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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 293 – Nostalgia Party is Doing Activities (side chapter)

– “Serroa Kingdom” is now “Celuroa Kingdom”
– “Kurain Kingdom” is now “Klein Kingdom”


“Elena, what is this?” Former head of the Unifiers and the current head of the Nostalgia party, Joule, questioned upon seeing a magic tool which was as large as a table.

It was April 27th. The day after Unifier had changed its name to Nostalgia.


“This is called the ‘Mana phone.'”


“Mana phone?” Hearing that unfamiliar name, Joule was puzzled.


Elena started explaining, “Yes. You’d need another person with the same device but if they do have it, you can use this to converse with them.”


“Oho? But didn’t we have long-distance talks before as well?”


It was a justified question.  Before, he had talked with Elena over a distance using a certain magic item while she and the second seat, Donald, were returning.


“Yes, your doubt is justified. I do not know the name of that magic item but when the distance between the parties increase, it fails to connect. For example, its max range would be from here to Astan. Moreover, you can’t talk with anyone other than me with it. On top of all that, if there are mountains in-between this distance, it would be impossible to maintain communication. In contrast to that, despite being so small, this mana phone can connect to a distance of hundreds of kilometers if not over a thousand. And that doesn’t change even if there are mountains in-between.”


“Wow! This is from Makina-dono?”


“Yes. In total we received 10 pairs, therefore 20 mana phones and as such, I think we could station one in each country.”


Egelia Kingdom, Celuroa Kingdom, Francis Kingdom, Klein Kingdom and Elias Kingdom—in total, these 5 countries even though they were small in size, they have deep connections.

If you were to connect all of these countries’ capitals, you would need 4 devices in each country so therefore 4 into 5 equals 20, so 20 devices would be needed.

Shouro Empire and Leonard Kingdom would be left for next time.


“With this, surely they will happy,” Joule said letting out a sigh of relief. Then he asked Elena again, “How is the reorganization of the party going?”


According to Elena, even after the mind control was undone, over 80% of the executive members sympathized with the Nostalgia Party’s ideals and remained.

Seems like the remaining 20% were after authority or power so they were thrown into the underground prison.

It was still undecided whether they would use mind control to neutralize and release them or let them rot in the prison. It would be best if they were to just reform.


“I see, if that’s so then we could operate as an organization.”


“Yes, my lord.”


Even though Elena too was remodeled by Jin, as there would be people looking, she kept her style of talking.

“Hm, I don’t think I would be able to go through with this if you weren’t here, Elena. I will be counting on you from here on out as well.”




*   *   *




On the other hand, the second seat, Donald, was struggling hard.

The reason for which was the early morning battle on the 23rd day.

No matter how vast and deserted the plains in front of the headquarters were, there was no way that no one from Kassimnore City would have noticed.

Makina (= Jin) was confirming from above. Although there were no casualties among the people dwelling nearby, there was a possibility of someone seeing the debris which blew out when Makina and the others were trying to escape.


To rationalize them all and conceal them peacefully, Donald was racking his brain, “I wonder if we can somehow deceive them by saying it was from the  development of a new mine…”


There was also the remedial measures left for the ‘meddling’ they did within all the other countries.


“…Sending thugs to cause chaos in the capital city of Klein Kingdom, Alban, eh…There might be more of these…”


Donald was lamenting after knowing what one executive of an extremist party did of his own accord. Today is the 28th day, morning. It will be afternoon soon.


“One is already done, eh. And it doesn’t seem like I will be able to make the other one in time even if I try now…. I can only hope Klein Kingdom properly deals with this…”




*   *   *




“Your majesty, we have received a present from an organization called Nostalgia offering their condolences.”


“What? Nostalgia?”


“Yes. According to the attached letter, they are a group whose prime objective is to ‘excavate the technology of the past, make use of them in the present and connect them to the future’.”


“That sounds kinda fishy. So, what is the present?”


“Yes, this.”


“What is this big desk? Four of these too, you say?”


“Yes, according to the note attached, it is a magic item called the mana phone.”


“Mana phone?”


“Yes. In other words, it makes it possible to have long-distance conversations using magic. As we have been informed, 4 of these have been sent to each of the countries, Egelia Kingdom, Francis Kingdom, Elias Kingdom, Celuroa Kingdom and Klein Kingdom. It will make it possible to have contact between these 5 countries easily.”


“If that is true, it will turn out to be extremely helpful. Let’s try it out.”


“There might be some dangers so I think it would be better if we have the ministry of magic present as well.”


“Hmm, give them a call.”


April, 29th, early morning, similar conversations occurred in each of the 5 countries.





*   *   *





“This is the Egelia Kingdom’s ministry of magic, Kerihidor. Can you hear me?”

A bright light glowed from within the magi crystal in the mana phone and the voice spoke.

Prime Minister Powell, who was nearby, hurriedly replied, “Th-this is the prime minister of the Klein Kingdom, Powell. Y-your voice can be heard loud and clear.”


“Ohh, I see. Early this morning, this magic device called the mana phone had been delivered and therefore after some investigation, it appeared harmless so we tried calling you.”


Hearing that, the minister again replied hurriedly, “Our party had also been investigating but thanks to your sudden call, we got to know it is harmless and effective and as such, I would like to offer my gratitude.”


And then, although unofficially, the ministry of magic of Egelia Kingdom and the prime minister of Klein kingdom continued talking for a while.


“Certainly, this is extremely convenient. I plan on speaking with the king and proposing a conference with your king afterwards.”


This was during the afternoon of April 29th.


A similar signal was exchanged between Elias kingdom and Egelia Kingdom, Klein Kingdom and Francis Kingdom.


Mana phones would surely come to influence the diplomatic relations between the countries in the future.


By the way, there was a mana cam built-in to these mana phones and all of the contents spoken over it was leaked to Laojun. Although no one knew of this fact.






*   *   *






“Elena, about that mana phone, do you know how it was delivered to each of the countries?”


“Yes, my lord. That Makina-sama ordered the underlings and delivered it to the countries.”


Hearing that reply, both Joule and Donald groaned, thinking that mysterious being, Makina, held that much power.

And also from the sentence: “There is more power to this world other than magic which can be used.”

That sentence which Donald had heard from Reinhardt, possessed weight and was stretched out in front of them.


“….Exactly what do you even do to make a golem do this…”


There laid the remnants of the revival materials which were sent to each of the countries. In other words, metal obtained from melting golems were piled up to make a mountain.


“I have no idea. There must be a ton of things which we, the ones who have only been looking at the past, can’t understand.”


“I wonder how much of that we can understand with our remaining lives.” There was a touch of loneliness in that sentence Joule said.


“Isn’t it fine even if we can’t understand all of it? That is life, after all,” Donald answered. He didn’t break his positive attitude no matter what.


“Thank you, Elena. As long as you’re here, we can believe in the future.”


“Yes, please leave it to me. Also, Makina-sama has delivered yet another magic item a while ago.”


“I see. I wonder how it will surprise me this time.”






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