Chapter 140

“Cough cough…I’ve already had a habit of this…” Xu Ziyan withdrew his hand in awkwardness. In fact, he still wanted to touch his tail, but…after looking at Zirong, this ear did not seem to be a phantom, but a real one. He really made his ears look like that.

Let alone the ears, but that tail had become…Xu Ziyan found it hard to say it out loud. If judging from its position, it seemed to be a rather embarrassing position, so…let’s not think about it…

Xu Zirong blinked, his dark eyes gleaming with a strange luster. He deliberately walked to Xu Ziyan’s side and swept his arm with his tail.

Xu Ziyan only felt that the fluffy touch seemed to sweep his heart, and it was a little itchy.

“So…does my brother like this?” Xu Zirong muttered to himself thoughtfully. In order to possess his brother, he had collected many erotic albums, and some special albums mentioned that some people like to double cultivate after dressing up, so does it mean that his brother’s into that as well?

“Brother…then when we do dual cultivation in the future, I’ll become like this, do you think it’s a good idea?” Xu Zirong looked at his brother with a smile.

Then: =口=

Cough…okay. Since he has agreed to Xu Zirong to be a couple, he was naturally prepared for double cultivation. As an ordinary man, he was actually interested in different styles…and…since Zirong became so cute after dressing up, he’d better not reject him…

The two brothers reached a tacit understanding about this, and Xu Ziyan started to look forward to their next dual cultivation.

Xu Zirong was also pleasantly surprised that he had discovered another secret of his brother, and he did not forget to record it in the small notebook, “when I return to the Day Devouring City, I must visit the bookstore in the city! This dual cultivation has been a common interest of demon cultivators all along, and there must be a lot of styles that we can try! I will find something that my brother likes!”

Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui’s level of cultivation was lower than that of Xu Ziyan’s, so they had absorbed the same aura for ten days. When they woke up, both of them broke through the period of Qi condensation, and Jiang Ying even reached the bottleneck of the middle stage of Qi condensation.

With a long sigh of relief, Xu Ziyan was finally relieved. Although the location of this cave was relatively discreet, and there were arrays arranged by Xu Zirong, there were still many cultivators coming and going, if someone found out about the prismatic crystal, they’d be in trouble.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly. Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui had ended this experience, and the five-element prismatic crystal also couldn’t improve their ability any further. Xu Zirong didn’t hesitate to let his brother put the prismatic crystal back into Mr. Little Square.

After it was put back in, Xu Ziyan carefully watched how Little Square reacted.

But Mr. Little Square didn’t seem to have any interest for the prismatic crystal, it just allowed the crystal to release its rich spiritual energy flowing slowly in the space inside, as if it was just placed in an empty room.

Xu Ziyan had nothing to say about its pickiness. So far, the only thing that could make Little Square consume happily would be the strange energy that they had when travelling through space.

Fortunately, although Little Square was as independent as ever, Xu Ziyan was very satisfied to be able to put the prismatic crystal inside. Without this treasure which could attract a lot of attention, they would naturally be much safer when walking outside.

When Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui woke up, it was already in the afternoon, and it took them a few more hours before they returned to the Day Devouring City.

This time, they did not return to inn of the Qilian family. As a poor team, Xu Ziyan led them to find a quieter inn near the city gate.

It only took a middle-level spiritual stone to rent two small courtyards for half a month, which made Xu Ziyan believe that all’s got its price. This simple courtyard was really incomparable to the super luxury-looking guestroom of the Qilian family.

Fortunately, the bed there felt pretty good. After digging for one month non-stop, Xu Ziyan could fall asleep immediately.


“Oh, what are you doing?” Xu Ziyan didn’t open his eyes, letting Xu Zirong pull by his side.

Although a cultivator like him did not need to sleep at all, since sleeping was Xu Ziyan’s hobby, it’s necessary.

It’s just that even if he wanted to sleep, Xu Zirong had to agree, at least Xu Ziyan couldn’t fall asleep even when someone quickly stripped off his clothes.

Xu Ziyan (glaring), “I WANT TO SLEEP!”

Xu Zirong paused for a moment. The next second, a fluffy tail swept across Xu Ziyan’s tummy…

“Brother…” The corners of Xu Zirong’s eyes got a little red, and they looked a bit sultry.

