Chapter 40 Stay Calm and Keep Chugging


So, um, he killed a dragon! With a hand over his aching chest, McQueen stared at the massive dragon corpse before him in disbelief. It was bigger than several houses put together! The eyes, bigger than soccer balls, seemed to flash still with a piercing gaze, glaring into McQueen.


Atop the huge head was a slightly agape blood red mouth. Inside were skinny, sharp teeth each as big as a palm, especially the two canines in the front that were like two daggers sunken into the earth. The two tall horns atop its head were coated in a mysterious, intricate pattern, McQueen could feel the magic from within, like they were more absorbent than an actual magical staff.


Going down the neck, there were spikes along its back, the scales shone with a delicate light but were coated in wounds. Underneath the bright red blood was darker scarring, and underneath that was the black dragon’s skin. It was the same on his body, scales as big as a basin. How could a dragon knight even sit on a dragon with such massive spine spikes on its back?


The dragon’s back was difficult to look at, coated in rotting wounds splitting open at every point, especially one that was a foot long, exposing the red raw meat inside. It had wings similar to a bat, with skin wrapped around a skeleton, also coated in scales. Then it’s the bottom of the wings, slender front legs bigger than a human’s legs, the nails on its claws like small scythes. The back legs were even thicker, about ten times what the front legs were, the claws basically regular-sized scythes. Its tail was about three fourths of the total body length, filled with spiny spikes, now draped to the floor helplessly.


Waddling over, McQueen pulled the sword straight out of the dragon’s chin, staring down at it. The cheers by his ear became distant and blurry. The massive dragon’s body was a horrific sight, signaling that it was a black dragon, a massive black dragon. Now that dragon was dead.


It hadn’t died from the arrow wounds covering its body. The sword stuck in its brain was the cause of death. Plus, just a moment ago the dragon was still in the air, flying toward McQueen, while the next it was dead. Other than the black dragon, no one could prove McQueen wasn’t the slayer of the dragon.


So the cheers of both south and north camps rang into the heavens.


“Dragon slayer McQueen! Dragon slayer McQueen!”


McQueen’s reputation boomed. Dragons only existed in legends, most people never seeing a single one in their lifetime. Today, their castellan used the sword in his hand and killed a massive dragon, the one who was terrorizing the magic cave! Who could compare to such an honor, such strength, other than gods? From now on, McQueen would be revered as a god!


He waved his hand calmly. Somehow he’d managed to slay a dragon without even noticing it? Life was too easy for someone at his level! How could he still have anything to strive for when he managed to slay a dragon so easily? His next step was basically ascending to the heavens!


When in the world had he gotten so good that a single blow could slay a dragon? Apparently his weapon not only had the advantage of splitting up damage, but also burning, corrosiveness, ripping, blunt trauma, and other effects.


Maybe. Who knew, he’d never tried it out before in the past.


Whatever. It had already happened, so the outcome mattered more. He was a dragon slayer now, and that was all that mattered.


Pointing his sword into the heavens, McQueen narrowed his eyes, coldly glancing over the scene. Everything his gaze touched went silent. For a moment, he was the only one between heaven and earth, his posture incredibly cool. Of course, the dragon made it all even better.


“Dragons are a type of animal. The wind sword is a weapon. McQueen, that’s me!” The moment McQueen opened his mouth he spat out this kind of wisdom. That and his calm expression had a special kind of charm.


The moment he finished his sentence, everyone in the camps started to cheer again. “Casellan McQueen, Dragon Slayer!”


He only had to bring his sword down again for a hush to fall over the crowd. “Killing this dragon was as simple as killing a chicken. Why? Because I’m McQueen, the castellan of Toss City, the offspring of Arathi. I have endless honor, and I’m taking you with me into the light of glory.”


“Are you all willing to follow me and pursue that glory?”


Everyone knelt before him, their eyes reverent and determined, filled with passion as they gazed upon McQueen’s skinny, tall build. “We will follow you into endless glory!”


“We will follow you into endless glory!” Will knelt on the ground, his sword sinking into the heart. In this moment he felt understanding wash over him: only Castellan McQueen was a master worth following to death!


“We will follow you into endless glory!” Tears washed over Bruce’s cheeks. This normally calm old man had turned into a passionate believer. Castellan McQueen was the source of his beliefs.


