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I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Chapter 63

Xu Ziyan said it casually, but he didn’t think much about it, so he went to prepare dinner. Now the master comes to the two of them every day, and he is always choosy. He doesn’t like to eat repeated things. Fortunately, the preparation of materials can be completely handed over to Luo Dajiao, otherwise, Xu Ziyan is worried about finding so many suitable materials.

“Xia Houlian……” Xu Zirong’s eyes became red and repeated the name in his mouth.

Of course, he won’t forget Xia Houlian ! That is a very charming and lovely girl. She is 15 or 16 years old. His elder brother is 15 years old this year. At this age, she can get married.

get married……

Xu Zirong’s eyes became redder. He could not bear to think that Xia Houlian might become his sister-in-law in the future.

Sister in law, nephew……

If Xu Zirong’s brother had these people, he would probably put Xu Zirong aside. In other words, once a man has his own family, how can he pay attention to a brother who has no blood relationship.

The red in his eyes became more and thicker, and Xu Zirong’s breath began to rise suddenly and sharply. The grass around him began to dye a little light red, and then the red gradually deepened, like a bloody carpet.

Sister in law? Nephew?

Brother belongs to him. His brother doesn’t need that kind of extra stuff.

Brother, as long as you have met, it’s enough. I can meet all the requirements of my brother!

Brother will not and should not be able to like others! He’s mine! It’s mine! No one can take him away!!!

Xu Zirong only felt that everything in front of her eyes was dyed red His nose was full of blood smell, and his mouth was full of sweet and blood smell.

He couldn’t help thinking that if he ate his brother now, wouldn’t someone take him away?

“Zirong, what are you doing out there? Give me a hand! ” Inside the hut, Xu Ziyan shouted.

“Here I am!” Xu Zirong didn’t even realize that the red color in her eyes had disappeared. He just answered with a reflex.

Looking at the dim yellow light in the wooden house, it is not bright but very warm.

Xu Zirong smiled softly. What he had been asking for in his last life was only a warm feeling. He had a hard time in this life. How could he tolerate that feeling being taken away by others?

“It’s amazing.” He laughed at himself. Xu Zirong adjusted his expression on his face and walked towards the kitchen easily. Just a moment ago, he suddenly remembered that Xu Ziyan loved Bai Hua in his last life — Bai Hua is a man.

He doesn’t know if his brother likes men now, but it doesn’t matter. Even if his brother doesn’t like it, he will make him like it.

Um… No, correct it. Whether my brother likes men or not, he should like me.

When he was imprisoned in the magic lamp, he recalled the disgusting and obscene pictures he enjoyed. He suddenly felt that if he took out the two redundant people and replaced himself and his brother, he would not feel disgusted at all, but would feel very harmonious.

Yes, that’s it. If my brother needs a lover, I can take responsibility.

Xu Zirong secretly decided in his heart. At this moment, the pain of being burned soul in his last life seems less intense. He sighed in his heart. Although those four scum people were not afraid to perform all kinds of restricted scenes in front of his spirit at that time, he didn’t watch most of the time because of his disgust. Now he regrets it. At least he should learn how to make his brother happy

Thinking of this, Xu Zirong looks down at his lower body silently – well, what he thinks now is too far At least for the moment, he should improve his strength as soon as possible, to ensure that he can solve it with the fastest speed when other people or his brother have such thoughts.

After Xu Zirong entered the kitchen, a shadow flashed out from the place where he had just stood.

Luo Dajiao’s clothes are still untidy, but his face is cold as ice. He bends down and picks up a yellow grass with light red color from the ground.

The essence of the grass seems to be dried up by this blood color, and with the loss of the support of the master’s spiritual power, the color of the blood is gradually fading away.

The brow of Luo Dazu’s sword is tightly wrinkled. With a little finger strength, the grass turns into flying ash.

He gazed deeply at the little wooden house with dim yellow light. The look on his face changed into a daze……

That night, Xu Ziyan received a letter from Luo Dazu telling them that he had something to do today and could not go to dinner.

Xu Ziyan didn’t think much. He just halved the amount of food he had planned. After the two brothers had enough to eat, they went into their quiet rooms and began to practice.

The so-called practice has no time. Although the life span of a monk has been extended, it also takes a lot of time to practice to improve his cultivation.

Now it takes Xu Ziyan about three days to practice every time. If he wants to shut down, it will take at least half a month.

A few short months passed in a flash, and soon it was the day when the secret place of Qingling was opened.

After receiving the letter sent by the sect, the Xu brothers came out from the closed quiet room.

