Chapter 139

The later stage of Qi condensation is also called the half-step Golden Core. At the moment of breaking through the later stage of Qi condensation, one can feel the mystery of the golden core period. Through this kind of insight, the cultivators who break through the Golden Core stage can also increase their success rate, but according to the different perceptions, the chances that each person can evolve are different.

“Perhaps we can also let Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui use it.” Xu Ziyan said suddenly.

“Okay.” Xu Zirong smiled softly and agreed.

Through all the difficulties these days, Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui have basically obtained the approval of the Xu brothers. Although the five-element prismatic crystal was precious, it would be more cost-effective to win over the hearts of reliable subordinates. Moreover, with Xu Zirong’s character, since he had made a blood contract on his brother, how could he not leave some backup on Jiang Ying as well?

It’s just that as long as the thing that he placed was not stimulated, it would not cause any damage to Jiang Ying, so he didn’t have to worry about it being noticed.

The Xu brothers took away the prismatic crystal, then worked hard to dig the various associated ores embedded in the walls of the surrounding tunnels. The prices of these associated mines varied, and there was a large quantity. It took the two nearly three days to dig out all the associated ores.

Seeing almost full of a bag of rare ores of various attributes, Xu Ziyan had a wide smile on his face.

This is about getting rich overnight.

Even without the five-element prismatic crystal, if they sold these associated ores, they would get enough spiritual stones to cultivate until they reached the level of nascent soul. And it’d be the same for all four of them!

Of course, this was only the best situation. After all, one might not break through his bottleneck even with spiritual stones. Also, one couldn’t absorb spiritual stones limitlessly, or he might leave irreversible damages to the meridians.

After filling his bag with the ores, Xu Ziyan climbed up from the underground tunnel full of happiness.

There was no news of the Xu brothers for three days. Although they had reminded Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui before, they were still worried.

“Huh?” As soon as he exited the entrance of the cave, there was a wave of spiritual power not far away.

Xu Ziyan’s joy disappeared suddenly. All his good mood was destroyed.

“I’ll take a look.” After he said so, he ran towards the entrance of the mine tunnel.

With the wave of spiritual power, Xu Zirong inferred that the cultivation level of people fighting over there would be similar to that of Jiang Ying, and he didn’t rush to make a move. Instead, he condensed two blood monsters and used soil to cover the cave that they’d dug.

The two of them basically dug up all the associated ores below, and even if there were some remaining, it was impossible that there would be another prismatic crystal.

If Xu Zirong wanted to sell this five-element prismatic crystal, he would definitely want everyone in the Day Devouring city to know. However, since he wanted to leave it for his brother. The less people who knew, the better.

When the two blood monsters covered the entrance, Xu Ziyan also resolved the dispute there and returned to the mine tunnel with Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui.

The conflict just now was about three bored cultivators who thought that Jiang Ying was a female cultivator running off with Fang Tianrui, and they started teasing him.

But Jiang Ying was not the kind of person who would tolerate without limits. He would never tolerate anyone to take him as a woman, except Fang Tianrui!

The two sides fought with each other, and the three cultivators all vented their anger on Fang Tianrui.

Jiang Ying was frantic, but he was entangled by a cultivator whose cultivation level was equivalent to his, and he couldn’t get rid of this cultivator at all.

Fang Tianrui was beaten up furiously. If he wasn’t trained well in the Fire Demon Realm, he wouldn’t have resisted well. Fortunately, Xu Ziyan showed up at the right time.

He just released a little bit of pressure from the later stage of Qi condensation, and he already successfully made those three cultivators retreat. One of them was even stabbed on the back by Jiang Ying with a sword. He seemed to be seriously injured.

Xu Ziyan didn’t kill them all, as they were about to leave anyway, even if those people took revenge with the others later, they could never find their traces again.

“Is it resolved?” Xu Zirong asked casually.

“Yeah.” Xu Ziyan nodded, “is it done over here?”

“Almost, anyway, even if someone finds here, they cannot find us.” Xu Zirong said.

“Hey…in just one month you have both broken through your original level…were you hiding underneath for dual cultivation?” Jiang Ying looked at Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong with horror.

The aura when Xu Ziyan appeared just now scared him. He didn’t expect Xu Zirong to break through again in such a short time as well.

