I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Chapter 78 Part 1





According to the general ending of novels, this cultivator would naturally ascend to Heaven, but on the last mural, the cultivator took out the thunder inside his body and put it in a box.


Xu Ziyan was greatly surprised at the ending of this story, as the cultivator ended up sitting there and died, not becoming an immortal.


“This story is so strange.” Xu Zirong had been following behind his brother, and when he saw his brother looking at the last mural, he made the comment.


Just like Xu Ziyan, he’d found that this cultivator was using other thunder-type powers to enhance the thunder within him. Making the connection between that and the Green Spiritual thunder in his brother Dantian, he started flipping through his own memories to find information or tale he might have heard related to secret realm which would hold a treasure like divine thunder.


The end of the story had also taken him by surprise. No one would probably predict an ending like that.


“Brother… do you think the box would be here, in the legendary grounds?”


“It’s possible…” Touching the box on the mural painting, a slight rise beneath his fingertips made him hesitate.


“What’s wrong?” Noticing his brother’s reaction, Xu Zirong asked out of curiosity.


“Nothing, it’s just… it seems like…” Pressing the risen area, there didn’t seem to be any reaction.


A little disappointed, Xu Ziyan laughed out loud at himself. The cultivator’s divine thunder must be extremely impressive. How could he expect the hidden box to be found so easily?


Glancing at the mural painting one last time, he turned around, then suddenly felt the hairs stand up on the back of his neck.


The box was gone!


He whipped around, staring at the painting. It was just like he’d thought he had seen it. The box that the cultivator was preparing to hide had disappeared. The man’s hands were empty.


“How?” Xu Ziyan exclaimed in shock. He touched the mural again, where the box had been was smooth now.


“Impossible!” He began to inspect the wall more closely. But no matter how much he searched, he couldn’t find the risen area again.


It was positively haunted. He was sure he wasn’t seeing things. The person in the painting had been holding a black box, but now the painting was intact as before, just without the box.


Other than that, for some reason, he felt like there was something else odd about the painting, but he just couldn’t name it.


“Brother…” Xu Zirong pulled on his brother’s sleeve.


“What is it?” Xu Ziyan asked, turning around.


Xu Zirong pointed at the painting, his face twisted into an odd expression.


“What is it?” Xu Ziyan asked again, looking in the direction he was pointing. He was pointing at the cultivator.


“His… eyes…” Xu Zirong’s tone was shaken.


Looking where he was pointing, Xu Ziyan discovered what was wrong. In the original painting, the cultivator was looking squarely at the box while trying to hide it. But now his hands were empty and his face turned toward them, black eyes fixed in the direction they were standing, like he was looking out of the wall at them.


Xu Ziyan shuddered, opening his eyes wide to stare at the painting. And that’s when he saw the man in the painting smile slowly!


What the hell! Were they in a horror movie?


The hairs were standing up for sure now on the back of Xu Ziyan’s neck. He never believed in ghosts or spirits, but for something like that to happen in a dim tunnel like this was incredibly creepy.


Swallowing hard, he stared harder at the smile of the man. The corners of the person’s mouth curved higher and higher, until his expression was one of him bursting into laughter.


“Hahaha…” Somewhere in the dim tunnel, someone was laughing.


“What the hell is that!” Already extremely nervous, Xu Ziyan literally jumped where he was standing, letting out his thunder snake move without hesitation.


This time it was even more exaggerated than when he met the cave bats. Ten purple streaks of lightning as thick as his forearm scattered and exploded, letting out a tremendous sound.


“Hahaha! Finally, someone has discovered my treasure!” The voice finally stopped laughing. “By the time you hear this, I’ll be long dead. But no matter. Everyone dies, and I have no intention to be immortal. Almost ten thousand years of life is more than enough.”


The voice was low but free-spirited, with a casual tone. “If you’re looking so closely at the wall painting, you must also be a thunder cultivator. Plus, the fact that you found the secret within, you must be interested in the box. Heh, I knew the person to inherit my secrets must be a smart one. If you can uncover those mysteries, I think fate has brought us together. How could I let someone fated to find my treasure go home empty handed?”


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