417 Magi Craft Meister

13 Stronghold Enhancement Arc

13-05 The Results …


“Brother Rei, you can use the front guest room, and Brother Jin can use the back guest room.”

Everyone decided to relax after all the discussions were over.

Now that Moritz had fallen asleep, Elsa took over as a temporary head of the family in giving instructions to the maids.

“… How nostalgic.”

After everything was settled, Elsa entered her room.

It was kept as it was before she left on a journey with Reinhardt.

There was no dust and no musty odor. The maids must have been cleaning it regularly.

She threw her body into the bed. Staring up, she could see the familiar Light magic tools hanging down the ceiling.

“Nothing … changed.”

Although the room had not changed, Elsa truly felt that she had.

I didn’t know anything before going on that journey.

But now, I have learned Magi Engineering, Healing Magic, and Jin taught me science. In addition, I gained more knowledge and experience from the journey as well.

I’m aware that I’m still immature. But I’m certain that I have grown.

“For the sake of someone.”

Compared to when I let others took care of everything, I can do more things myself now. Above all, I have acquired the skills I can be proud of.

Someone was knocking at the door while Elsa was immersed in her own thoughts.

“Come in.”

“Excuse me.”

It was Reinhardt.

“Brother Rei.”

“… A special envoy from the kingdom seems to have just arrived.”



*          *          *


Jin, Elsa, and Reinhardt headed toward the living room.

Moritz had awakened to greet the special envoy as the acting leader of the house.

However, his complexion was as pale as a ghost, and seemed like he would collapse anytime.

With a rank comparable to the Under Secretary, the special envoy came under the imperial command of Her Majesty the Empress.

Jin and his friends could only witness from a distance. … Or so they thought, but when the special envoy beckoned to join in upon noticing them.

“Lord Jin Nidou, Lord Reinhardt, and Miss Elsa. All of you have the right to listen as well. Please.”

Jin and his friends sat a little away and watched the development.

With the help from the special envoy, Moritz stood in front of everyone. The special envoy started reading the letter.

“Slander toward a state guest, His Royal Highness Ernest, by his subordinates. Similar slander toward Sir Jin Nidou.”

Moritz was about to collapse upon hearing those charges.

“Falsification of the rules of Gonkurrenz by referee bribery.”

It was clearly referring to the underwater search competition.

“In addition, regarding the commotion caused at the audience seats that interfered with the National Memorial Ceremony, the Technology Expo, as well as the destruction of some facilities.”

There were a great number of eye-witnesses. There would be no way to talk his way out of these charges.

“Coming from an aristocrat, these actions are absolutely intolerable and shall not be overlooked. Given the above charges, Georg Randol Von Amber shall be stripped of his title as Viscount. And is ordered to have a mandatory retirement.”

Moritz hung his head down. And the final order was announced.

“At the same time, the Viscount Randol family is ruined. The Randol family will be under the supervision of the eldest son, Moritz Randol Von Amber.”

“… I humbly accept.”

Moritz bowed to the messenger.

“The second son, Fritz Randol Von Groche, will remain in the military position. His deployment will be discussed later. Elsa Randol Von Razura will remain under Reinhardt Randol Von Adamas’ supervision.”

Such was the notification from the special envoy.

The Viscount Randol’s family had disappeared from then on; although still aristocrats, the family had no title and was of low social standing.

After the envoy left, Moritz fell back asleep.


*           *          *


“In the end, would it be all right for Moritz to stay at your place? In other words, he would be under your supervision, Reinhardt.”

Jin, who had been listening to the announcement, asked. I’m bad at this kind of conversation.

“Yeah, it is what it is. Well, since my father would be taking over ruling this town of Exxi, I think it would be fine for Moritz to stay the way he is.”

That was Reinhardt’s assumption.

“It would be a waste to let another person rule now. That’s how I thought anyway, since Moritz has originally been working on it.”

The reason was clear enough.

“But ….”

Reinhardt mumbled.