“We will follow you into endless glory!” A weak, gentle voice rang out. It wasn’t loud, but filled the whole area like a gust of wind.


The man who said this was lying on a stretcher, his left sleeve empty. There was a smile on his face, his eyes filled with softness. In his voice there was the honesty of reverence, and the aura of nobility. He didn’t try to speak out, but also never shrunk back.


He was Abraham Austen, the merchant’s guild leader of Toss City and a top wind magician. In other words, the man who’d unfortunately gotten his arm bit off in the magical caves. Just this morning, McQueen had just hired him as the magical consultant of Toss City, which basically meant his personal magical trainer. “To have a dragon slayer as my student is my luck.”


No matter what the people beneath thought, McQueen was quite excited with everything, even though he was sore. The more excited he got, the more calm he appeared and the better he got at bluffing his own strength. He’d just come up with those lines on the fly, and managed to impress everyone instantly!


Looks like sometimes charm was impossible to hold off. Just a few words was enough to impress everyone. Not everyone could kill a dragon in such a cool fashion. Keeping his sword arm up was quite tiring, so McQueen finally lowered it. It must be that dragon slaying was too tiring.


“Will, Bruce, let’s take this dragon apart. Separate the blood, meat, bones, and pack up the claws and legs. Of course, don’t take the head apart, I want it as memento. Massive dragons are hard to find these days, so who knows when I’ll next get to slay one.”


“Please trust me, sir. I guarantee there won’t even be a scale left on this ground. We’ll scrape up every inch of dragon blood,” said Bruce, wiping the tears from his eyes.


How was it possible to not get excited? This was a massive dragon, not a household chicken. Even at the lowest level, mature dragons were a saintly beast, not at all comparable to something as ugly as a three-eyed lizard. Just a single dragon crystallization would be worth 1000000000 gold coins, which was probably 100000000000 in RMB. After selling the dragon crystallines, McQueen would probably be the richest man in the Soladin Kingdom. Of course he’d already been that for a while now.


The crystalline wasn’t the only valuable part of a dragon. The flesh, bones, scales, skin, claws, teeth, horns, eyeballs, tail, and other unmentionables were all quite expensive. Basically, McQueen was popular and rich now. Bruce and the rest were just getting to live it up with him!


“Sir, you’re really so cool, especially that single strike of your sword. That was so awesome.” Bank’s smile was filled with put-on flattery.


“Yes, tes. That strike was like something from the heavens. I’m honored to see it in this lifetime.” Percy reached out to massage McQueen’s back, almost hunched over in reverence.


McQueen shook his hair out of his eye calmly. “Say what you have to say. I’m busy.” He was leaning against a rock, the black dragon’s head beneath his foot as he enjoyed the sun. At first when he exited the tunnel he thought the sunlight was eye-piercing, but now it seemed warm and welcoming. Had even the sun transformed?


“Well, sir, you see, Bank and I are both in our forties. To be honest, it’s hard to even talk about it. You’re the only one I could share this with, sir. You’re so famous and strong, I’m sure you can forgive me and Bank for our sufferings. Of course, Bank is having a more difficult time.” Tears streamed down Percy’s face. It wasn’t that he was sad over the past, but Bank kept pinching him at the hip.


“Sir, please be kind to us and give us some dragon whip (unmentionables). Bank has run around to countless cities for this kind of thing, and taken countless medicines and treatments and seen no effect. Now the dragon whip must be the only thing that can protect our pride as men. Please give us a little bit.”


“What does Bank’s difficulty getting it up have to do with you? Why do you need it too?” McQueen asked loudly.


The soldiers taking apart the dragon all glanced back, staring at Bank. His face completely red, Bank almost wanted to kill Percy.


“Please be more quiet,” Bank begged.


“Well then, I’ll gift you some dragon whip. You need to get it back together. Of course you can’t lose your manly pride in front of women.” McQueen said generously.


“Thank you, sir. You are so wise.” Bank departed the scene joyously.


Percy was making a shy face too. “Sir, what about me?”


“You don’t have this problem, why do you need it? What a waste.” McQueen turned away from him.


“No, sir, I have this problem too. Just like Bank.” Percy said, panicked.


“Oh, Percy, you can’t get it up either?” McQueen exclaimed loudly. Everyone around them looked straight at them.


All right, now Percy was ready to die too…



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