Wu Chen felt helpless, had to come out to ease the atmosphere: “well, my junior fellow apprentice, the blue is just worried about him.”

“Huh.” Lord Luo Yun didn’t say anything, but he did not know what had happened. Whenever the blue one saw this scene, he felt very uncomfortable.

What does he hate the most is that ‘at the age of three you can see what it’s like to be old’. That’s bullshit. If you can see it, why do you need an education? Anyway, at the age of three, you can tell if this kid is going to be a good guy or a bad guy, so kill them early. Why bother to lead them to good?

Hou Qingyi is not a human, after all, do not understand the feelings between people, if you say

Xu Zirong is a killing knife, so Xu Ziyan is his strongest scabbard, as long as he does not let him go a day, Xu Zirong must be suppressed honestly, and he is willing.

Wu Chen feels helpless for his junior fellow apprentice’s unconditional protection, but he does not agree with the Qingyi’s plan to kill the danger ahead of time.

As far as the present situation is concerned, he also agrees with his junior fellow apprentice’s statement that they have a big door, and it is impossible for them to give a child a hard time just because of such a trivial matter.

In any case, as long as Xu Zirong did not betray the Liu Guangzong, so Liu Guangzong will certainly protect him, this is their responsibility as teachers, will not change for any reason.

The discussion about Xu Zirong is over, the word of the Wu Chen is a thorough determination of this matter.

Luo Yun was very satisfied. His face was expressionless. However, as a tool, he did not have too many ideas, he just put forward opinions, whether to accept or not is Wu Chen’s consideration.

“What do you think of Xu Ziyan?” Result in the topic of Xu Zirong, Wu Chen could not help but mention Xu Ziyan.

The two brothers of the Xu family were really beyond his expectations. When they were in the foundation of the kirin pagoda, their movement was so loud that they directly disturbed him who was at the top of the pagoda.

“Cheep, the disciple I can see, of course, is the celestial wizard.” Luo Yun did not know the meaning of politeness, said triumphantly.

The blue gave a little thought: “pure but not lack cunning, in terms of the enemy a little naive, but is a material to be made.”

Luo Yun listened to the evaluation of the blue, couldn’t help but slightly raise the corners of his mouth, although this silly disciple in the face of his brother, will be a straight line of decline in IQ, but in the eyes of others, or quite good.

Wu Chen smoothed his beard and nodded. “yes, It is worth that I gave them two green spirit seals.”

“Cheep, my senior male fellow apprentice is stingy, why only give two, why not give four, what if they failed the first time?” Luo Yun could not help but whisper.

Wu Chen laughed in anger with him. He gouged out his eyes ruthlessly. “do you think this green spirit seal is like cabbage? Give as much as you want? If they fail to merge, it can only be that they have no fate with the secret qing ling.”

Luo Yun curled his lips: “the predestined relationship is not dependent on the green spirit print is enough or not if the green spirit print is enough, no chance can become a predestined relationship.”

Wu Chen did not even want to talk to this guy, even in Liu Guangzong that green spirit seal is only a dozen, took out three to reward the novice disciple is already a very high proportion. If a few more were taken out, the elders who could not divide them would come to the door and plead their case for their disciples.

Decisively changed the topic, Wu Chen raised Xu Ziyan when building the foundation of the alien phase ” that Xu Ziyan built the foundation of the success is shot is the sky god thunder? After saying that, Wu Chen looked at Luo Yun.

Luo Yun is also very bachelor: “yes, it is stolen from the training hall. Anyway that god thunder still has so many, do not afraid of stealing such a little. Besides, there are very few monks like Xu Ziyan, who might have this chance to steal a little bit.”

Wu Chen could not help but laugh, only this junior male fellow apprentice can admit stealing so justly.


“Never mind.” Know that he is not as good as the younger brother can say, Wu Chen also does not intend to spend much time on this matter.

Three people discussed for a while on Xu Ziyan’s strange phase then dispersed. After all, Liu Guangzong has a lot of affairs, they are very busy.

As for Xu Ziyan, although he has already had a special appearance worth cultivating when building the foundation, they will not look at him differently at this time.

All depend on time to prove, if Xu Ziyan can successfully bring back any inheritance or magic weapon from the secret environment of the green spirit this time, they will take him as a key disciple to train.

You know, luck is one of the most important factors in the process of practice.

* * *

Xu Zi family brothers have returned to Tian Luofeng, naturally do not know that they have become the talk of the master, they returned to the small hut, then began to rest.

Before, it had been supported by Xu Zirong’s wood magic, but now he hasn’t come back for a month. All the vines that had been generated have withered due to exhaustion of spiritual power, resulting in the collapse of the whole hut…



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