Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 302 Reconciliation


“That’s impressive.”


Jin praised the Kaina village’s defensive system, seeing a part of it work from start to finish.


[Thank you very much.]


“How did you make the bridge traps work?”

Jin could think of a few ways but he was curious as to how Laojun did it.


[The bridge itself is made of 3 stone golems.]


“I see.”


Jin was impressed, as he had thought Laojun only made the golems into bridge girders.


“What were the remaining defense functions, 7 to X?”


Jin asked about the 5 functions which could not be tested this time.


[7 is a grand spider web trap to get all the intruders at once.]


One couldn’t possibly escape since the web cannot be cut with blades.


“I would have liked to see that in action. What else is there?”


[8 is battle with vibration swords and magic neutralizing with magi jammer. We were not able to try this out.]


Jin nodded and waited for him to continue.


[9 is aerial ships with laser guns equipped.]


Jin was surprised that they had even prepared to that extent.

Certainly, if it is equipped with an ether converter, it wouldn’t need to stop to replenish energy and could keep on flying. If the steering was done by a golem, then there would be no need to stop at all.

When Jin said that,


[No, we have prepared a huge warp gate on the north mountain so we will sortie from there.]


Laojun replied.


“When did you… I guess it’s fine. Well, what’s the 10th?”


[Attack from magi cannons installed on the north mountain.]


Even Jin thought ‘what in the world are you planning to attack?’ but then again, he was the one who created Laojun.


“And the X?”


[Yes, that would be a full on extermination with the help of Reiko-san.]


“I-I see.”


Jin felt like he understood why it was named X.

Laojun too, like Jin, had stopped restraining him somewhere along the way. He would probably be able to drive back enemies even if an army came attacking.


“Got it. Good work. What do you plan to do to the intruders?”


All of the intruders were tied up by the Lands.

Laozi was also heading to the scene.


[After interrogating them, I got to know that they were instigated to breakout from the prison by a mysterious man. It seems like they don’t know the man’s name.]


Laojun said he ‘interrogated’ them so Jin assumed that the intruders really didn’t know the man’s name. Seems like the mastermind behind the attack thought it out.


[After interrogation, I also used ‘transfer info’ to confirm as much as I could so there doesn’t seem to be any mistake.]


Jin wanted to ask if there was any meaning to interrogating them then but decided to stay silent judging the atmosphere. Because Laojun was also angry at those people who tried to attack Kaina village.


“Even if we do somewhat know who the mastermind behind this could be, we don’t have any way to confirm, huh? So, what are you going to do to them?”

[Yes, as it is now, the Kurain kingdom will get to know of Kaina village’s defense system from them and so I want to use memory manipulation magic to get rid of those. Can I get your permission?]


“Memory manipulation magic?”


It was Jin’s first time hearing that.


[It was in the memory information of the automata, Tia. A forbidden spell.]


“Forbidden spell… Oi, oi”


Jin said, thinking that it gave off a scary vibe.


[However, there are a lot of uses for it and there is also a humane side to it. Actually, it was even used on these intruders.]


“Memory manipulation… what do you do, exactly? Let me hear it.”


[Memory erasure.]


It was an outrageous magic.


“Memory erasure, eh… What is the range… or rather, effect of the magic? It can’t possibly return one to their baby memories, can it?”


[Yes. They get deleted from newer ones. The magic’s name is ‘amnesia’.]


“Hmm, what shall we do… is there a possibility for them to regain the lost memories?”


[From the information we received, it seems there has been no such cases.]


Jin was troubled. Considering the Kaina village’s safety, it would be best to erase the intruders memory of what happened here.


[It is far more humane than killing or leaving them in a deserted wasteland. On top of that, Kaina village is extraterritoriality so, my lord, you have the right.]


“Master, if you’re always this kind, you won’t be able to protect the things you want to protect.”


He was even told that by An.

Jin sighed and made up his mind.


