Xu Ziyan closed his eyes and felt for a while of what had happened. With that drop of essence blood, he could clearly feel that there was a connection between him and the Golden Beast. Unfortunately, puppets are not living things after all. The Golden Beast can only accept his instructions but it cannot give any response.

After thinking about it for a while, Xu Ziyan understood finally. If Xu Zirong was able to create such a giant Golden Beast that’s alive, he would have his jaw dropped by now. Creating lives are means of immortals, it’s not something that cultivators could do.

It’d be wrong to say that Xu Ziyan wasn’t pleased. All in all, they had already got so much after entering the Green Spiritual Secret Realm for just one day.

In this graveyard, there’s nothing other than the bones of the Golden Beast, the two brothers left after finding the highest-level, blue soft moss. This light blue soft moss is an excellent additive for refining defensive, magical weapons. It could make clothes softer without losing its defensiveness.


The four pieces of soft moss could be sold for ten middle-class spiritual stones. Aside from their good quality, it’s also because a lot of energy was required to turn soft moss into blue. Even with places where the Golden Beast was found, it could only produce four pieces.

When they were looking for blue soft moss, they also discovered a narrow channel. The refreshing wind came from the channel.

After making sure that there was nothing worth taking away, the two brothers walked into the channel. After walking for about half an hour and turning in a corner, they saw the exit in front.

After digging in the dark cave for a long time, Xu Ziyan squinted his eyes when he looked at the light, and he accidentally kicked a piece of gravel.

The gravel hit the rock and made a crisp sound. At this moment, there was a sudden mutation. A large group of dark shadows squeaked and rushed toward them.

“Be careful!” Xu Zirong yelled, and the seeds of vine in his hand instantly evoked and were weaved into a large green net, blocking them.

The thunder light bloomed in Xu Ziyan’s hand, and ten tiny thunder snakes were shot straight from his fingertips.

“Squeak!” The ten black shadows were hit by the thunder snakes and made a loud hissing noise. However, the thunder snakes did not stop after hitting them, there was an explosion and a dozen of streams of thunder light splashed around these ten shadows.

“Squeak!” The black shadows screamed after being struck by the under light. They became scorched, crackled and fell to the ground.

The remaining shadows squeaked and flew towards the exit.

“What the hell is this?” Xu Ziyan was taken aback. His “Thunder Snake Explosion” skill was like his last skill, and he’d rarely use it. If he didn’t encounter such a sudden situation just now, and if there weren’t so many enemies at the same time, he would never use this important skill.

“They’re rock bats…” Xu Zirong carefully looked at the corpses on the ground, and he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to cry or laugh.

This rock bat is a very low-level monster. It only has five layers of Qi cultivation. Their only advantage is the rocks where they live, so their bodies are also composed of rocks. When they stay with the rocks, ordinary people could not detect their existence at all. Otherwise, they would not be attacked so suddenly.

In addition, the rock bats are shy and they hate light. They have been living in the deep cave for many years. If they weren’t scared by the sound of the gravel, they wouldn’t launch an attack suddenly.

After silently apologizing to the unlucky group of rock bats, Xu Ziyan put the scorched black rock bats into his Qiankun bag one by one. He thought that skeletons of rock bats are also materials of refining his weapons. They’d already been dead anyway, let’s not waste their corpses.

After walking a few steps, the two quickly walked out of the cave. It was early in the morning when they entered the Green Spiritual Secret Realm. Right now, it’s also early in the morning. After digging for a whole day, they’d got many precious stuff.

“Let’s go, let’s just pick one side.” Xu Ziyan said to Xu Zirong.

The Green Spiritual Secret Realm was really too large, and there was a limit of the number of people getting in each time. Up to this moment, no sect has obtained the map of the realm yet.

“Let’s pick that side.” Xu Zirong pointed one of the directions randomly. He wasn’t sure what they might see, but he had some kind of induction on it.

“Let’s go.” Xu Ziyan didn’t mind. Anyway, they’d got quite many thing this time. Even if they got nothing else for the next month, it was already quite a fruitful visit.

The two brothers flew with their swords toward the direction pointed out by Xu Zirong. They flew over the mountains and rivers under them. Xu Zirong wasn’t sure if he was having an illusion, but he felt that his feelings became more intense when he was getting nearer.

“Wait a minute!” Xu Ziyan stopped suddenly in the air, Xu Zirong lowered his head.


On the grass below them, there was a cultivator who had fainted.

The cultivator was wearing a white robe, but at this time, the robe was stained with dirt. Xu Ziyan descended gradually, as if he wanted to check whether this person’s alive or not. However, Xu Zirong couldn’t help but frown when seeing the figure.


“It’s ok, I’ll go down and have a look. If I can save him, I’ll save him.”

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