Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 317 Scout


Jin, Reinhart and Matheus were steadily advancing towards the capital of Shouro empire, Roizato.

According to their schedule, they were to stop at the city of Rindau on the 10th of May and at Fonde city on the 11th.

The journey was more or less peaceful and Reinhart was enjoying it as it would be over soon.



On the 11th, Jin being Jin, told the others he would like some time to himself and went into his carriage alone — to fly off to Kaina village, of course.



*   *   *



“Ohh, it’s exactly like a castle…”


He didn’t really have anything else to comment on as Jin too had slightly inferred that Laojun probably wanted to try making one.

Jin’s castle was made near the Helme river. It was about 30 meters high. It was the highest building in Kaina village.

However, as it was built up on lower grounds near the river, it was only just a bit taller than the tallest spots in the village and the feeling of looking down on the village was small from the top floor.

Even then, the overwhelming aura of the castle when seen from the ground was huge.

There was also a shelter beside it which could be used in any emergency. Although it is hard to imagine such a day coming.


“Master, I shall show you around the inside.”


Butler A, who was waiting beside, guided them into the castle.

The foundation was underground, made of stone walls, inside which were 2 floors. On top of which was a five storied building. The ground floor was a huge space, like a reception hall. It was big enough to fit more than the whole village people. There was even a bath on this floor, not to mention many washrooms.

1st floor was for the guest rooms. The 2nd floor had the reference room and the office. There was also a library on this floor, which they were planning to fill up soon.

3rd floor was said to be a spare but it was filled with traps.

The 4th floor had Jin’s living room along with a bed room. And the 5th floor is the watchtower.

Underground 1st floor was the food reserve floor, with enough food for the people of Kaina village to live for a month. And in the underground 2nd floor, there was an underground prison, for some reason.


“There are hidden layers and passages in each floor, so that the ninja squad can hide and move around the castle without being spotted. Of course, the ceiling was also made with that in mind.”


Ninja squad was another name for the SP.

According to Butler A, he was calling them ninjas here as it was more fitting than calling them SP.


“On the 3rd, 1st and ground floor, there were pitfalls too. There’s also the system to make the ceilings come down, as well.”


When Jin heard that, he couldn’t help but give a bitter laugh.

All the rooms were air-conditioned. The walls were soundproof, shock and magic resistant.

The ground floor was made of wood and there were about 100 zabuton (flat floor cushion) prepared, as well.

The 1st floor had good looking rooms with classy furniture. The rooms were divided according to the guests. There were also rooms for employees on this floor.

The walls in Jin’s office can also completely turn, which might even make one think–what ninja movie is this?!

It seems the trap floor — 3rd floor, was equipped with a paralyze room, a high temperature room, a low temperature room and a suspended ceiling room.

On the 4th floor, there was also a Jin exclusive warp-gate. This could only be used by Jin and Reiko and if used by someone else, they would be transferred to a very terrible place.

It was scary so Jin decided not to ask about it.


“It is also possible to go to Martha-san’s place’s underground from here.”


It was certainly very handy.


“Well, messenger’s might come from the Kurain kingdom soon so I am glad we made it in time.”


Saying that, Jin contacted Laojun. There were manacams skillfully hidden in the 2nd floor office.


[There are more facilities in the castle which have not been explained yet but as they are of low importance, I shall explain them to you as needed.]


Laojun summed up.


“Laojun, good work with the castle. Also, make two more butlers and appoint them here. Their names will be Butler B and C.”


[Understood. I will get on it immediately.]


With this, Butler A can stay at Jin’s house and Butler B and C can be here.


[My lord, if you were to entertain the guests, wouldn’t a few golem maids be of use as well?]


Jin also agreed with that and instructed Laojun to also send over 5 golem maids of 5 different colors. He chose to have 5 different colors as he couldn’t decide on one particular color.


“Now then, since I got to take a look at the castle, I guess I will go to the village. I don’t have much time left anyway.”


Saying that, Jin went inside his exclusive warp gate with Reiko to the basement of Martha’s house.

It was just past noon. Seems like the people there had just finished having lunch as Mine and Belle came outside to wash the tableware.


“Ah, Jin-sama!”


Belle shouted, seeing Jin come out from the basement.


“Welcome back, Jin-sama.”


In contrast to Mine’s calm response,


“E-exactly when did you come back?!”


Belle asked in confusion. Hearing her loud voice, Hanna and Elsa also came out.


“Ah, onii-chan, welcome back!”


“Jin-nii, welcome back… Earbell?”


Elsa has a good nose so she could smell the ripe earbell from the basket Reiko was holding.


“Correct. I brought these as souvenir for you guys.”


Jin said pointing at the basket Reiko was holding. He had bought them early this morning from the market.

Seeing that, Belle, Elsa and Mine’s eyes opened wide.


“Th-that’s earbell, isn’t it?! Ripe earbell at that too?! Where did you bring them from?!”


“Earbell… Nostalgic.”


“Ah, earbell. We went picking earbells a lot a long time ago. Elsa also likes them.”


And such were the three different reactions from the three.


“Yep. At last, I was able to bring something worthy of being souvenirs. Hanna, wash these and have them together with everyone.”


“Okay! Onii-chan, thank you! …Wah, it smells so good!”


