115 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 115


Let’s Check Our Current Fighting Ability!



The next day, after recovering from being tired after traveling…

Haruki and the others quickly set out for the dungeon to defeat the 15th floor.


During the battle with the lower god, Haruki and the others had made great strides in their skills as well as their physical level.


First of all, Haruki…


Karaboshi Haruki (27) Gender: Male

Skill Points: 5

Class: Hidden Sword King

Divine Protection: Overthrowing God <Medjed>


-Vitality <->

├ Stamina 3 → 4

└ Natural Recovery 2


-Strength <->

└ Strength 5


-Agility <+ 2>

├ Quickness 5 → 6

└ Dexterity 5


-Technology <->

├ Equipment Mastery

│├ One-handed Sword 5

│├ Throwing 2

│└ Light Armor Mastery 5

├ Kicking 2

├ Stealth 4

└ Imitation 3 → 4


-Intuition <->

└ Detection 5

└ Weakness Exploit MAX



├ Growth Acceleration MAX

├ Taming 2

├ Divine Protection MAX

└ Divine Energy NEW


His Stamina, Quickness, and Imitation had increased.

It had become clear that his battle style was using his high speed to shake his opponent up until he could deliver a fatal blow.


Kurosaki Karen (18) Gender: Female

Skill Points: 10

Class: Hammer-wielding Spirit Master

Divine Protection: Thunder God <Okikurumi>


-Vitality <->

├ Stamina 2

└ Natural Recovery 1


-Strength <->

└ Strength 1


-Magic Power <+1>

├ Magic Power 5

├ Magic Compatibility 5

└ Magic Manipulation 5

└ Change <Thunder> 4


-Agility <->

├ Quickness 1

└ Dexterity 2 → 3


-Technology <->

└  Equipment Mastery

├ Blunt Weapons 1 → 2

└ Light Armor Mastery 1 → 2


-Intuition <->

└ Detection 1



├ Luck 2

└ Divine Protection MAX


Karen had become more dexterous, and her generally subpar Blunt Weapons and Light Armor Mastery had increased by one level each.

Her Dexterity and Blunt Weapons levels probably increased because she had started using her new charged staff attack.

And her Light Armor Mastery might have increased because she had taken that hit from that knight.


Rhea (1) Gender: Female

Skill Points: 10

Class: Dual Wielding Leaf Empress

Divine Protection: Guardian Deity of Underground Treasures <Ptah>


-Vitality <->

├ Stamina 1 → 2

└ Natural Recovery 0 → 1


-Strength <->

└ Strength 5


-Agility <->

├ Quickness 2

└ Dexterity 3


-Technology <+1>

└ Equipment Mastery

└Throw 5

└Double Throw 4


-Intuition <->

└ Detection 1



├ Treasure Chest 2

├ Divine Protection MAX

└ Camouflage 0 NEW


Rhea’s Stamina and Natural Recovery had increased.

It was safe to assume that the long battles and the damage she had received had something to do with that.


And the new skill “Camouflage” had appeared as well.


[Camouflage: Grants the ability to blend in with the landscape]


The Potato monsters that dwelled in the 4th floor had the ability to blend in with the terrain.

Until now, Rhea didn’t have the ability to camouflage because she couldn’t match any landscape that was different from the 4th floor’s terrain.


She might have been able to learn that skill now because the knight had actually targeted her during the battle.


Prior to that, Rhea would almost never draw aggro from monsters.

Perhaps the knight’s hatred — the murderous intent from a remarkably strong monster had caused the frightened Rhea to awaken to that skill…


With this skill, some of Rhea’s leaves would change to blend in with Haruki’s body.

It was like a chameleon.




Rhea hit the back of Haruki’s head, as if she had known he was thinking about her.

What a dreadful power of intuition.

Rubbing the back of his head, Haruki displayed Esta’s tree.


Esta (0) Gender: Male

Skill Points: 10

Class: Hard Shell Bug

Divine Protection: God of Extermination (Shinchu)


-Vitality <->

├ Stamina 1 → 2

├ Natural Recovery 1 → 2

└ Quarantine 1


-Strength <+1>

└ Strength 3

└ Damage Reduction 7


-Agility <->

├ Quickness 4

└ Dexterity 1 → 2


-Technology <->

└ Equipment Mastery

└ Carapace 7


-Intuition <->

└ Detection 1



├ Armor Break 3 → 4

└ Divine Protection MAX


Esta had improved his skills more than anyone else in that battle.


His Stamina, Dexterity, and Armor Break increased by 1.

And his Natural Recovery had increased by 2.


He had taken a strong blow from the knight, and he managed to destroy its greatsword.

Everyone worked hard in that battle, but Esta was the one who had worked the hardest.


Haruki wasn’t worried about the upcoming Werewolf boss battle.

His team’s skills and physical levels had increased considerably.


Until that moment, Haruki and the others had been able to repel the werewolves without too much of a risk, but this time they believed they would be able to subdue them with even more flexibility.


However, he couldn’t allow himself to be too careless.

Haruki looked at everyone else as he looked at the Skill Board.


“We’ve got 10 skill points, what should we do?”


Allocating some of those points would further assure their victory.

Doing so could come in handy in case something went awry.


“Could you raise my Magic tree by 2?”

“Got it.”


In the last battle, Karen’s magic wasn’t enough to do much to the knight.

The reason for that might have been that the knight had a thick layer of energy around him.

By increasing her Magic tree, her magic should get a considerable boost in power, which could at least prevent enemies with strong energy auras from nullifying her attacks.


Skill Points: 10 → 4

-Magic Power <+1> → <+3>


Next up was Rhea, but she shook her leaves as if saying that she’d leave it up to Haruki.

Perhaps she couldn’t be bothered to think about it herself?

As soon as Haruki thought about that possibility, she hit him on the back of his head with one of her leaves.


Skill Points: 10 → 1

-Technology <+1> → <+3>


└ Camouflage 0 → 3


Haruki increased Rhea’s Technology tree and Camouflage skill.

It looked like Esta had already decided what he wanted to increase.

He was wiggling his feelers as if saying “Come on, come on!”


Skill Points: 10 → 1

-Strength <+1> → <+4>


This caused Esta to be even more excited.

If another one of those knights were to show up again, his carapace would withstand its hits better than before.


*blink blink*


After finishing allocating skill points, Haruki felt a passionate gaze upon him.

— I’m being watched!?


Haruki looked for the owner of that passionate gaze like a hungry animal, and squinted as soon as he found out who it was.


“How come you’re here?”

“What do you mean by that? I shouldn’t be here!?”


Chep raised her eyes as she protested.

But Haruki’s words were by no means harassment nor rejection.


Chep was the only one from the team who had yet to enter the garage dungeon.

Haruki and the others were heading towards the 15th floor.

Properly speaking, Chep shouldn’t be able to be there with them.


So it was no wonder that Haruki was surprised about Chep being there.


She was probably able to go with them to the 15th floor because she was inside Karen’s bracelet.

In short, it would appear that the dungeon recognized Chep as part of Karen’s equipment instead of as a living being.


“Umm… I’d like you to do that thing with my skills like you did with everyone else!”

“Ah, no can do, sorry.”

“Wait, why!?”

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