Xu Ziyan covered his face silently. Although he didn’t want to admit it, men are indeed visual animals. Xu Zirong’s exquisite and glamorous face, coupled with two cute ears, looked incredibly cute. Also, the sense of eroticism expressed in his eyes made Xu Ziyan’s heart beat fast and his mouth dry.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong threw himself into his brother’s arms, his two fluffy ears trembling gently on his chest.

The feeling of the soft fluff sweeping across the skin suddenly made Xu Ziyan tremble all over, his reasoning repeatedly reminded him that if the situation continued, he would be eaten again! However, Zirong had gone too far! Xu Ziyan just found him too cute and he didn’t want to resist at all.

“Leave everything to me…” Xu Zirong knew that his brother was more or less resistant to this kind of thing, but he never thought of giving up.

He would never do that kind of pure spiritual double cultivation. If his brother had accepted him long ago, maybe he could persist in this kind of spiritual love, but now he had already experienced the combination of both physical and spiritual love, it would be crazy to persuade him to be “pure” again.

Xu Ziyan closed his eyes silently. When he accepted Xu Zirong, he knew that this kind of thing was inevitable. Fortunately, Xu Zirong seemed to have good skills, at least he didn’t make his *** bleed uncontrollably. Xu Ziyan had to admit that his brother had already controlled him well.

It’s obvious to know that if Xu Zirong failed to please his brother, he’d never be allowed to climb on his bed.

“Brother…” The hoarse whisper disappeared between the lips of the two, Xu Zirong neatly put down the bed net, covering what’s going to happen inside…

In the early morning of the next day, after a whole night of double cultivation, Xu Ziyan looked quite pissed!

With a cold look, he took the lead to Qilian’s auction house. No matter how Xu Zirong acted coyly, it didn’t succeed to make Xu Ziyan look better.

Xu Ziyan was very annoyed, and sure enough, all the cuteness and loveliness were just there for cheating! Xu Zirong was just a pervert in disguise!

As he was unable to reject Zirong’s beauty, he accepted his request when his mind wasn’t clear.

He stared at Xu Zirong with a gloomy expression, who looked innocent and aggrieved.

Xu Ziyan wanted to find a place with no one and spanked Xu Zirong. Right now, he really couldn’t stand Xu Zirong anymore. He wasn’t sure what would happen if they were both in a place with no one…

“Brother… don’t be angry, I won’t do this anymore.” Xu Zirong bit his lower lip and pulled his sleeve apologetically.

Xu Ziyan looked cold and he still didn’t respond. He took big steps forward and didn’t even look at Xu Zirong.

Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui followed behind them and they dared not even breathe. It’s obvious that they would drag themselves intro troubles if they interfered. Ever since the morning, the atmosphere hadn’t seemed right. Fortunately, Fang Tianrui already reminded Jiang Ying, so he didn’t say anything stupid. However, it’s not favorable for the coming actions if this atmosphere continued.

Fang Tianrui gave Jiang Ying a wink secretly. Jiang Ying glanced at Xu Zirong quietly. With just one glance, he knew that he shouldn’t do anything further…

He saw Xu Zirong firmly pulling his brother’s sleeve. There were tears in his eyes. He didn’t speak, but he wouldn’t let go either.

At this time, it was the gentle Jiang Ying who’s acting. He really wanted to dig his eyes out seeing Xu Zirong like that.

He sighed inside his heart, and he really wanted to be replaced by the evil Jiang Ying and let him see what it’s all about. However, after considering how reckless he might act, he stopped this intention.

The gentle Jiang Ying decisively took Fang Tianrui to walk a few steps faster, surpassing the Xu brothers. At this moment, it’d still be better if he pretended not to see anything.

“Let go.” Xu Ziyan said blankly.

“No!” Xu Zirong frowned and bit his lower lip.

Xu Ziyan frowned, looking at how aggrieved Xu Zirong was, he felt depressed.

And you still dare to feel wronged?

Why didn’t you feel so when I told you to stop last night?

Why didn’t you feel so when I told you that it’s enough??

I…when I was like that, why didn’t feel like that?

Why only feel wronged when I’m angry? If you really feel so, then you wouldn’t have…

Thinking of what happened yesterday, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help blushing. Even though he didn’t hold it at the beginning and was stunned by Xu Zirong’s beauty, he still told him to stop.

