Chapter 69

“Okay.” Xu Zirong responded and threw away the moss in his hands. Then, he took a handkerchief to wipe his hands. Anywhere with large areas of soft moss growing would often be graveyard. However, the moss that he saw was a bit different than that he saw in his previous life. It seemed that this moss was softer.

“Let’s return.” Xu Ziyan hesitated for a while before deciding to go back. If it’s a general treasure chamber, he would never give up searching, but when he knew that it’s a graveyard, he felt like they were robbing it and that made him feel pretty uncomfortable.

Xi Zirong felt a bit stunned. He turned and saw how much Xu Ziyan was struggling, and he couldn’t help but laugh. “Brother, don’t worry, even if it’s a graveyard here, those buried were not cultivators.”

“They were not cultivators?” Xu Ziyan asked in surprise.

“Right, not cultivators. The moss that grew on their bodies isn’t that soft. If I’m not mistaken, what’s buried underneath here are monsters, lots of monsters.”

After seeing how puzzled Xu Ziyan still looked, he hurriedly mentioned that he’d inadvertently read a book, and it’s mentioned that soft moss tends to absorb the nutrients of corpses to get evolved. Relatively, human cultivators’ corpses are weaker, and it’s not possible to grow such soft moss. Only monsters could have such a strong body. That also means that what’s buried underneath that moss was a huge amount of corpses of monsters.

Also, comparing to Xu Ziyan, an amateur after all, Xu Zirong had a deep knowledge to all the places in the cultivation world.

If this was someone’s cemetery, they wouldn’t have been able to come down all the way so peacefully. Based on the level of their cultivation, they would have died halfway before seeing the depth of the passage.

If there were no traps, it also means that what’s buried here weren’t anything important. Aside from monsters, which were unimportant, nothing else could make moss grow this soft.

“Oh, I see.” Xu Ziyan nodded plainly. Suddenly, he discovered an advantage of having a brother who likes reading. It’s just like having an encyclopedia whenever he’s outside. Although he could also remember the content of the book easily, Xu Zirong was still much better than him in terms of making use of what he learnt.

Gosh, he suddenly had this proud feeling of being a big brother again…

“Brother, let’s go back.” Xu Zirong turned to Xu Ziyan and suggested.

“Going back?” Xu Ziyan was stunned. He was about to dig more treasures, how come Zirong now wanted to return?

“What are we going back for? These are all corpses of monsters underneath. I know that their flesh and blood were all absorbed by the soft moss, but I don’t think their bones were absorbed too, were they? If there is a large amount of these corpses, I’m assuming that we can sell the bones for a pretty good price. Well, you never had to support a family, so it’s normal that you have no idea.” Xu Ziyan reminded Xu Zirong. This kid is perfect in almost everything, except the fact that he’s got no idea about money. He always wasted resources unknowingly. Well, it’s not a good habit. Even low-class spiritual stones are good stuff!

Xu Zirong cried with pain and looked at Xu Ziyan with tears. Xu Ziyan felt guilty after seeing those teary eyes. He felt helpless, and he instantly hugged Zirong and comforted him.

Gosh, he was just scolding Zirong a bit. And he’s already acting like that!

Soon after Xu Zirong rushed into Xu Ziyan’s arms, his tears disappeared. After knowing that his tears had such a great impact on Xu Ziyan, he had already activated this crying skill long time ago.

He used to think that crying was a shame for a guy, but now he became sure that once he could achieve his goal, he could as well cry out loud!

As long as he could reach his goals, any effective means would be good means! This is the most important thing that he’d learnt in his previous life.

The two brothers went on hugging each other for a while. Then, Xu Ziyan pulled out a small shovel from his Qiankun bag, and he’s ready to start digging.

Xu Zirong was very cooperative. He first used the wood-based spells to remove the soft moss, then used the earth-based spells to make the soil softer.

He put the fluorescent ball on a high step. With this light, Xu Ziyan began digging. This was the first time he dug treasure after the transmigration. Previously, he used to read about how characters encountered different opportunities and treasures by digging, and he’s so happy to finally try it himself.

“I want to dig! I want to dig, I want to dig, dig dig!” Xu Ziyan was humming a strange melody and happily digging the soil. As it had already become very soft, he found it extremely easy to dig.

However, out of his expectations, he didn’t find any bones after digging for over an hour. Since this was soft moss, they were pretty certain that there was a huge amount of bones underneath.

Moreover, along with his digging, Xu Zirong became happier and happier, and he didn’t ask Xu Zirong to help. Instead, he carefully observed the direction of how the soft moss moved.

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