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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 295 – Owner Jin

– “Kurain Kingdom” is now “Klein Kingdom”
– “Lishia” is now “Lithia”

The location where the carriage landed was not at the Kunlun Island mansion but rather inside the garage with the warp gate setup.


“When did they even make all these….?” Jin muttered.

The last time he came to Kunlun Island was on 26th, and now it was 30th. Seems like Laojun had established quite a lot of things in that short period of time. Jin thought that he would praise him for it later and got off the carriage with Hanna and Elsa.


“Waah! This, is onii-chan’s home! Wow, wow! What is going on here?” Hanna had noticed the difference from before in a moment.


“Hanna-chan, Jin-nii is amazing. So he can do these stuff as well.”


“Yep! Onii-chan is amazing!”


While Jin was thinking how he would explain it to Hanna, Elsa went ahead and convinced Hanna.


“Alright, let’s go back to Kaina Village.”




This time, they went underground the mansion to the warp gate which led to Hourai Island. The number of Butlers defending and maintaining the warp gate in Hourai Island had increased to ten.

Then they went from Hourai Island to Kaina Village. It was troublesome but safer that way. They came out under Jin’s workshop there.

Hanna went up the stairs vigorously and stood before her house. “Yay, we’re back!!”


They were indeed welcomed by the princess in Alban but judging from Hanna’s high spirits now when she was back, it seemed her home was the best to her.

She then went on bursting into the house. “Obaa-chan, I’m back!”


Hearing her voice, Martha came out to greet them, “Hanna, welcome back. Did you have fun?”


“Yes! You know, I got to meet the Princess! She also gave me clothes!”


As one would expect, Martha’s face became a bit stiff hearing the word “princess.”


“Elsa, welcome back.”


“I am back, mother.”


Mine also came out to greet them.


“Unthinkable things always happen around Jin-nii but I had fun,” Elsa reported.

Jin slowly came up the stairs the last.


“Welcome back, Jin-sama.”


“Welcome back, Jin.”


“I’m back.”


Being told “welcome back” is a merry thing. It makes you heartily feel that you have a place where you belong. However, there was something Jin had to do first. “There is something I need to talk about with Martha and the Chief first.”


“What is it? Did something happen?”


Jin said he would tell them at the chief’s house so they all headed there.



“What happened, Jin?” The village chief, Gibeck, was at home and invited Jin and the others in.


“There is something I wanted to report,” and then Jin started talking about how they went to Klein Kingdom’s capital, Alban.

About Lithia’s sword and Gloria’s request, about how they met with the princess, how he fixed the automatas and took on a request from the king himself. And as a reward, Jin got Kaina Village as a leasehold land. At the end, he also showed them the contract papers.


“I-I see…” Even Gibeck was surprised and had a stiff expression.


Martha and Mine were also surprised.


“T-that means, in the next 50 years, Jin will essentially be the governor of this village….”


But Jin denied, “No, I do not plan on becoming a governor. In the first place, it was something I thought of after hearing that they were recruiting people as soldiers from here.”


“….You have sharp ears. Certainly, the day before yesterday, the recruitment order was issued and Rock, Jeff, Deibu, Howard and Rick were taken from the village.”


As Jin had thought. “But with this, it will be fine. The recruitment order was retreated so there will be nothing to worry about from here on out.”


“Hmm, if so, that is great.”

Then the chief went back to the main topic, “T-then, what do you plan on doing now, Jin?”


To the topic of what Jin planned on doing with the village from now on. “Nothing really, I think it is fine as it is now… Ah, although there is no need to pay taxes now.”


“Hmmmm, but we can’t do that either. Either it’s a territory or leasehold land, I have never heard of a governor who doesn’t take taxes.”


But even then, Jin shook his head and said, “Like I said, I am not a governor or anything. If I were to say, yes, I would say I was a temporary owner or something along those lines.”


The chief sighed, “The meaning does not change if you just change the name, ya know? But, yes, I do somewhat get what you want to say. Then, you are the owner of this village, Jin. I will be the village’s Chief. Is that fine?”


Jin was happy as the chief understood. “Yes, that’s fine.”


“However, you should collect tax. And then, do something for the village with that tax.”


Being told that, Jin finally understood. With the tax he gets, he will do something for the village. That is how Jin thought things to be. “I understand. Then let’s keep the tax like it has been.”




“It would be so weird, receiving tax. After all, I am living in Martha-san’s house so it would be weird taking tax from her and then also having her make food.”


Hearing that, Martha laughed. “What, you were thinking about something like that? Really, that is very like you!”


Hearing her laugh, Jin was finally able to relax.


“You know, I don’t mind whatever you become, Jin. Even if you were to become a noble or something! You don’t either, do you, Hanna?”


“Yep! Onii-chan is onii-chan!”


Jin felt his eyes getting warmer.

Martha and Hanna wouldn’t change.


“Got it… Then, chief, I request you to keep managing the village like before.”


“Understood. From now on, I will be the chief on behalf of you,” Gibeck said with a smile.


“But still, to think that Jin would get so much success in life, huh? The world is a weird place. No, I guess because it is Jin.”


“I was also pretty surprised hearing that.”


They were now having lunch at Martha’s house. Hanna was loving her home’s taste after so long.

Kaina Village’s food was not lacking even compared to the royal castle. As they say, one’s home’s food is always worth returning for.


“Well, now that giving taxes is easier, it means that if we work hard, we will be rewarded more so it is worth more working now,” Martha said with a smile.

Jin thought to himself that now he could really start setting up a defense system for Kaina Village, and so started elaborately planning in his head.




*   *   *




“…..And that is how it is.”


At the royal castle, Earl Walter who was summoned by the king was being told about the situation directly by the king, Alois the Third.


“Wh-why, Your Majesty?! What kind of failure did I make?! Even though it’s small, to cut off my territory!” Earl Walter flared up at the king.


“What kind of failure, you say?” Alois the Third’s eyes glared at the earl. “With what face are you saying that? Because of your hasty conclusions and rashness, we gave away such a talented magi craftsman to another country, you know?!”


“Th-that.. is…”


“Do you understand? For the next 50 years now, Kaina Village is Jin Nidou’s leasehold land. And also, send back the people you recruited from there as soon as possible.”


“Y-yes….” Earl Walter finally conceded but nobody noticed the dangerous glare residing in his eyes.



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