“… If they found out that uncle knew about the premeditated murder of the Marquess by arsenic poisoning, he probably would be executed.”

Elsa’s complexion changed upon hearing it. No matter how much I hate my father, I can’t stay calm when I heard that he would be executed. Seeing Elsa was anxious, Jin consoled her.

“… All of us here are the only ones who know about that. Moreover, the evidence gathered simply put the arsenic and liquor in the same room — not enough to show that your father knew about the plot. The demon memo is questionable as well. There’s a good possibility it was to create some confusion.”

“… Is that really all right?”

Elsa glanced at Jin.

“With that said, we can’t hide it if the Marquess asked …. Besides, considering Saki’s feelings, I think it would be bad if we hide it from her ….”

Jin looked toward Reinhardt seeking approval.

“You’re right …. I think it would be best for us to tell the Marquess.”

The Marquess was the number one victim after all.

“When we visit, we should bring some gift …. Oh, that’s right!”

Jin slapped his knee as if he suddenly had a revelation. He then turned toward Elsa.

“Elsa, I’ll make an Automata for the Marquess. Let’s bring it as a gift and go visit him. And let’s tell him the truth. At that time, Elsa should apologize on behalf of your father.”

Jin mentioned that they had no choice but to bet on the gentle heart of the Marquess that thought Reiko was cute, as well as his love toward Elsa.

“Hmm … well, I understand that we have to talk to the Marquess, but I wonder if it’s okay …. It awkwardly feels like a bribe.”

“It’s not a bribe. It’s a ‘get-well-soon gift’. Right, Elsa?”

“… Brother Jin, you’re making a wicked expression.”

Elsa commented on the smirk Jin made while describing the plan.


*           *          *


“… All right, then. I have something to tell everyone as well.”

Jin got the conversation going in another direction in the presence of Reinhardt, Berthie, Elsa, and Mine.

“Following Horai Island and Kunlun Island, we are developing an island called ‘Fuso Island’. It’s located on the sea near Lenard Kingdom. I think I mentioned in the past that Lenard Kingdom had fallen into ruins. So the island doesn’t belong to any territory at the moment. I’m thinking of developing the island and opening it to the public.”

Jin briefly explained his plan and anticipated everyone’s reactions. After a brief silence, Reinhardt said,

“Yeah, I understand your point. I think it’s indeed risky to open Horai Island and Kunlun Island to the general public. But then, are you going to reveal the means to get there as well?”

The reason for Reinhardt to ask that question was because the island was isolated. A Warp Gate would be necessary for people to get there.

“Yeah. You’re right. For that, I’m thinking of setting up designated Warp Gates so people may use them freely.”

“Where will they be installed?”

“For now, I’m planning to instal them in Shouro Empire and Egelia Kingdom; and I’m still considering Klein Kingdom.”

Jin chose the two kingdoms that bestowed his Magi Craft Meister title, and from where the closely acquainted prince and princess came from. Those were good enough reasons.

Jin also explained further that each gate would be given strict protective measures.

“I will attach two dedicated golems on each gate. People won’t be able to use the Warp Gate without the approval of both golems. Should something happen to both golems, I will destroy the Warp Gate myself.”

“I see, so people will be able to use the gate without knowing the mechanism.”

“Yeah. Aside from that, I have prepared several other unobtrusive measures as well.”

“Hmm, then it should be all right. So, what about the facility?”

“I think I’ll create a facility similar to the research institute in Horai Island. I want people to go beyond the borders of their countries and be able to study Magi Engineering, ordinary Engineering, Alchemy, and the like.”

Everyone nodded in approval to Jin’s explanation.

“I think it’s good.”

“I agree, too.”

“I think it’s a good idea.”

“I don’t understand complicated things, but being able to go beyond the borders of a country sounds great.”

All four of them agreed.

“Thank you. I’d like to tell Saki next ….”

Jin then told his “family” present at the time that they will depart for Horai Island the next day.



Author’s note:

A severe verdict had been passed.


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