Chapter 72


Xu Zirong’s eyebrows were twisted. He didn’t know why, but he got extremely pissed off when he heard that his brother was going to save that person below them.


Apparently, he’d never met that person, but he had this inexplicable hatred to this person, even a sense of murder.


After knowing how he felt, Xu Zirong felt shocked. He knew what kind of personality his brother had, Xu Ziyan would never give in if someone provoked them, yet he couldn’t tolerate himself to murder someone just out of disgust.


In other words, Xu Ziyan had no problems in killing someone, but he had to have a reason. Otherwise, he’d definitely make his brother more furious. And he couldn’t even imagine what the result would be.


“Hey, are you all right?” Xu Ziyan didn’t go to support the person fainted on the ground. With his lesson learnt with the mermaid, he’d already learnt how to defend himself always.


“Hmm…” The person lying on the ground moaned a little. He moved slowly, then stopped reacting.


Xu Ziyan thought for a while, then he asked Xu Zirong to descend as well.


With much resistance, Xu Zirong descended next to him and said, “brother, why do you care about him? We don’t know him.”


“As we’re all cultivators, we’ll save him if we can. If we rescue him today, he might do the same to us one day.” Xu Ziyan paused for a while before saying, “even if we can’t, we won’t end up wasting what we have in our Qiankun bag.”


Xu Zirong nodded silently. His brother had such pure thoughts…although he once felt the same, but he really hadn’t done anything similar ever since he became a demon cultivator.


To make things safe, Xu Ziyan casted a spell to that person to make sure that he couldn’t fight back. Then, he approached further and observed him carefully.


Xu Zirong couldn’t help frowning again. Seeing his brother getting so near to that person, he got even more annoyed. Apparently, he hadn’t even seen his face yet, but he already had this boiling urge to kill him.


“Huh? Not dead yet?” Xu Ziyan turned the other side over, from his slight breathing, it means that he’s still alive.


He checked that person for a while and found that there was no wound on him. However, it seems that there were some fluctuations with his spiritual power; this person must have deviated while cultivating.


After hesitating for a while, Xu Ziyan took a white porcelain bottle out of his Qiankun bag and put a pill into the person’s mouth. The pill melted. Soon, the person moaned and woke up from his coma.


“Are you okay?” Xu Ziyan let the person half lean on himself. Although he was asking about his physical conditions, there were already movements with the hand behind him – the green thunder light was already moving back and forth.


It’s always better to be a bit more defensive to the others.


After seeing how defensive his brother acted in front of this stranger, Xu Zirong was relieved for a bit, but just a bit…


“You…” The young man looked a bit confused. When he’s fully awake, he immediately looked around in panic, “what is this place?”


Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows in amazement. Did he assume something wrongly? So, this person wasn’t one of the disciples who’d entered the passage with them at the same time?


“This is the Green Spiritual Secret Realm. If you don’t know where you are, then how did you end up here?” Xu Ziyan asked.


The young man blinked for a few times and he still looked pretty confused, “I…I don’t know. I only ate a fruit in the forest, then I passed out. When I woke up, I ended up here.”


“I’m Bo Muhua, I haven’t asked your name yet.” Bai Hua wasn’t that foolish, he soon reacted. He was sure that it’s the effect of the Green Spiritual Energy. It’s always better to use an anonym when he hadn’t known a person well.


“My name is Xu.” Xu Ziyan replied plainly.


“Cultivator Xu.” Bai Hua replied smoothly. Seeing that Xu Ziyan had no intention to introduce further, he didn’t ask either.


“Although I don’t know how cultivator Bo ended up here, since you’re here anyway, it’s our destiny to meet each other. Cultivator Bo, why don’t you look around? Perhaps you will get what you’ve wanted.” Xu Ziyan said in a matter-of-fact manner.


He had an indescribable feeling toward this young man. He was elegant and handsome, and his beauty was quite rare. Since human beings are all visual animals, it’s understandable that he had a desirable feeling towards this young man. However, what made Xu Ziyan uncomfortable is that when he was having good feelings to this young man, he also felt disgusted at the same time.


When these two opposite feelings were intertwined, he had a very contradictory feeling to the beautiful young man in front of him.


He felt that in his brain, there were two people persuading him different things. One told him that cultivator Bo would be a good friend, since he’s gentle, friendly and handsome; the other one reminded him that whenever things aren’t normal, it means that something is wrong. These good feelings came from nowhere, and it’s not a good sign.


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