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I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Chapter 63


Looking at the place he lives in the ruins, Xu Ziyan does not know whether to cry or to laugh.

Well, well, he admitted that he was wrong about it. At first, it was because he was injured, unable to move, unable to repair it. Later, he was split by thunder every day and was helped back by Xu Zirong every few days, which made him even less energetic. It was not easy to steal Shenlei. They went to Kirin tower immediately. It seems that it is not easy for this shabby hut to last so long.

(Shabby hut says: “I want to cry. Someone finally understood my perseverance.”)

Lei’s magic can’t help at this time. Xu Ziyan doesn’t want Xu Zirong to do it. Although his wood magic can help him a lot, he thinks Zirong has been working hard for more than half a year, and it’s his brother who should take responsibility.

He took out all the things that could be used in the hut and stacked them aside. He began to sketch the design of the house on the ground.

 This is where he and Xu Zirong will stay for a long time in the future. Since it’s their place, the more comfortable it is, the better.

 He daubed it on the ground for a long time, and then he designed a more satisfactory plan.

With the plan, naturally, the next thing is to work.

Fortunately, the physical strength of the friars is much better than that of ordinary people, and the strength of the friars in the foundation period is even more amazing.

It took only one afternoon for the two brothers to work together and get all the work done. Originally, Xu Ziyan didn’t want Xu Zirong to do it, but Xu Zirong wants to help. It seems like he is saying: I wanted to help my brother. And suddenly Xu Ziyan couldn’t say no.

Later on, Xu Ziyan thought that working together is also a good expression of feelings. Why bother to do it himself and let his brother rest. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

 After the wooden house was built, Xu Zirong was responsible for cleaning the room, while Xu Ziyan went to make a fire to cook. He didn’t eat fresh food for a whole month. Even after taking Bi Guandan, he always felt empty.

 Xu Ziyan didn’t do anything complicated because he had been working all afternoon. He just kneaded some noodles, cut them into noodles, and then fried a basin of secret sauce brine. Then the two brothers were in the newly completed kitchen, eating with a bowl of noodles.

Originally, Xu Zirong didn’t pay much attention to his appetite, but maybe it was because he had been with Xu Ziyan for a long time, and now he also became fond of eating (only what his brother did).

“Uh… Good smell! You two sinners! You don’t even call me when you eat! ” Just when the two brothers wiped out nearly half of the basin of noodles, Luo Dajiao’s angry roar suddenly came from the outside of the wooden house.

Two people’s movement slightly a meal, then made two completely different movements.

Xu Ziyan naturally stands up to get an empty bowl, while Xu Zirong immediately scoops up another tablespoon of noodles in the basin.

“Xu Zirong, there are many noodles.” Xu Ziyan does not know whether to cry or to laugh. He wondered what happened to the master and Xu Zirong? Is there a natural conflict between the two? The very sensible Zirong will also be very childish when facing the master.

“Sinner!” Luo Dajiao just kicked the door and came in. He saw Xu Zirong’s action gas and raised his eyebrows.

Xu Zirong glanced up at Luo Dajiao, with the pride of the winner in his eyes. It was obvious that he knew that between himself and Luo Dajiao, his brother would protect himself unconditionally.

Luo Dajiao also understood the meaning of Xu Zirong’s eyes, and immediately he was depressed. He wants to beat this guy! But isn’t it a little too humiliating for a monk to bully a child?

 “Master, please use it.” It seems that he is aware of the bad in Luo’s eyes. Xu peacemaker Ziyan immediately scoops up a bowl of noodles and puts them respectfully in front of Luo Dajiao.

Luo Dajiao takes a look at Xu Ziyan, which means: for your sake, I’ll spare this kid once as a teacher.

Xu Ziyan had to smile apologetically, sandwiched between his brother and his master. It was embarrassing

If the speed of Luo Dazu’s eating becomes the second, no one dares to call it the first. A bowl of noodles almost disappears in a blink of an eye.

Looking at the empty man in front of him, Xu Ziyan quietly scooped up another bowl of noodles. Looking at the nearly empty basin, Xu Ziyan consciously kneaded again.

When the three were full, Luo left with a satisfying pat on his stomach.

Looking at his back, Xu Ziyan couldn’t understand it. What does a master want to do?

Xu Zirong stares at Luo Dajiao’s figure. This guy just comes to cheat him to eat and drink.

Soon, Xu Ziyan began his busy life again.

He practiced hidden thunder and nine changes of Zixiao. When he was free, he went to the peaks in the door and strolled around. He also met Wei Qing, who had not seen him for a long time.

