Magi Craft Meister 382


“Okay then, we’re heading off.”

Reinhardt waved from the carriage.

“We’re on our way.”

Berthie waved too.

Reinhardt’s father, mother, his butler Claude, and their maids saw them off. Reinhardt’s brothers had already returned to their posts.

Jin drove the golem horse from the carriage. As Jin had expected, Berthie’s automata Neon and Reinhardt’s Schwarzlitter Noir were with the couple.

The carriage arrived behind Saki’s house. They chose this place because it wasn’t very visible to those passing by.

The surrounding area was densely populated with trees measuring 5 to 10 meters tall and unmanaged shrubs, blocking the view from outside.

“Alright, I know this is abrupt but were going through the gatelike this”

Jin turned his carriage towards the recently put together warp gate.

The Reinhardts were silent. Being transferred while riding a whole carriage was a rare experience.

“He.. Here. …… WE GO! ”

In an instant, the carriage moved into the portal dimension.

“We’ll leave the carriage here. …… So uhh sorry, but Reinhard and Berthie, you’ll have to get off of the carriage. ”



Noir carried both their bags.

“By the way, where are we?”

“Oh, this is like an intermediate transit stop. Once we’re here, we transfer to where we want to go. The carriage will be stored here until we’re back. ”

Since it was her first time using a warp gate, Berthie looked around uneasily, not knowing what to make of it.

“Alright, let’s go”

Jin was the first to enter the warp gate to Kaina Village, followed by Reinhardt and Berthie Neon and Noir followed after. Finally, Reiko passed through last.


Like last time with Saki, they appeared inside the shelter.

“Jin, where are we?”

“We’re already in Kaina village. We’re inside a shelter on the outskirts of the village.”

Telling them this, he led them outside. The sky was clear and sunny in Kaina Village.

“Wow, the weather is so nice here.”

Berthie sounded shocked. Looking opposite her direction, Reinhardt shouted.

“Ji, Jin! What’s that building!? Is it yours!?”

He saw Nido Castle and gave a natural reaction.

“Welcome home Jin. …  and we welcome you too, nobleman from before. ”

“We’re indebted to you for your help back then.”

Barrow and Bele had come down from the castle and greeted Reinhardt after noticing him.

“Oh, it’s you two from before. Glad to see you’re both looking well. ”

“Yeah, Jin helped us back up and we’ve almost fully recovered since then.”

Reinhardt explained to Berthie what happened to Barrow and Bele.

“Is that right, you both went through a lot.”

“Yes, but we’re happy now.”

Upon hearing this, Berthie smiled. It was nice to hear that people in the village were living happily.

“Well then, can you carry their luggage to a guest room? Let’s see, a Shouro-style room on the second floor would be good. ”

“Of course.”

Having entrusted their baggage to Barrow and Bele, Jin began guiding Reinhardt and Berthie around Kaina Village.

“I’ll have you both stay at the castle tonight, so I’ll get into the details later.”

Having told them so, he proceeded to take them down a small path to the village.

They walked through the wheat and vegetable fields. Ahead of them was Martha’s home.

“Is that, there’s no way …”

Berthie raised her voice. Two familiar people were standing there.

“Saki?! And, next to her is…”

The person standing next to Saki spoke up.

“Brother Rei! Berthie! Welcome to Kaina Village”


Berthie wore a face of shock.

“You, how are you here?”

Reinhardt explained to Berthie.

Elsa had left her home. She was captured by Unify. Then, Jin helped her escape and she’s been laying low here ever since.

Mine was her real mother.

“So that’s what happened …”

Berthie held Elsa’s hand, still amazed at seeing her.

“Thanks for worrying about me. I’m happy now. ”

Then Elsa took Reinhardt’s hand.

“Rei, Berthie, congratulations on your marriage.”

“Thank you, Elsa. By the way, did you make that mascot? ”

“Yup. I made it. Jin helped. ”

“I thought so”

Jin spoke up.

“Well, let’s go inside. We’ve got a lot of storytelling to do so. …… Though it isn’t my house to invite people into. ”

Jin led them towards Martha’s House.

“This is the household that took care of me.”

Reinhardt seemed to understand the short explanation.

“I see, so it was this kind of place. Is that why you became so invested in this village, Jin?”

“Reinhard and Berthie! Congratulations on your recent marriage.”

Coming out from inside the house, Mine bowed deeply and greeted them.

“Thank you, Mine”

“Mine, it’s been a long time. I hear you’re Elsa’s mother? ”

Berthie also greeted her with a smile.

“Yes, thanks to Jin, I’m living happily with Elsa now.”

They all went inside.

As one would expect, it was impossible for everyone to fit in the house, so they went to Jin’s workshop instead.

It was spacious there so they could all sit down. Of course, Ehr, Neon, Edgar, and Reiko each stood behind their Masters.

“Here you are”

Mine and Sara served Peruhya tea, a Kaina Village specialty.

After a sip, Jin introduced Martha and Hannah.

“This is Martha and this is her granddaughter Hannah. They’re my family in Kaina Village. ”

“I’m Martha, nice to meet you.”

“Me, Hannah”

“I’m Reinhardt”

“And I’m his wife… Berthie”

They greeted each other in various ways. Even though Reinhardt was a nobleman, he interacted with many people during his journey, so he wasn’t overwhelmed.

As Berthie was polite in situations like this, Martha and others seemed to get a good impression of her.


For a while, they chatted about trifling matters, but the topic gradually turned to Magicraft.

They talked about Jin making pumps, stoves, hot springs, snow rooms and washing machines.

Then they talked about how Edgar, who stood behind Elsa, was made.


This was the first thing out of Reinhardt’s mouth when he heard Elsa made Edgar.

“Elsa, that’s amazing! You can totally hold your own now!”

Berthie praised her honestly.

“By the way, there was actually something I wanted to discuss, or rather ask you two about .”

Thinking it was a good opportunity, Jin asked Reinhardt about an idea he’d been considering for a while.

“Do you think Elsa is ready to stand on her own as a magic engineer in the Shouro Empire?”

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