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Because it was like a pie in the sky for ordinary users, they just looked at the image file and drooled.

While the majority of users were drooling, those who were actually able to buy the Lion King’s Fury started to move quickly.

At a time when a 2nd grade Magic Armor with no plus was unavailable at any price, suddenly the 2.5-level Magic Armor with double pluses popped out.

In this case, it might be said that a terrible monster, which almost destroyed the ecosystem, emerged.

It is a natural story, but those who already had Magic Armor, recognized at a glance how outrageous the Lion King’s Fury is.

Of course, the real monster was engraved on Sang Hyuk’s back, but it was not for sale, so no one knew it existed and there was no Magic Armor known to the players comparable to the  Lion King’s Fury.

Approximately two weeks ago, a 2nd grade Magic Armor with no pluses was sold for 1.5 million dollars through informal trading. Even that Magic Armor’s options were utter garbage compared with the Lion King’s Fury.

This information was already prevalent among the top-level users.

In that situation, the Lion King’s Fury popped out and of course the top level users had fire in their eyes as they swore to get it.

Magic Armor’s bubble (popularity) reaches its limit now…. The Lion King’s Fury was an item with the performance worth the peak of the bubble (popularity).


“Anyway rather than paying with real money, it’s better to sell it for in-game items….”

Sang Hyuk looked at the auction bids, that packed his mailbox and muttered.

Others will start thinking of selling this kind of item for a huge amount of cash, but Sang Hyuk was not in need of cash.

He had already accumulated a lot of money on his real estate investments some time ago.


“2 million dollars…. 2.5 million dollars…. Ohoo, there is even up to 3 million dollars….”

When Sang Hyuk saw the amazing amounts written in the bidding, he was able to realize how he had inflated the value of the Lion King’s Fury to the players.


“But, I don’t like it.”

The price mentioned were enormous, but Sang Hyuk did not feel like it.

What Sang Hyuk wanted was in-game items.

Certain items in the game. Actually, Sang Hyuk wrote that rare items in the game would be more appreciated than cash in the auction introduction.

But, as always, the items in the game were vital.

The rich users with a lot of money did not want to put out a good item even if they were willing to put out cash.

For this reason, While Sang Hyuk looked for hours at the bids that have been piled up, he had no choice but to find a bid that presented his favorite conditions.

When he searched for about 4 hours like that, finally some conditions that he liked appeared.


“As I expected, rather than the bid of the individual users who are overflowing with money, the bid of the large-scale guilds, that maintain their top-level with the help of their guild forces rather than money, was much better.”

The users who are often said to be oil-conglomerate heirs or other conglomerate heirs have written down a few million dollars as they think that money always works. But Sang Hyuk has ignored such bids.

Rather, Sang Hyuk chose the bidding that would give game items even if it was less valuable

Item, before money.

This was Sang Hyuk’s most critical criteria for choosing a bid.


* * * *


Sang Hyuk finally picked five bidders and contacted them straight away in the game the next day. Then he let them compete again and squeezed them as much as possible.

If the goods that Sang Hyuk was selling was not the Lion King’s Fury, they would not be squeezed like this, but because it was the goods with that much worth then the five gathered bidders fought each other hard.

Even when the person squeezing and the person squeezed knew that they were going too far, but because it was the extraordinary item called the Lion King’s Fury, so they ignored all that.

After all, in a fierce competition, one man, one guild, would became the final winner.

The four losers were forced to swallow their regrettable tears.

One loser, who seemed to be very rich, said he would not be able to compete and raised his bid by another 2 million dollars in additional money, but Sang Hyuk had gone completely to the conditions presented by the winner.

Because that condition could not be replaced by 2 millions dollar cash, so Sang Hyuk did not accept the last raise of the rich loser.


“Well, I still don’t know if this is the right choice.”

Iron Tom, the guild master of the ‘Avengers’ Guild who became the final winner, leaned his head to one side and made a bitter look.

The Avengers Guild has always been a large guild that always had a place when the top 10 EL Guilds were ranked, it was the best guild that represented America with more than 90% of the guild members American.


“If you do not like this exchange, you still say it now. I can exchange it with someone else.”

Sang Hyuk looked at Tom and showed no regret at all. But the truth was different.


“I don’t like them! I’ll deal with you!”

Had Tom guessed that Sang Hyuk really wanted what was offered, then the transaction could have been rather difficult, so Sang Hyuk pretended to be indifferent as best he could.


“Hyuu, no. I’ll exchange it.”

Fortunately, Iron Tom did not even think of breaking deals. The Lion King’s Fury was needed too much for Avenger Guilds now. They have created five Magic Armors at the guild, but unfortunately, none of those five reached second grade.

Because all the materials were used up so it seemed that Avengers would have to give up their ranking among the top 10 EL guilds to another upstart guild.

So, they participated desperately in this auction and eventually became the final winner at the last moment when they let go the ‘thing’ that was cherished so much by the Avengers and held on like a lifeline.


“Here it is.”

Iron Tom took out one large, colorful golden key and handed it to Sang Hyuk.


‘Oh oh! The treasure house key of the lost heroes! It was the treasure that the Avengers Guild had.’

The key that Iron Tom took out was a token. Of course, it was not just an ordinary token, but a token of great value. This key was something that Sang Hyuk, a regressor, only knew of its existence but had no idea how to get it.

But there was one thing he knew for sure.

It was that he could use this key to enter the treasure house of the lost heroes and bring out two things from the treasure house.

A place of a myriads of legendary items.

That’s the treasure house of the lost heroes.

And it was not the only one that Sang Hyuk received.

500,000 dollars in cash and 500 kilograms of adamantium.

He decided to accept both together with the key and gave Tom the Lion King’s Fury.



Chapter 121 [Episode 62] Dark Black Wings 2 – End


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