Chapter 67

Although Bai Hua lost his primordial yang, he did not lose his mind. Doing that kind of thing with his senior brother would be like a kind of exchange. He knew perfectly that since his primordial yang was useful for his master, it must have the same effect on his senior brother. And since he had taken the red fruit away, it meant that he’d done an equivalent exchange with him.

After Bai Hua ate the red fruit, he felt warm all over his body. After a few days’ escape, he finally ended up in a safe place.

As he wasn’t sure what would happen to him after eating the red fruit, the only thing he could do was to find a safe place.

Very soon, he started to feel like his body was being roasted. The enormous power contained in the red fruit kept running through his body.

His pathetically small elixir kept contracting and expanding, it seemed that it wanted to get away.

“Hmm…” Bai Hua couldn’t help but moan in pain.

He had no idea that the red fruit was this powerful.

After cultivating three layers of Qi, eating the red fruit was just like looking for his death. If everything went as expected, it meant that the energy of the red fruit would soon break through his elixir and made him explode.

Bai Hua’s facial expression became extremely distorted, the blue tendons on his forehead also protruded one by one, his skin became red and hot, and the blood vessels under his skin kept jumping, like a little swimming snake.

“Am I…going to die?” Bai Hua’s forehead was covered with sweat. His eyes were half-opened and he was looking at the sky through the tree hole.

It’s just so unfair! He had the spiritual roots, didn’t he? He’s supposed be an immortal, right? How come he had to die in this place?

God is so unfair to him!

He didn’t want to die! At all!

In order to survive, he was willing to give everything! He wanted to live well, he wanted to become a superior of all. Never did he want to die in this rotten tree hole! His dead body would be eaten by beasts!

Just as Bai Hua was madly looking for a slim chance to live, there was suddenly a dazzling light burst out of the dragon-shaped jade hung around his neck.

That light instantly covered his whole body, and in a short while, his explosive feeling in his body was suppressed.

Under the light of the jade, his entire body’s spiritual power was compressed back to his elixir, forming a massive golden mist. The jade’s light did not completely confine the aura of the mist, but it had created a little exit, letting this aura flow away little by little.

Without the swarming aura, the elixir of Bai Hua got to relax a bit. Because of what had just happened, his elixir apparently got a few times larger. And after being further nourished by the aura, he smoothly entered the fourth level of his Qi cultivation.

Under the protection of the jade’s light, the golden mist could only be slowly released, and absorbed by the elixir of Bai Hua. This was very pure spiritual power without any impurities. Not only did it nourish his elixir, but it also made him successfully reach a breakthrough.

The fifth and sixth layers of Qi cultivation…

While Bai Hua was in a coma, his cultivation was working under the influence of the red fruit, he successfully reached the greatest fulfillment of Qi cultivation.

At this time, even if there were no more effects of the jade, Bai Hua would not be hurt by half of the aura mist that’s left. However, if he couldn’t absorb that aura mist, it would only be released slowly from his body and turned to waste.

At this moment, Bai Hua moaned for a second and woke up from his coma.

After waking up, he checked his elixir immediately. He had thought that he’d surely be dead, and he didn’t expect that the jade would have such amazing effects.

He found out that the light of jade was weakening, and there’s still half of the aura left. Bai Hua wanted to finish what he was doing. He started building base. He would rather fight until the end instead of letting the aura go to waste.

Maybe it was his determination, or maybe it was some kind of effect. Bai Hua’s base building was incredibly smooth.

He looked at his pale, almost transparent palm, and he couldn’t describe how thrilled he felt.

He took out a mirror, showing an unbelievably handsome face.

After building base, he wasn’t sure whether it’s the effect of the dragon-shaped jade or the red fruit, but there were suddenly tremendous changes on his appearance.

He no longer had that kind of innocent look. At the first glance, he’s an elegant, gentle young man.

However, there’s now a special charm in his eyes. When his gaze was fixed on somebody now, that person might have an illusion that he’s “deeply infatuated”.

Bai Hua was overly thrilled. He looked at himself in the mirror for a long time. Aside from the changed appearance, which was a big surprise, he was also very excited that he’d finally completed the foundation stage.

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