He knew that Xu Zirong’s last breakthrough was because he had had Xu Ziyan, and both of them had not lost their primordial yang, so there was an amazing effect from the first dual cultivation.

But now it’s only a month since their last breakthrough, even if they did dual cultivation day and night, they shouldn’t be able to reach this level, right?

And Jiang Ying was responsible for the purchase before, so he knew exactly how many spiritual stones and pills they had in their pockets! Even ignoring the influence of the massive absorption of spiritual stones on the meridians and the unlimited swallowing of the poison accumulated by the pill, it was still impossible for the two to break through in such a short period of time.

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Xu Ziyan’s blushed, and he shouted angrily.

Although they had expected that Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui must have known what Zirong did to him in those three days, when such a fact was announced so loudly, Xu Ziyan got incredibly shameful.

“Haha, just kidding.” Jiang Ying caught a glimpse of Xu Zirong’s smile, his back got cold and he quickly tried to remedy.

Fang Tianrui pulled his sleeves quietly, indicating that he’d better shut up.

Xu Ziyan, who got embarrassed the most easily among them, blushed really hard by Jiang Ying’s unintentional teasing. Although Xu Zirong really liked seeing his brother like that, he still felt a little unpleased since it was another person who embarrassed his brother.

He glanced at Jiang Ying meaningfully, then wrote a small note on his notebook…

“Let’s go.” Xu Ziyan whispered.

The five-element prismatic crystal couldn’t be placed in the Qiankun bag, and to bring this thing so openly in the market would be like asking for death. The four of them quickly left the mineral veins of Qilian family. Fortunately, it wasn’t a complicated vein, and Xu Zirong got a large amount of blood lice to explore the path, which enabled them to leave safely without getting any cultivators’ attention.

The most amazing thing was that Jiang Ying exploded a middle-level spiritual stone near the entrance of the mineral vein, and the huge amount of aura came out from the entrance, attracting the attention of the 3 guards watching the entrance.

“Bastard! We have nothing to do with you! It’s only a small piece of fire spirit, and you’re so shameless to kill with it!” Jiang Ying cursed when he was running away, acting like a partner who got angry from not getting his share.

When the three cultivators saw this, they immediately looked at each other and flew to their original position. Such things occurred from time to time in the veins. Let alone a fire spirit, they had also seen people killing each other for a middle-level spiritual stone, and it’s nothing new for them.

When Xu Ziyan and the others came out of the mine tunnel, looking agitated, their bodies were covered with fragments of spiritual stones, and the surrounding spiritual energy was also extremely chaotic, it looked as if they had suffered from great losses.

Jiang Ying fled quickly, and when he left, he did not forget to register with a cultivator from Qilian’s family. As the master of the Day Devouring City, no one could afford offending the cultivators of Qilian family. It would be looking for one’s death.

Although Xu Ziyan and the others were also annoyed, they obviously did not dare to offend the cultivators of the Qilian family either. They obediently registered and confirmed that they hadn’t spent more than one month for mining. And they were then allowed to leave.

Jiang Ying was one step ahead of Xu Ziyan and the others, and after registration, they immediately fled.

By the end of Xu Ziyan’s registration, they could no longer find him.

However, Xu Ziyan and the others didn’t seem to want to let him go. After the three discussed a bit, they chased after Jiang Ying, and they were determined to hunt him down.

The three cultivators watched coldly, as they had no intention to intervene. Some time was already delayed during the registration, and if that gorgeous cultivator couldn’t escape, it just means that he’s unlucky.

The three cultivators had no idea that the four people, who’d made them betray each other, had already settled down near a cave not far from the wasted mineral veins.

A burst of spiritual stones could certainly conceal the aura of the five-element prismatic crystal in a short time, but bringing it to the market would be just like looking for troubles.

Xu Zirong had already made up his mind to feed the five-element prismatic crystal to Mr. Little Square. However, his brother wanted Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui to try the prismatic crystal too, that’s why he didn’t shove it into Little Square directly.

After finding a corner with no one and placing a few arrays, Xu Ziyan took out the prismatic crystal and told them everything, which really moved Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui.

After all, Jiang Ying was just Xu Zirong’s attendant, and Fang Tianrui really had nothing to do with them. It was normal if Xu Ziyan didn’t want to tell them about the prismatic crystal, yet he was even willing to share it with them. They were very touched.

