These two voices were fighting and arguing in his head, giving him a big headache. Therefore, he had forgotten that he’d still half holding the young man.


“Brother, I think…that this cultivator doesn’t need to be held anymore.” Xu Zirong was obviously annoyed and he immediately pulled Xu Ziyan’s arm.






The two exclaimed at the same time. Xu Ziyan was a bit embarrassed, and Bai Hua looked a bit shy, his cheeks were turning red.


Xu Ziyan was handsome. Although he’s only 16 years old, he already had the profile of a mature man. His attractive looks and his hearty smile made the others like him instantly.


Bai Hua grew up in an abnormal environment. The education that he’d received since he was little distorted his views in a lot of things. For him, guys like Xu Ziyan were difficult to resist. On top of that, he only got intimate with another person a few days ago. Now that he’s held by such a handsome man, it’s hard not to be moved.


Moreover, he’d once heard from his master that only elite disciples from big sects could enter the Green Spiritual Secret Realm. Didn’t it mean that Xu Ziyan was an elite from a big sect then?


Bai Hua looked thrilled, and he started to let his thoughts run wild…never had he expected to have such a good opportunity in the realm.


It’s just that…Bai Hua looked at the delicate-looking child beside him and frowned slightly. As he had been living in a weird place since he was young, he was extremely sensitive to the facial expression of the others. Besides, Xu Zirong barely concealed his look of disgust, there’s no way Bai Hua didn’t notice it.


He called cultivator Xu “brother”, that’s what Bai Hua clearly heard. Does it mean that he’s the little brother of cultivator Xu?


Bai Hua started to feel a little embarrassed. If he wanted to stick to cultivator Xu, only a few words couldn’t do it. The best way is to develop a more intimate relationship with him, but if that kid is always around, there’s no way cultivator Xu would do anything intimate with him in front of his little brother.


After thinking for a while, Bai Hua decided not to pursue cultivator Xu first. He was sure that in one month, he’d have a chance to seduce him anyway.


“How long do you have to lean on my brother?” Xu Zirong stared at Bai Hua fiercely. Seeing his handsome face, he really had an urge to rush forward and cut open it.


Weird enough, he had wanted to suck blood in the past, but he’d never had this urge to destroy one’s face. This is really the first time.


“Oh, I’m sorry.” Bai Hua’s face turned redder and he scrambled up from Xu Ziyan.


Xu Ziyan straightened up his body in embarrassment too. He found it strange – clearly he was just trying to support the injured, how come it’d all sounded weird now from Xu Zirong’s mouth?


What’s even more frightening is that he started to feel guilty from Xu Zirong’s tone. What exactly was he guilty about? He’s straight and it’s perfectly normal to rescue an injured person!


Facing the inexplicable emotions in his heart, Xu Ziyan decisively retreated. He could at least avoid anything to happen. Although he had good feelings to this cultivator Bo, they were just good feelings. Also, since Xu Zirong disliked him so much and he’s even more aggressive to him than Wei Qing toward Le Hu, Xi Ziyan thought that it’s a good idea to keep a distance with him.


“Well, since cultivator Bo is fine, we’ll leave now.” Xu Ziyan was going to leave. Since he hadn’t expected to have anything in return when he tried to rescue him, it might be a good idea to leave now.


“Ugh…” Bai Hua was stunned for a moment. He thought that he had such an attractive face, and there’s nothing unreasonable in his actions, how is it possible for cultivator Xu to leave so soon, even though he had a certain defensiveness to strangers?


Besides, he couldn’t let Xu Ziyan go now. What to do if he’s gone? He was lucky to have the Green Spiritual Energy and the dragon-shaped jade to break through the foundation stage, and he had no clue of the spells beyond that stage at all. What’s even worse – in his Qiankun bag, there were only a dozen of spiritual stones, and he didn’t even have a flying sword.


Looking at his surrounding empty environment, even if only used his legs to walk, he might not get out of this place after one month.


“Cultivator Xu…” Bai Hua smiled bitterly, “I was dragged into this realm out of some unknown reasons. And I haven’t taken anything with me. Also, I only started building base not long ago, and I didn’t even prepare my flying sword…”


Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but frown. If what he said was true, then things didn’t make sense anymore. If cultivator Bo was only a foundation cultivator, and if he didn’t even have a flying sword, he would be waiting for death if he’s left waiting there.


He couldn’t just let him die there. He could only take cultivator Bo with him.


When Xu Ziyan agreed to leave with Bo Muhua, Xu Zirong looked so pissed off that Xu Ziyan didn’t dare look at him straightly.

He didn’t understand why Xu Zirong was so disgusted with this handsome young man. In general, people like beautiful things and people, and since Bo Muhua was such a polite person, how come Zirong hated him so much?

Bai Hua was riding on Xu Ziyan’s flying sword and he was acting very obediently. When his gaze met with Xu Ziyan’s, he only showed a shy smile.

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