In the month before the secret place is opened, the green spirit seal will react, and this time is the best time to integrate the green spirit seal.

Xu Ziyan’s green spirit seal is a blue fruit. After he took it, he found that it contains amazing thunder spirit power.

This fruit melts when it is put into the mouth. The energy in it burst out and rushed into his Dantian with a momentum of unstoppable momentum.

It’s a pity that although this power is strong, it’s not as powerful as it in green sky god who occupied his Dantian

As soon as the spiritual power entered the red field, the ray of green sky thunder rushed over like a shark smelling of blood. The blue-ray light covered the large force of thunder system and swallowed it up in three or two times.

After being devoured by Qingxiao shenlei, spiritual power suddenly becomes submissive. Like the spiritual power cultivated by Xu Ziyan himself, it is honestly integrated into his body.

Xu Ziyan’s face is expressionless. Since the foundation was built, he has found the uniqueness of his Dantian. After such a long time of trying, he has understood.

The Dantian assimilated by Qingxiao shenlei can contain any attribute of spiritual power. As long as the spiritual power does not exceed the sum of the spiritual power in his Dantian, with the help of Qingxiao shenlei, he can completely swallow this power and turn it into his use.

This is a complete surprise for him because it means that when he takes the elixir in the future, he can absorb almost all the spiritual power without any residue.

Generally speaking, a monk can only absorb 70% of the inner power when taking the elixir, which is the level that can be achieved only when he starts to practice immediately after taking the elixir. If he supplements the elixir in the battle, half of the effective power can be absorbed is good enough.

But Xu Ziyan’s curiosity is that Dantian can completely swallow the effect of elixir, and without his active control, Qingxiao shenlei will spontaneously complete this task.

With the help of Qingxiao shenlei, the process of integrating the green spirit seal was easy and inconceivable. Xu Ziyan finished it in almost two hours.

Xu Zirong’s green spirit seal is a red grass, and it only took him a short time to complete the integration.

After receiving the information from the sect, the two brothers rushed to the gathering place. The martial uncle in the golden age was responsible for leading them to the Qingling secret place. Because every year, the place where the Qingling secret place was opened is different, and only those who have integrated the Qingling seal will feel it.

No one can guarantee that the entrance of Qingling’s secret place will be hidden in a dangerous place or not. Therefore, in addition to those friars who have obtained Qingling seal by chance and successfully integrated, other friars of different schools will be led by some experts to ensure the safety of these people.

The candidates who can be sent to Qingling secret place are all elites of all sects. If they die of bad luck in Qingling’s secret place, it can only be said that their lives are bad. But if they die on the road, the leaders of these sects must be distressed.

“Well, there are many acquaintances.” Looking from afar, there are more than ten monks in Qingyi standing in the square. Xu Ziyan sees many familiar figures among them.

In addition to the green spirit seal that Wei Qing got from the examination of inner disciples, Le Hu and Xia Houlian also appeared in the team。

He did not know most of the others, but there was also an acquaintance who was also not an acquaintance.

“Senior fellow apprentice Qilian, how are you doing?” When Xu Ziyan saw Qilian Hongyun, he greeted him with a smile.

“How could it be you!” Qilian Hongyun was surprised, but on second thought, it seems normal to get a green spirit seal with the strength of this boy.

“Don’t you want to see me very much, senior fellow apprentice?” Surprised, Xu Ziyan said, he really can’t remember offending this Qilian senior fellow apprentice. How could the other side have such an expression?

“No…” Qilian Hongyun makes a hard smile. What do you want him to say? Say your brothers are his enemies? The elder brother hurt him to be punished in the training hall for one year, while the younger brother easily defeated him who suppressed cultivation, and hung him in front of other martial brothers and lost his face?

Qilian Hongyun understands that these two are his enemies! As long as he meets them, it’s not good!

Xu Ziyan has a good impression on this Qilian senior fellow apprentice, but he hasn’t seen him for a year before. At first, he thought that he was going out to do a task. Later, he found out that he spent the whole year in the training hall.

Xu Ziyan cheers for the Qilian senior fellow apprentice in his heart. He wants to die after spending half a year in a place like the practice hall to steal Qingxiao shenlei. It’s admirable that this senior brother can stay for a whole year.

“Qilian, what are you doing?” A gorgeous young girl came slowly. When she saw the Xu brothers, her eyes flashed, as if there was a flash of anger.

“Ah, Xueya, are you looking for me? Just in time, I’m looking for you too. Let’s go there and talk. ” Qilian then hurriedly pulled Xueya to leave, leaving a natural and unrestrained back to the Xu brothers.


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