114 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 114


Let’s Train Our Energy!



“What’s wrong?”



Haruki asked, but got no response from Akane.

She seemed to have forgotten that Haruki was there, and was absorbed into looking at the materials.


After some time, Akane slowly raised her head.


“It’s no use. I can’t appraise this.”

“I see.”


Haruki sensed a hint of “I knew it” in Akane’s words.


Back in Asahikawa, Kagemitsu had asked an Ichibishi clerk to appraise the materials obtained from the lower god’s messenger, the Black Fishman, but they couldn’t do it.

From that, Haruki had assumed that the same would happen when trying to appraise the remnants from the knight’s armor.


In order to sell this material, he would have to request a detailed appraisal for it.

However, detailed appraisals were quite expensive, starting at 100,000 yen.


With the materials from the purple werewolves, there were so many of them, and it was highly likely that they would pay off, so Haruki requested a detailed appraisal for them.


However, there were a total of two unidentified materials this time around.

If he couldn’t get the money back, there would be no point in getting them appraised.



“Can this be used for making armor without appraising it first?”

“Hmm. Technically, yes, it could be done, but it will be incomplete. Ideally, you would want to have an armor made after appraising the materials and making the best use of their properties.”

“I see.”


Haruki had thought it would be possible to make armor without an appraisal, but it didn’t seem he was going to be so lucky about that.


Materials were just like food ingredients.

Something had given its life for them, so he had to make the best use out of them.

With that in mind, Haruki decided to request a detailed appraisal for the two materials: the one from the Black Fishman and the one from the knight.


After Haruki left the prefab, Akane breathed out a deep sigh, looking at the materials placed in front of her.


“Really, if I take your eyes off from that guy for a second, he’s going to do something ridiculous, isn’t he…?”


That guy was, of course, Haruki.

When Akane secretly traveled to Asahikawa, Haruki had subdued the Black Fishman, which seemed to have been at least a B Rank monster.


Both Akane and Kagemitsu were surprised with this turn of events.


Haruki was a rookie adventurer who had been fighting H Rank monsters until recently.

Then he suddenly went and defeated a B Rank monster by himself.


He had grown a lot too quickly.

There wasn’t anyone who wouldn’t be surprised at his insane growth rate.


Despite this, Haruki had brought in a material from an even more terrifying monster.


“It’s probably from a B+ Rank monster…”


It couldn’t have been from a B Rank monster because of the amount of power remaining in the material.

So it had to have been a B+ Rank monster.

She could feel such a terrible power from that material.


She herself knew she would be able to stand her ground against a B Rank monster if she stuck completely to defense.

However, she knew she was no match for a B+ Rank monster.


They were as strong as monsters found in the 35th to 40th floor of a dungeon.

That’s how powerful B+ Rank monsters were.


She couldn’t help but feel goosebumps all over upon seeing this kind of material.

Akane smiled nervously while rubbing her own arm.


Haruki was growing at an unimaginable speed.

She was happy someone like him preferred her store…




With someone who grew that fast as a regular at this talkative clerk’s store…

Haruki surely must have been involved in various troubles.

He must have been crushed without being able to fully demonstrate his performance.


Or possibly, he would be one way or another pleased, saying something like “I have a stronger presence now!!” even in those situations…


Leaving that aside, Akane had absolutely no intention to speak about Haruki’s achievements with anyone else.


This would be Akane’s greatest ace up her sleeve.

This way, no one would find out about him nor snatch him away from her.




Haruki was the goose that laid golden eggs.

Even if he said nothing about it, he would bring the finest materials to Akane’s shop.


An adventurer who could obtain the finest materials and the strong-armed clerk who he had a connection with — Yuzuki Akane.

Their fame would definitely roar all over Japan from now on.


— Oh, what should I do?

— I’m going to keep rising up within the company!

— If I keep going up, I’ll become a goddess!!


“AHAaaHAHHAHHA!! — No, calm down, Akane!”


If she were to let herself go like that, Haruki would definitely run away from her.

Akane had to continue to be a decent woman so that he won’t be disgusted by her!


Akane wiped the drool that was dripping out of her mouth and quickly put the materials in a bag to get them ready for a detailed appraisal.

All while dreaming of the giant golden egg that she would get in the future.


* * * * * * * * *


After leaving the prefab, Haruki went to the dungeon without going back home first.

That energy-based attack that was used only once in the battle with the knight.

He wanted to review it with his beloved Centipedes.


He went down to the 1st floor of the dungeon and readied his Magic Sword.

Perhaps his level had gone up, or maybe it was because he had already done it once, but his energy flowed into the Magic Sword much smoother than before.


Even so, it took him about 5 seconds to get the necessary amount of energy into the blade.

That was an eternity when it came to fast-paced battles.

If he didn’t improve the time it took him to charge his Magic Sword, he wouldn’t be able to reliably use this attack in battle.


“By the way, what about the Werewolf Short Sword?”


Haruki took out his Werewolf Short Sword and tried pouring his energy into it.



“It’s not doing anything at all…”


Unlike his Magic Sword, it was terribly difficult to pour any energy into the Werewolf Short Sword.

It would be more accurate to say that the Werewolf Short Sword didn’t have the ability to efficiently receive energy.

Haruki could try to pour all of the energy he wanted into it, but it would drain out quickly, as if he was pouring water into a colander.


“It seems that there are some weapons that are better for pouring energy into, while some others are poor at receiving energy.”


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