106 Part 2

That’s the thought that went through Rhea’s mind when Haruki asked.


Given how tall Rhea was, there was no way her roots could fit well inside her planter.

It looked like she was able to adjust her space at will by using her Treasure Chest ability.


Nodding at Rhea’s answer, Haruki tapped on the board.


[Would you like to enhance Planter]

[Enhancement level 0/1]

[Points needed: 1pt]



“It’s cheap!”


Haruki unconsciously opened his eyes wide in surprise after seeing how it required only a single point.

That, and that its maximum enhancement level was at +1.


Apparently, the enhancement points required and maximum enhancement level were related to the grade of the item to be enhanced.


“Well, I did buy this planter at a hardware store…”


It wasn’t an item meant for adventurers.

Would it make sense to enhance it at all?


However, it only cost 1 point.

Even if it didn’t make much sense, it was really cheap.

Haruki tapped on the Y button.


— Wait, depending on how it changes, would I still have to ask around for  workshops to make a new planter?

Haruki thought so, but he changed his mind a little when he touched the enhanced planter.


“It feels a bit interesting.”

“Ah… You’re right.”


Haruki’s words seemed to have intrigued Karen, and she touched the planter as well.


The planter’s appearance didn’t seem to change at all.

But it felt different.


The first thing they’d thought was that it felt like iron.

But it was different from regular iron.


“It’s as if it had been made with tempered iron… and it’s different at the same time. It’s as if it had been remade out of some kind of special metal.”

“You’re right. It feels… really nice.”


She seemed to really like the texture.

With a serious look on her face, Karen kept on touching the planter with her fingers.


From its texture, it was clear that the planter had been enhanced.

It looked like it would be more resistant than before.


But Haruki had absolutely no idea about what kind of metal it was.

He was really curious about it, but he had no plans to have Akane appraise it.


Haruki was sure that if Akane saw that planter, she would realize it was not a regular item in the blink of an eye.


“Hmm. It would seem that we would be better off not enhancing everyday items.”


The enhanced planter looked exactly the same as before.

However, the material composition was so different that it was easily noticeable just by touching it.


It might be easier to notice the changes in appearance of an enhanced custom item.

At least Akane would know that there’s something wrong with that particular item.

Those items would have the manufacturer’s logo in them, so they wouldn’t be mistaken by items obtained in a dungeon.


— For the time being, let’s refrain from enhancing custom items.


Haruki made a mental note of the items he should never enhance, and tapped on another item on the list.


[Would you like to enhance Potato Stone?]

[Enhancement level 0/3]

[Points needed: 10pt]



Haruki didn’t go into the dungeons with Akane.

Even if they’re enhanced, any changes in the Potato Stones shouldn’t be noticed so easily.


And if the changes were to be noticed, he could say that he got that particular Potato Stone in the dungeon.

He could pretend it’s like some kind of cursed item that changed its appearance and properties after being used.

— Yeah, that should work.


Thinking about that, Haruki pressed the Y button.

He then put his Skill Board away and took out the Potato Stones that were stored in the jar inside his backpack.


“… Ah! I messed up!”


Since a lot of Potato Stones were placed in a single container, Haruki wasn’t sure exactly which was the one that he had enhanced.


Haruki realized a little too late that he should have taken a Potato Stone out of the jar first, and then enhanced that one.

Disappointed, Haruki started to take out the Potato Stones, one after another.






There was a single Potato Stone that was slightly heavier than the rest.

It looked exactly like any other Potato Stone.


Haruki scanned over its surface twice, but even his eyes that didn’t overlook things easily were able to find any difference with the other Potato Stones.

Having finished inspecting the stone, Haruki gave two stones to Rhea.


“Can you shoot these for me, Rhea?”



Rhea swinged her leaves as if saying “Sure, sure.”


Without delay, Haruki took two branches that had fallen from the huge tree, along with other things that resembled them, and leaned them next to the tree’s body.


“First, shoot the branches with a regular stone.”



Rhea shook her leaves, loaded the regular Potato Stone, and fired.




The Potato Stone flew, making a noise that didn’t sound at all like a stone being fired from a plant’s nozzle.

The stone beautifully broke the branch exactly in half on impact.


Rhea’s aim was perfect, even though she was 50 meters away from her target.

It really was an impressive throwing aim.


Next, Haruki asked Rhea to throw the enhanced Potato Stone at another branch.

Rhea absorbed the +1 Potato Stone and fired.




The shot sounded clearly different than the previous one.

The sound pressure it generated made it echo inside Haruki’s lungs.


Then, the stone collided with the branch.




The potato stone pulverized the center of the branch.





The difference in power left Haruki staring with his mouth wide open, while Karen couldn’t help but express how impressed she was.

Rhea was also quite surprised herself, as she suddenly stopped moving.


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