As a cultivator, how could he not know that the level of cultivation is the root of everything? In this realm of cultivation, who would hide any treasures favorable for cultivation? Only Xu Ziyan would be so generous to share it.

Regarding this, Fang Tianrui felt even more deeply than Jiang Ying. First of all, he was trained as the head of the family. He was naturally more sensitive to this aspect. Also, the relationship between him and Xu Ziyan was also the most distant, but he still just enjoyed the same treatment as Jiang Ying. He’s really grateful.

Fang Tianrui wasn’t the kind of person who liked to talk about everything. He just took a deep look at Xu Ziyan and stopped talking. He watched with the five-element prismatic crystal for a while before entering the cultivation state.

Unwilling to be left behind, Jiang Ying quickly began to cultivate as well. The aura emitted from the five-element prismatic crystal began to concentrate around the two, and soon formed two circles of aura, surrounding them respectively.

“It was exactly the same when we were cultivating?” Xu Ziyan looked at the two curiously. There was a circle of multicolored auras spinning around. The circle of light floated in mid-air,  and there were exchanges between the two circles of light from time to time.

“No.” Xu Zirong replied decisively.

“Huh? What’s that like then?” Xu Ziyan was startled, could there be a different presentation of the absorption of aura?

Xu Zirong smiled slightly, “our auras were integrated into each other.”

Xu Ziyan saw that the apertures on the two exchanging after a while, but their auras always blended together. What was the reason? Could it be possible that this prismatic crystal knew on whom it’s working with?

Xu Zirong probably knew what his brother was doubting and smiled to him, “that’s because my breath is too strong on my brother, and there is still a blood contract between us. It’s even, the one of the highest level, so it might let the five-element prismatic crystal believe that we are a couple of dual cultivators, and this allowed the two apertures to blend with each other. Not only did it favor our cultivation, but it also made our blood contract closer.”

Xu Ziyan was silent for a moment, he felt amazed that even the prismatic crystal recognized their relationship, it’s like Zirong had already attached a tag on him…

A scene suddenly popped up in his mind: Xu Zirong was glued to himself like a koala, and a label was attached on his back, which says, “owned by Xu Zirong only!”

He held his forehead silently and drove the picture out of his mind, but for some reason, another scene appeared.

In a house compound, Xu Ziyan was living inside, and there’s a door signal which was written, “an vicious dog inside, be careful!”

Then the evil guest didn’t believe it, he kicked open the door and shouted, “let Zirong go!”

Xu Ziyan covered his face deeply and thought, “my God, what are these scenes in my head? How is it possible that they are on my head?”

“Brother?” Xu Zirong looked at him with confusion, wondering why his brother suddenly reacted like this.

“It’s okay.” Xu Ziyan looked away in embarrassment. Although he always felt that Zirong’s character was more than enough to be a vicious dog, he’s still his younger brother, it might not be a good idea to describe him as a dog…

Seeing that Zirong was still confused, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but imagine Zirong having two ears on his head and a wagging tail…

“Puff…” He burst into laughter by this picture.

“Brother, what are you thinking exactly?”

Xu Zirong was not happy anymore. He hugged his brother from behind and tightened his forearm slightly, causing Xu Ziyan to breathe a little harshly.

Feeling that a hard and hot object pressing against him, Xu Ziyan couldn’t laugh anymore. He coughed twice with embarrassment, “can you control yourself?!”

“No!” Xu Zirong refused without hesitation, “I’m not happy anymore. My brother doesn’t let me know what’s so funny.”

“Actually, it’s really nothing. I just had some random thoughts.” Xu Ziyan didn’t know what to do, could this be Xu Zirong being rebellious?

“No matter what my brother thinks, I want to know about it. I want to know everything about my brother…for example, Ziyu that my brother mentioned long time ago, I want to know who he is…”

Xu Ziyan, “…”

Damn it, how could you not have such a good memory? I remember that I haven’t mentioned about Ziyu in front of you for many times, how could you remember him ‘til now?

After being totally honest to Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan had consciously downplayed Xu Ziyu’s existence. It’s not that he had no feelings for his younger brother, but some kind of instinct reminded him that it’s better not to.

In his opinion, he and Ziyu had no chance to meet again in this life, so there’s really no point in confusing Zirong any longer. He knew very well how possessive Zirong was. He once had ignored many things, but once he thought about them again, they all had Zirong’s traces.