“I understand. I approve of it. But, if it’s possible, only erase today’s memory.”


[Understood. Worst case scenario, it would only erase the memories of this week or so.]


“And what do you do after erasing the memories?”


Jin explained how it would seem weird to anyone if these criminals who escaped from the mine were to be tied up so neatly like this.


[I plan on throwing them near Toka village, which is also close to the mine.]


“Are you going to use Deus Ex Machina again?”


[No, let’s give the credit to Nostalgia.]


Jin completely agreed with Laojun’s suggestion. Unlike Jin or Hourai island, it would be better for Nostalgia to stand out.


[There aren’t that many Nostalgia bases in Kurain kingdom but I think it would be fine if we just leave a note beside the tied criminals, saying that it was Nostalgia who caught them.]


“I see. They would also have their memories erased so they wouldn’t be able to explain why they are at that place either.”


And that’s how the decision was made and Laojun immediately took steps to deal with it.

It was a bit late to go back to sleep now so Jin decided to have breakfast early.


Laojun continuously went on searching for concrete evidence to expose the mastermind behind this incident. With conviction to ultimately crush them, thoroughly.




*   *   *




There was about a 4 hour time difference between Ganiz and Hourai island. And as such, it was still pitch black out there.


“I guess I will sleep a bit. Reiko, wake me up when it’s time.”


He recalled that they decided to depart at 8 in the morning. But even still, his carriage was just beside Reinhart’s so surely they will notice him before departing.

Being watched over by Reiko, Jin dozed off a bit on the carriage seat.

And then, at half past seven,


“Father, wake up.”


Reiko called out to him. He was just dozing off to begin with so it didn’t take long for him to wake up.


“What happened?”


“Yes, it’s not yet 8 am but Reinhart and Matheus are approaching the carriage.”


She probably didn’t like Matheus’ attitude towards Jin yesterday, so she was calling him without an honorific.


“Let’s see… Looks like they want to talk, they are empty-handed too.”


And so Jin opened his carriage’s door.


“Good morning, Reinhart. Isn’t it a bit early to depart?”


“Good morning, Jin. No, sorry but, I just wanted you to let Matheus ride in your carriage today.”




“No, just thought that if he were to actually ride in your carriage once, he would know why I like riding in it too.”


Seems like Reinhart wants to clear Matheus’ misunderstanding once and for all.


“If that’s the case, then please, be my guest. You too, Reinhart.”


“Of course!”


And so, Jin brought his carriage out from the post and made it run towards a random direction.


“O-oi, Jin-dono! There are no roads that way, you know?!”


The carriage went straight down a road with a lot of rocks and so Matheus hurriedly tried to stop him. But, Jin wasn’t bothered. Reinhart didn’t either.

And the carriage went on the road.




Matheus was lost for words as the carriage didn’t sway or vibrate at all.


“Raise the speed a bit more.”


Jin ordered the Steward which was controlling the carriage.

The powered up golem started to sprint.




The view outside the window was changing at an unbelievable speed. It was almost as if one was riding on a single horse. It was going at about 60 km per hour.


“I can’t believe it…”


Even though it was a golem horse, it pulled 4 people (including Reiko) and the carriage at such a speed. That too without any jolts.


“Do you get it now, Matheus? The reason why I wanted to ride on Jin’s carriage.”


“I-I get it. Rather, I am amazed. Jin-dono, it was completely my bad yesterday. Please forgive me.”


Matheus deeply lowered his voice said and apologized. As he was an honest and upright person, when he understands he is in the wrong, he would apologize straight away.


“The magi engineer Reinhart acknowledged… no, magi craftsman, I apologize for doubting you even for a second.”


“It’s fine, please raise your head.”


As Jin had already heard the reason last night from Reinhart, he readily accepted Matheus’ apology.


“Thank you, Jin-dono.”


After returning to the city of Ganiz, the party departed at 8 am, as planned.

And they had reached border town, Toskoshia, safely by evening.







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