There were also fruits resembling strawberries near Kaina village called Wylie but not only are they really small in size, they are also sour and unappetizing.

Compared to that, earbells were exactly like garden strawberries, sweet and sour.


“Jin-nii, thank you. These make me happy.”

Seeing how they were all happy, Jin also felt glad that he brought the earbells.


“Ah! Jin-sama! When did you return?!”


Barou also came out and greeted Jin. And it goes without saying how he was surprised seeing the earbell too.




“Seems like you’ve completely recovered.”


Jin was relieved seeing Barou and Belle’s good complexion.


“Yes, thanks to you… Umm, thank you very much for the medicine at that time.”


Belle expressed her gratitude by deeply bowing.


“Ah, what matters is that you guys have gotten well. So, how is it going, have you gotten used to this village yet?”


To Jin’s question, both of them nodded.


“Yes, everyone is really nice here.”


“Right? This is the best village in the world — that’s what I think.”


At that moment,


“Ahh! Ji-jin-san!!”




When he turned to look at the direction from where the loud voice came, he found Roland coming towards him.


“Ah, Roland-san, it has been a while.”


But Roland was somewhat excited.


“Jin-saan, I have wanted to meet you! Even though the misunderstanding has been cleared. I have also heard that you had been to Alban the other day, as well.”




Jin was overwhelmed by Roland’s tension.


“You don’t know, after that, I couldn’t get a hold of ‘gomubooru’. And there are still piles of requests coming in for ‘gomubooru’! Please Jin-san, sell some ‘gomubooru’ to me!”


“Y-yes, got it.”


Jin accepted, all the while being taken aback.

And just when Roland’s tension died down, this time his face turned pale.


“A… I-I messed up!”


He bowed in exactly 90 degrees.




“I-I have heard! That Jin-sa… ma is the owner of Kaina village now!”




While shaking his head, Jin said,


“Roland-san, I just coincidentally did some meritorious deeds and so I got this land as a leasehold land. I, myself haven’t changed a bit. So please treat me like you have till now.”


Hearing that, Roland raised his head but was still showing some restraint.


“But then, it would not be respecting Jin-sama’s position…”


“Ah, please, it’s fine. I would also like it if you stop using ‘sama’.”


After a bit of a dispute, Jin was finally able to make him stick to ‘Jin-san’ like always. Seems like saying ‘he wouldn’t make any more rubber balls if Roland didn’t stop’ did the work.


And, as for the rubber balls, Roland would be leaving Kaina village the day after tomorrow so Jin promised to prepare them by then.

100 each of baseball, dodgeball and handball. They are not really bulky, making them easier to transport.

He didn’t really talk about the ingredients in front of Roland before so Roland probably wouldn’t find it suspicious even if he made them in one night.


The talks had calmed down a bit and so Jin started gossiping,


“Oh, that reminds me, I hear that salt being sold quite a lot now?”


Hearing that, Roland looked depressed.

When Jin asked what had happened, Roland explained how salt was too popular and how he was left with no salt to bring to Kaina village.

He also explained how the only remaining jars were also stolen.


“…Right? And before I realized, there was like 80 kgs of salt in my wagon!”


“Isn’t that good?”


Jin had been simply briefed by Laojun about it. But Roland shook his head.


“No, I can’t be doing that… I don’t know where it came from and moreover, I can’t sell something I don’t know of. What would I do if there was poison mixed in them?”


“I see…”


While impressed by Roland’s honesty, Jin also understood that it was bad to just get the salt to him without thinking.


“If that’s so, then I can give my appraisal.”


Jin suggested,


“You would be relieved if I make sure of the ingredient with engineering magic, right?”


“If you were to do that, the villagers would also be helped.”


And so, Jin started appraisal of the salt immediately.




Analyzing magic. He knew that nothing bad was mixed in them. After checking all 4 jars, Jin gave his approval, saying ‘they are all fine’. Hearing that, Roland couldn’t be happier.


“Thank you very much. With this, I can distribute the salt.”




“This salt isn’t registered in the account book so I can’t possibly sell them. I will give them to everyone for free.”


Saying that, Roland took the salt and went away. And Jin was sure that if it was this merchant, he could keep associating with him for a long time.


After that, although a bit late, Jin went to the mayor’s place.


“Ohh, Jin, welcome back.”


“I will be heading out soon again, though. Um, how does Barou and Belle seem from your point of view, mayor?”


“Hm? Oh, those 2. Hmm, they are not bad. They have also gotten acquainted with most of the people here too, after all.”


As expected of Gibbeck, properly understanding what Jin meant.


“I see. Then, if they were to accept,”


“Hmm, there is no problem whatsoever.”


Hearing that, Jin was relieved. Then he hurried back to Martha’s place since it was almost time to return to Reinhart.

Jin found Hanna, Elsa, Belle and Barou having the earbells when he returned.


“Ah, onii-chan! This is very delicious! Thank you!”


“Jin-nii, thanks for bringing this nostalgic fruit.”


“Jin-sama, this is the taste of my country, thank you for this.”


Martha and Mine also said they were delicious. Jin was also happy hearing that.


“I am glad. It was worth bringing then.”


Jin smiled and faced Barou and Belle and asked,


“If it’s okay with you guys, would you like to become residents of this village?”





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