For example, when he was in the Xu family, some of the descendants there were accustomed to calling him elder brother at first, but since some time ago, they started calling him master Ziyan instead.

When he thought about it now, he was sure that Zirong must have influenced them. Back then, he used to spank Zirong a lot as Zirong liked to bully the others, and he didn’t expect that it’s for that reason…

Thinking of Zirong’s possessiveness, Xu Zirong felt a headache. He would never expect to have Zirong asked, “who’s Ziyu?”, and he’s unable to answer.

Should be lie to Zirong? Don’t be kidding, the consequences would be worse if he found out.

What about being honest?

Xu Ziyan was actually even more reluctant to be honest, as being honest would mean that Zirong would have the opportunity to make more annoying requests…and on this aspect, Zirong already had a bad record.

Since he agreed to Zirong’s courtship, this kind of thing had already happened so many times.

Now, as long as Zirong was treated badly somewhere, he would definitely go to his brother for comfort. The way of comforting him was very simple, but it annoyed Xu Ziyan to death…

After wiping his face vigorously, Xu Ziyan told Zirong everything about Xu Ziyu.

Xu Zirong’s eyes looked calm, it seemed that he wasn’t furious after knowing that his brother had another younger brother. After seeing so, Xu Ziyan breathed a strong sigh of relief. Zirong’s extent of possessiveness had already developed to the maximum, the only thing Xu Ziyan could do would be to comfort him – even by using his private part.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong gently held his elder brother’s waist, rubbing his face behind his back, “now I’m upset, you have another brother, will you ditch me for him?”

Since he’d turned his back, Xu Ziyan could not see the expressions of Xu Zirong. However, he still replied with determination, “what nonsense are you talking about? Ziyu’s only my brother! And you – you’re my family and lover, how will I leave you for him?”

The arms around his lower abdomen tightened sharply, and Xu Zirong’s voice was a little hoarse, “brother, I’m more in love with you now, what can I do?”

When he almost finished speaking, Xu Ziyan’s cheeks blushed. It was still his first time to be in a romantic relationship in these two lives. Although he didn’t have much experience, he knew that being sweet would make one happy.

Xu Zirong buried himself in Xu Ziyan’s arms, the bloody color in his eyes gradually faded. The boiling blood in his body and the violence rising from the bottom of his heart disappeared instantly after his brother said that he loved him.

No matter what kind of chicken soup for the soul it was, nothing could beat an affectionate sentence from his brother. After suffering from so much in his past life, Xu Zirong finally found someone to depend on.

He felt incredibly pleased, and he fell into his brother’s arms again.

His brother’s shoulders were very broad and his chest were very thick. He had licked every inch of his brother’s skin, especially the two points on his chest…

“Ah!” Xu Zirong cried out in pain, looking up at his brother with an innocent look.

Xu Ziyan was expressionless, raised his legs and pushed his knees against a very restless part of himself.

Xu Zirong lowered his head silently, looking very disappointed.

The blue veins on Xu Ziyan’s forehead became obvious. He bet that Zirong wouldn’t dare to act so recklessly.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong raised his head suddenly, looking straight at his brother with his dark eyes.

Xu Ziyan’s heart moved slightly, the affection in those eyes was too strong, and he looked away in embarrassment.

“You still haven’t told me what you were laughing about.”

Xu Ziyan was incredibly speechless…how could he still remember it?

Xu Zirong held Xu Ziyan’s waist persistently, with a look that said, “I won’t let go if you don’t tell me.”

Xu Ziyan had no other ways, so he had to tell Zirong every stupid scene that he had in his mind, though he skipped the part about the vicious dog. He only said that Zirong would look very cute with a pair of ears on his head and a wagging tail.

Xu Zirong blinked. He looked a bit puzzled. Then he asked again, “is that so?”

Xu Ziyan suddenly saw a new pair of ears moving on Zirong’s head and a fluffy, wagging tail behind him.

“Puff…” Xu Ziyan couldn’t hold back his laughter, and he couldn’t help touching the pair of fluffy ears.

There was a fine layer of soft hair on the ears, which made Xu Ziyan even more willing to touch.

Xu Zirong shivered, he raised his head and looked at his brother innocently.


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