Unexpectedly, at that time, Xu Zirong was almost like a male horse. He didn’t know what control was. As a cultivator of Qi condensation, he managed to make Xu Ziyan faint, breaking the record of the world of cultivation…

Usually, righteous cultivators weren’t so needy in that aspect, just like Xu Zirong in his past life, he didn’t have a problem without getting any intimacy for decades. Some even looked for someone for dual cultivation just for the sake of having someone with similar spiritual roots. Aside from breaking through a certain level, the two seldom met each other in ordinary days.

After all, the life of a cultivator is long, and whenever they’re in closed-door retreat, it’d be for several years. No couple of dual cultivation really stick with each other except Xu Zirong, who’s incredibly possessive and stubborn.

“Will you let go?” Xu Ziyan was furious.

“No! I’ll never let you go!” There’s a sense of happiness under Zirong’s eyes, but he sounded firm.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

Damn it, he really can’t do anything with this kid! It’s not like he could slap him on the face in front of everybody.

In any case, Zirong was his brother…well…lover, to be precise. He had to protect his dignity as a man.

“Brother…I really know that I was wrong, can you please forgive me?” Seeing Xu Ziyan starting to get softer, Xu Zirong hurriedly wiped his tears and whispered.

“Oh?” Xu Ziyan said calmly, “you know that you’re wrong? Tell me about it.”

“I am wrong of having demanded you without control…” Xu Zirong lowered his head and looked frustrated, “but I…”

Xu Ziyan’s heart moved, “oh? What about you?”

“I don’t know what happened last night…” Xu Zirong said in a low voice, “I clearly wanted to be gentle on my brother, but I suddenly wanted to be brutal, as if I wanted to kill someone…”

“What?” Xu Ziyan was surprised.

“But I know that my brother doesn’t want me to kill for no reason, so I have been enduring it. Later, when I found out that when I was doing it with my brother, my urge to murder inexplicably disappeared, that’s why I…I am so sorry…” Xu Zirong’s shoulders were trembling and it looked like he’s going to cry.

Of course, Xu Ziyan didn’t believe that a cultivator, after rebirth, would cry for these small things. He had already seen Xu Zirong doing it so many times, and he wouldn’t fall for it easily…


The urge of murder sounded quite familiar to Xu Ziyan, he remembered having read about it in the np novel in Little Square.

Although Bai Hua was the protagonist in that novel, there’s quite a large part about Xu Zirong as a villain, and the side effects of cultivating the Blood Sea Heart Sutra was also mentioned.

For overwhelming cultivation like the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, there’s no limit on spiritual roots to cultivate it, anyone who cultivated it could also improve quickly. However, nothing’s perfect.

And the biggest flaw of this Blood Sea Heart Sutra is that the blood that the cultivator absorbs and refines often contains the resentment of the creatures before they die. This resentment is not strong, but the accumulation of it could become extremely horrifying. If there are no treasures of to calm the heart, the cultivator could easily be overwhelmed by this urge of violence and become a monster that only knows about killing.

Because of this reason, anyone who had cultivated it was often called a blood demon. Also, one that only knows about killing would certainly be a threat for both righteous and demon cultivators.

Although Xu Zirong mostly absorbed monsters’ blood in his previous life, and that’s why the urge of murder inside his body hadn’t made him crazy yet, if he continued cultivating like that, the danger would still be there.

When Bai Hua and the others killed Xu Zirong, many demon cultivators just stood by. On one hand, Xu Zirong was really bad at keeping friendship with the others and no one was willing to help him. On the other hand, those people also wanted to get rid of this potential danger.

Now that Xu Zirong had already reached the middle stage of Qi condensation, according to what’s in the novel, it’s really normal that he now started to feel the urge to murder, but…

——How come this urge could be eliminated by xxx???

Xu Ziyan felt very embarrassed. He never knew that sleeping together could even calm Xu Zirong’s heart.

He wiped his face vigorously. From the beginning of his transmigration to this world, his basic values had been challenged every now and then. It already took time to accept a same-sex relationship, now he felt even more annoyed when another element was added – that’s the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

He must have been transmigrated to the wrong realm!

In this world, it’s obvious that same-sex relationships aren’t the mainstream, but why are there homosexual people all around him??

Xu Ziyan felt like kneeling to this malicious world…

After getting rid of all the extra thoughts in his mind, Xu Ziyan said sternly, “has the Blood Sea Heart Sutra started to take its toll on you?”

