106 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 106


Let’s Enhance Some Items!



“So, what do you think!?”


As he triumphantly turned towards Karen…


“… Oof!”


Karen heaved a sigh.

Trembling, she fell to her knees and her hands hit the ground.


— Why did she have to react like that…?

Confused, Haruki reached for his neck.

When he did that, he felt that the Feather Necklace had become so bushy that it couldn’t even compare to how it was before…




— The necklace is so fluffy now!


The feathers themselves hadn’t changed in length.

What did change was their density.


Previously, it had about 20 feathers lined up in a row, but now it seemed to have several times the amount of feathers it had before.

The feather’s size was a little different as well.

The necklace used to be furnished with nothing but tiny feathers, but now it had a combination of various widths of feathers.

Some of them were larger than Haruki’s palm.


As soon as he started to move, Haruki quickly noticed the difference in his body’s agility.

This Item Enhancement wasn’t just for show.


Still, Haruki was scratching his chin.


“It’s a bit dangerous to have an item change its appearance when it’s enhanced.”

“W… Why do you say that?”


Karen, who finally pulled herself together, tilted her head to the side.


“Well, don’t you think it would be bad if I started to look weird?”

“… Eh?”


— You think!?

Karen was staring at Haruki with her eyes wide open.


He had been looking weird for quite some time now.

He has only now started to worry about it as if he didn’t think he already looked weird.


A mask that floats in mid-air and a plant that wriggles on his back.

Feathers grew out of his neck, and a centipede was parasitizing his body.

A backpack with a white face and two slimy tentacles…


Even though he showed himself looking like this to the people around him, he really didn’t think he was a weird-looking adventurer…


Maybe it was… the other way around?

Karen gasped at the horrifying thought that had crossed her mind.


— Could it be that he’s afraid that his items will start to look “normal”?


Certainly, Haruki was wearing some pretty unique pieces of equipment.

If he were to be equipped with “ordinary-looking armor”…


Some people may start to think he’s weird!?


The horrifying truth Karen had arrived at through her speculations caused her to forget about breathing.




Haruki looked at Karen, who had suddenly become stiff.

He wondered what had gotten into her.


Haruki used short swords, which have an average low damage output, so he had chosen his armor with an emphasis on their performance.

It was always nice to have an item become stronger by enhancing it. But if its appearance changed too much, it might be seen as weird by others, who could think it was some kind of “special” item.


If an item’s appearance were to change completely, some people could start to think that it’s some kind of item one could get as a drop in a dungeon.

However, if the appearance of his commercial equipment were to change, Akane would definitely notice.


He could easily envision a future where people could say “There’s something wrong with my armor, isn’t it!?”

That’s why Haruki was worried that enhancing an item might make it look weird.


“It would sure be nice if it looked stronger.”

“It would be better if it didn’t change its appearance at all.”




Haruki and Karen spoke out at the same time.

An uncomfortable silence followed, making seconds seem like hours.


“W… Why don’t you try it with other pieces of equipment? The changes should be different for each item. You may end up liking how some of those items turn out!”

“Y… You think?”


— I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to like, though…

Haruki nodded and looked down at the Skill Board.


[Item Enhancement]

[Remaining Points] 2589 pts

Potato Stone 0

Potato Stone 0

Potato Stone 0

Potato Stone 0

Potato Stone 0

Potato Stone 0

Planter 0

Silver Wolf Short Sword 0


Haruki decided that the next item he would enhance would be Rhea’s planter.

The reason for that was simple: the planter was always in his backpack, so even if it changed a lot, no one would see it.


“Come here for a moment, Rhea.”


Haruki took Rhea and placed her on top of the stage.

Rhea seemed to be looking around, wondering what happened.


“I’ll enhance your planter. It would be a disaster if the planter got hit and broke.”


No such thing had ever happened.

Haruki had already taken measures against attacks from his back, but there was nothing helping the planter if an attack would cause Haruki to fall on his back.


One could always order a reinforced planter from any armor store. However, Haruki couldn’t find any workshops that would make those.

Since he didn’t know where else to ask, Haruki had put that issue on hold.


But with this, it would be possible to solve that issue.

With his board in his hand, he asked Rhea before pressing the enhance button.


“Are you satisfied with this planter, Rhea? Do you have any problems with it, are your roots okay? Something like that?”

“(It’s spacious and comfy. A bit too soft, though.)”


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