This puppet was used to teach Xu Ziyan how to cultivate the “Purple Sky Nine Transformations”.

When Xu Ziyan first learnt it, he was tortured a lot. Later, when his strength grew, the power of Thunder Light grew as well.

He never lied to Xu Zirong as to where the jade slip was hidden. To prevent such a treasure from being stolen, he hid it inside the square.

He believed that no one in the world could steal things from the Square Guy, he reckoned that it could only be used as his golden finger.

(Square Guy: ?)


Xu Ziyan stopped suddenly. He looked at the void in front of him and couldn’t help rubbing his eyes.

After that, he looked again. Right, it wasn’t his illusion. The square indeed became bigger!

At first, the Square Guy was only about 50cm³. He gradually felt that it had slightly become bigger, but he didn’t have anything to measure it.

However, the Square Guy had now become 1m³, he knew it without having to measure it.

So…does it mean that the Square Guy had absorbed that energy? Xu Ziyan touched his chin, he couldn’t figure this out at all.

“Brother?” Xu Zirong looked at Xu Ziyan suspiciously. Not only did Xu Ziyan stop suddenly, he also looked very confused. Did anything go wrong?

“Oh? I’m okay, let’s continue.” Xu Ziyan awakened and continued to move forward. He never told Xu Zirong about what happened with the Square Guy, as all these were just too mysterious. Even in the world of cultivation, the existence of the square just seemed too impossible. Also, the novel remained his constant worry. Although everything seemed so different now, they still hadn’t come across any scenes described in the original text.

This novel started with how Bai Hua tried everything to get into Tian Yu sect and to become a disciple of Lin Xiaotian. Now, there was still one year before the assessment in Tian Yu sect, which also means that Xu Ziyan had no idea where Bai Hua was located now. Otherwise, he would have found Bai Hua, remembered firmly how he looked and tried to avoid him the whole of his life…there’s just no other way, anyone would know why if they have read the original text.

After knowing where the energy had gone to, Xu Ziyan felt finally at ease. The Square Guy was like his golden finger, he reckoned that the Square Guy had starved for too long, and it had eaten too much…making it almost stuffed?

(Square Guy: I didn’t eat too much! I’m just evolving normally!)

Xu Ziyan continued walking forward, and Xu Zirong looked at him thoughtfully. After staying with him all the time these few years, he had known a lot of secrets of Xu Ziyan. Xu Ziyan thought that he’d successfully hidden some secrets, but Xu Zirong had discovered them without saying so…

According to his multi-angle observation, he was quite sure that Xu Ziyan had a unique space that could hold small items, and this space should be something similar to “Emptiness-containing Spell”, and it didn’t require to be carried by a physical object, but to be linked with his brother’s body.

After looking at his brother, he thought that something must have happened with that space, only that he wasn’t sure whether it’s a bad or good change…

Gradually, Xu Zirong stopped staring at his brother and continued walking down the staircase quietly. The staircase clinging to the rock wall was not wide and it could only allow one person to pass through. If anything happened here, there was a high chance for them to fall into the abyss.

Just now, Xu Zirong suddenly felt something. After entering this cave, there was a sort of disorder with the aura around them. The disorder of this aura would make them unable to fly with their sword. In other words, once they fell off the abyss, they’d surely be dead.

Fortunately, there were no traps on this staircase. If one looked from high, he could only see a faint white light moving with the two people.

After walking about half an hour, they finally set foot on the bottom of the abyss.

After stepping off the staircase, Xu Ziyan felt that he had landed on something soft, it’s like he’s stepped on a human being.

He was immediately shocked. When he was checking it out with his fluorescent ball, there was only darkness on the ground. He thought that it’s just an ordinary ground without caring too much. He hadn’t expected to have such a weird feeling at all.

“It’s fine, it’s soft moss.” Xu Zirong also felt something under his feet. However, as he’s very familiar with plants, he knew what it was instantly.

“Soft moss?” Xu Ziyan frowned. “If I remember correctly, you tend to find this stuff more often in cemeteries, right?”

“Yes, human being’s nutrients nourish this kind of moss. The more dead people there are and the higher level of his cultivation is, the softer the moss becomes.” Xu Zirong squatted, picked up some soft moss and checked it out carefully.

Xu Ziyan felt a bit uncomfortable after seeing this. Although he’s been in the cultivation world for a long time, and he had seen enough of murders, he still felt nauseous after knowing that this moss was nourished by dead bodies.

“Zirong, don’t touch it. It’s dirty.”Xu Ziyan hurriedly pulled Xu Zirong’s arm. Gosh, how could he touch such filthy stuff?!


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