Xu Zirong didn’t think much, assuming that his brother must have seen it in his original body. He nodded gently.

Xu Ziyan pondered for a while. For such a phenomenon, he didn’t know whether he should be happy or angry. It’s good to find a way to get rid of Xu Zirong’s potential danger, but why did it have to be his private part!!!

He had already sacrificed his private part for so many times!!!

Please have some mercy on me!

After angrily glancing at Xu Zirong, who was still lowering his head, Xu Ziyan patted his head, “ok, no need to pretend anymore. I forgive you.”

“Hmm…my brother is the best.” Xu Zirong still didn’t look up, but threw himself into Xu Ziyan’s arms and nudged.

“Humph.” Xu Ziyan snorted, still feeling a little uncomfortable. Suddenly, he noticed that  something had gone wrong, and he quickly grabbed Xu Zirong’s chin and forced him to raise his head.

“Brother!” Xu Zirong exclaimed and quickly turned away. He didn’t expect Xu Ziyan to suddenly act like this.

But at that moment, Xu Ziyan had clearly seen his bloodshot eyes – they were indeed full of a sense of murder and a kind of paranoia!

Wait a minute, let’s forget about the brutality – why did Xu Ziyan spot this paranoid kind of madness in Zirong’s eyes? ? ?

Xu Ziyan was shocked by what he’d just seen. He made sure that he hadn’t seen it wrongly, that’s a faint instinct in his brain.

Could it be his instinct which was sending him this reminder?

Xu Ziyan wanted to ask stupidly. In fact, he had always trusted his instinct, just like a beast trusting its own intuition, but this time, he felt vaguely that this kind of ‘intuition’ didn’t seem to come from him. Itself, but from another part integrated into his body.

(Mr. Blood Contract is waving a small handkerchief, “dear, it’s me who was reminding you~I have unlocked the seal and started to influence you mentally! However, my level is still not high enough, please upgrade me as soon as you can!”)

“Okay now, what’s there to hide? Your eyes just got red a little, didn’t they? Are you even afraid of me seeing it?” Xu Ziyan sighed in his heart, he knew that this urge of violence came from his ignorance to Xu Zirong just now.

Although he felt that he reason of the backlash of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra was a little ridiculous, there’s no way he could discuss it rationally with the sutra. He could only comfort Xu Zirong as much as possible.

“Brother don’t look…” Xu Zirong closed his eyes tightly, as he didn’t want his brother to look into his bloodshot eyes.

He has also seen in the mirror how he looked like when the backlash was in action. Those pair of bloody eyes were full of violence and madness, anyone who’d seen them would think immediately that he’s a slasher.

He hoped that he would not leave such a disgusting impression in his brother’s mind, so he had never exposed this pair of bloody eyes in front of his brother.

“Okay! Little boy, I already saw everything in my previous world before I came here. Those eyes are nothing for me!” Xu Ziyan patted on Zirong’s head again, and pulled him to a dark alley.

“Open your eyes and let me see if you still can be saved!” Xu Ziyan seemed to be joking.

Xu Zirong felt uneasy, hoping that his brother would accept everything about him, but he’s also worried to notice any disgust in his brother’s eyes.

He hesitated for a while, and finally the trust in his brother overrode everything else. He slowly opened his eyes and stared at Xu Ziyan nervously.

To be honest, if Xu Ziyan said that those eyes looked attractive, he’d definitely be lying. However, he didn’t find them exceptionally horrifying either.

After all, it’s common to have such bloodshot eyes after staying up for one night as well, but those of Zirong looked like he’d stayed up for one week…

Okay, Xu Ziyan wouldn’t mind!

Although Xu Ziyan wouldn’t praise those red eyes, he didn’t show any disgusting look either.

He looked very calm, it’s just like a scrutiny gaze, carefully observing those eyes, which immediately calm Xu Zirong down. Then, the blood in the eyes disappeared like snow in the spring.

Xu Ziyan was dumbfounded. He remembered that it was mentioned in the novel that once the backlash of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra appeared, it would not disappear without venting. So, how come Xu Zirong’s eyes just returned to normal without any intervention?

“What’s wrong with brother?” Xu Zirong noticed the change in Xu Ziyan’s expression and asked.

“The redness in your eyes… is gone.” Xu Ziyan said.


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