To everyone’s surprise, Wei Qing did not worship under the gate of Wei Ying. Instead, he was abducted by Zhou Xueting, the acting master of Shu Yunfeng. And Wei Ying didn’t have empty hands either. He seemed to take a fancy to the Lehu sent by Jixi. Several other people are also under the name of different elders. Yu Hao’s master is a Jindan monk with a low reputation and a low sense of existence.

Although they were all competitors at the time of assessment, they are all brothers of the same sect now, so they naturally need to communicate with each other.

Xu Ziyan’s character is very forthright, and he is not bad with most people. It’s not clear what will happen at the critical moment of life and death, but on the surface, everyone is in harmony.

Of course, Xu Ziyan is not the best Lingshi after all. It is impossible to win the favor of all people, so naturally, some people can’t see him anyway.

“Bah! What a thing! ” A tall and thin boy spat hard at Xu Ziyan’s back.

Turning his head, he said to Hu Tianyu in a flattering tone, “elder martial brother Hu, what kind of person does this guy think he is? With his background, he doesn’t deserve to lift your shoes! I think this kid wants to hold your thigh. ”

Hu Tianyu didn’t speak. His identity background and his talent gave him the ability to be arrogant, but he was arrogant rather than stupid. How could this kind of low-level provocation be invisible?

This man is the son of Hu’s cousin’s family. Sanlinggen’s qualification can only be said to be very general. As the inner disciple of the Liuguang sect, he was only accepted as a registered disciple by an elder. This is also the same as the inner disciple. The gap between the registered disciple and the real disciple is very different.

It’s hard to say. The registered disciple is that the elder doesn’t think highly of you, but he will give you some advice after earning your name. If you develop well in the future, you may be promoted to a true disciple, but if you do not develop well, you can only be a registered disciple for a lifetime.

These people can only live better in Liu Guangzong under the protection of Hu Tianyu. If Xu Ziyan has the intention to rely on himself, his strength can only be squeezed to one side.

In the world of cultivation, even if you want to be a henchman, you must have some strength!

Hu Tianyu didn’t speak. The tall and thin boy thought that Hu had listened to him. At the same time, he continued to speculate about the purpose of Xu Ziyan’s trip with the greatest malice.

For example, tuft-hunt, cottoning up, even the unreliable speculation of trying to break into the Hu family and dig the Hu family’s secrets have been revealed. Looking at his mouth foam flying nonsense, Hu Tianyu felt quite a bit helpless.

His mother warned him again and again before he came to Liu Guangzong that he must run his power, otherwise he could not be recognized by other elders only by his identity as the head son.

Before, when his father inherited the position of the head of the family, he also experienced a bloody test. If he did not have enough strength, let alone the head of the family, it is not easy for him to live.

With a silent sigh in his heart, Hu Tianyu turns around and leaves. There are too many things to worry about. He’d better practice


“Senior brother Xu!” On the way back to Tianluo’s peak, Xu Ziyan suddenly heard a girl’s surprised voice.

Xu Ziyan drew his face, then turned his head with a smile: “junior sister Xia Hou.”

“Haha, congratulations on building the foundation, elder martial brother.” Xia Houlian said with a smile.

Xu Ziyan hurriedly thanked him and said a few polite words by the way. He always has a kind of inexplicable fear towards junior sister Xia Hou. This fear is not that she will endanger his life but from a strange intuition. It seems as if she’s going to cause him a lot of trouble, but he can’t ignore people for this reason – it’s too impolite.

The two chatted casually, and Xu Ziyan left in a hurry. He didn’t know why he had this intuition. Anyway, he thought it would be bad to be with this younger martial sister for a long time.

“Brother, are you back?” Xu Zirong runs out and pours into his arms.

“Well, are you tired today?” Xu Ziyan touched his head.

Since he found that Xu Zirong’s hair is smoother than silk, his habit of touching Xu Zirong’s head has begun to develop towards a state of insanity.

He will touch Xu Zirong’s hair when he is idle and bored. In a word, if Xu Zirong’s hair is not of excellent quality, he may become bald

“I’m not tired.” Xu Zirong smiled, he buried his face in his brother’s chest, took a deep breath!!!

How can brother have light orchid fragrance??!!!

His eyes turned red, and then he raised his head back to normal. He asked casually, “brother, how can you smell of flowers? Does elder brother like to use incense again? ”

“Fragrance?” Xu Ziyan looks at Xu Zirong doubtfully and sniffs his sleeve. Strangely, it doesn’t smell very much

Although he didn’t smell any fragrance, since Xu Zirong said that there must be, he thought about it and didn’t think of going through the place like the flowers. The only chance that he could get this smell was naturally his chance encounter with Xia Houlian.


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