two days, as the three had to take a break.

The good news is that the Ink-Black Dragon has raced forward for a long time and is currently well ahead…. but if the fleet bonus is maintained continuously, then the difference will be reduced over time.

* * * *

Numerous combat videos from EL Gladiators have been compiled, showing only the most dramatic highlights, each clip taking only a few seconds on the screen, before being replaced by the next exciting selection. Then, as the Intro finished, the last image in the video fragmented like a pane of shattering glass, and a translucent button called [sync] appeared in front of Sang Hyuk with the letters spelling out ”EL Revolution”.  *

Finally, the EL Revolution’s beta service has begun.

Sang Hyuk opened the additional service window and accessed EL Revolution upon arrival on the 15th Sky Island.

As mentioned in the initial briefing, and as Sang Hyuk knew, EL Revolution was launched as an additional service attached to Eternal Life (the Primary server).


‘Let’s check to see if anything has changed.’


Sang Hyuk pressed the [sync] button.

Then the world began to crumble with a similar feeling as when he entered the Gladiator Hall.

With that, the word ‘syncing’ flashed steadily.

Approximately 30-40 seconds later, when the synchronization was complete, a dedicated waiting room for EL Revolution appeared.

‘Please choose the combat type and select random matching.’

There were exactly two combat types currently available in EL Revolution.

Individual combat and group combat.

The individual match was, of course 1:1 match and the group match was able to set the desired number of people from 2 to 5.

The most popular format in the group match was 3:3 followed by 5:5.

Sang Hyuk clicked on the individual match menu. Then a window was opened to select one of the two modes, ‘Limited and Unlimited.’


‘First from the unlimited….’


It was right for Sang Hyuk to check the unlimited format which was familiar to him and then check the limited.

Once he selected unlimited, a familiar settings menu appeared. Sang Hyuk selected the titles, equipment and skills as planned out, and immediately pressed a large button that applied for a random match.


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