Chapter 130

“Why are you here?” The pink rabbit didn’t speak, but the disgust in this sentence was very obvious.

The snowball sneered and it also used the same style to reply, “none of your business.”

The pink rabbit was furious, the hair on its body stood up, as if it wanted to fight until the end with snowball.

Snowball also showed no signs of weakness. It let out all of momentum in its body and was almost the same level of the pink rabbit.

“Are you showing your original shape? Are you sure that the fight must happen here?” The snowball wasn’t in a hurry at all, it looked very relaxed.

The pink rabbit wasn’t a fool either. The reason why it chose to hide near Xu Zirong was that he always had a sense of bloody and melancholic breath on his body. Perhaps the others couldn’t sense this breath, but it’s very attractive for a monster who liked to kill.

Unfortunately, Xu Zirong’s strength was not high enough to control it. It felt helpless and could only wait for Xu Zirong to grow until he could control it.

With a cold snort, the pink rabbit turned and went into the cave. Since it couldn’t fight it, it might as well try to live with it peacefully. All in all, this monster which was obsessed in eating wasn’t worse than it, and it wasn’t sure whether it could win…

“Hey, be careful, we will take care of each other in the future.” The snowball wigged its tail and yelled.

The pink rabbit glared at him, “foodie! Take care of yourself first! There’s no need for you to worry about me!”

Snowball shrugged. It didn’t expect that after so many years, this monster turned out to have better temper. Previously, it thought that it had to fight before any rational discussion.

Rubbing its chin with its hoof, the gluttonous seemed to be thinking about something. It seemed that it’s not the only one learning a lesson after being trapped for so many years, even the most violent one knew how to distinguish the good and the bad, loneliness is really the best teacher.

The pink rabbit never used its brain. Every time, it’s always the unlucky one to be trapped first…

However, they happened to choose a pair of brothers to be their masters, it’s really a coincidence…

The gluttonous squinted its eyes and recalled the roasted chicken that Xu Ziyan cooked. It suddenly felt that it started drooling uncontrollably.

Forget it. Why think so much anyway? For him, eating’s more important, and he’s not a picky eater!

Early the next morning.

A group of four got on their flying swords and flew to the junction to the south.

Xu Ziyan, who’s still incapable to move, was tightly wrapped on Xu Zirong’s back. This was already the best result after struggling, or Xu Zirong might even want to hug him like a princess!

He was must bigger and taller than Xu Zirong, if he’s hugged like a princess, could anyone stand it?

Fang Tianrui was the unlucky one who had a similar experience. No one knew how Jiang Ying communicated with him after taking him away. When Jiang Ying went out that morning, Fang Tianrui was still in deep sleep.

Logically speaking, a cultivator’s physical strength isn’t so bad, so…was Jiang Ying the gifted one?

Xu Ziyan thought of this stupid question out of boredom, and the kind of tempting look of the other party made him blush.

Although Xu Ziyan had already known that Zirong and Jiang Ying were more than a cultivator and a servant, this somewhat shameful secret still looked too bad in other people’s eyes…it’s so bad that even if Jiang Ying became Xu Zirong’s biggest help in the future, he still wanted to kill Jiang Ying…

The journey to the meeting point was unexpectedly smooth. Not only did they not encounter any monsters, but they didn’t even see the tapir guarding there.

“Maybe it’s going out for food.” Xu Ziyan made an uncertain guess. He hadn’t seen the black tapir from the beginning to end, but it was a good thing that the monster was not there. Without fighting, they wouldn’t alert the other monsters, and if they could get to the meeting point without making a sound, it’s even better for them.

The pink rabbit squatted on Xu Zirong’s shoulder and turned to look at snowball.

Snowball raised its head and showed a smile, and the pink rabbit instantly snorted and turned back.

Snowball secretly sighed, that the pink rabbit was so hard to get along with. It just happened to steal a wing from the pink rabbit a few thousand years ago, how come it still remembered it? However…that wing was really delicious, it’s a pity that it couldn’t find those wings anymore.

The snowball swallowed its saliva and could only think of its delicious taste in its memory.

The pink rabbit suddenly showed a look of disgust when it heard that familiar sucking noise. What a foodie, how dare it start eating right after coming out of the demon realm? It made it feel sick when thinking that this kind of monster was one of its brothers.

(The tapir was shivering in a corner, “hell, how dare you scare me from a distance? And why are you so arrogant? You just want to pass by, right?)

They passed the meeting point without any bad surprises. Xu Ziyan seemed to feel that pulling force in his body again. It felt that when Little Square was passing the nodes in the space, it’d absorbed a lot of energy.

He opened his eyes, the sky was blue and he saw greenery everywhere. The bamboos were moving along with the wind and it’s making some noises. This made him very refreshed.

He took a deep breath and it’s full of fresh smell in his nose.

“Where is this place?” Xu Ziyan asked softly.

Xu Zirong shook his head. The intersection of the Demon Realm and the world was irregular. They were forcibly pulled into the demon realm of flames by the guiding talisman, but it was hard to say whether this intersection was connected to the Xuan Yu Realm.

In this world, there were countless large, medium and small domains, and the Xuan Yu Realm could only be regarded as a relatively remote middle domain. The connection among different domains were mainly maintained by the teleportation array, but it’s very expensive to be teleported. They still couldn’t afford it.

“Find someone and ask where we are first.” Xu Ziyan said.

“Okay.” Xu Zirong responded and walked out of the bamboo forest with his brother on his back.

After just a few steps, Xu Zirong stopped suddenly.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Ziyan asked.

“There is an array.” Xu Zirong replied softly.

Xu Ziyan frowned, “is it our enemy or our friend?”

Xu Zirong shook his head slightly. They were already caught in the array when they came out of the meeting point, but the other party might not take them as a target. It is more likely that the meeting point of the demon realm happened to be connected to a certain cultivator’s nest.

However, judging from the arrangement of the array, this cultivator either had a relatively low cultivation level or he wasn’t familiar with arrays. The purpose of setting this array was to trap people inside, and it could only create limited damages for them.

“Jiang Ying, be careful.” Xu Ziyan said.

Jiang Ying nodded and tightened Fang Tianrui, who was sleeping on his back.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but twitched at the corner of his eyes. Fang Tianrui still hadn’t opened his eyes, so what did Jiang Ying do to him the previous night? How come he could torture Fang Tianrui like that?

“Let’s go.” After watching carefully for a while, he found that there were no significant changes in the array. Xu Zirong thought for a while and led Jiang Ying forward.

This array was a very basic one. For him, it didn’t take much time to break it.

After turning and twisting in all kinds of direction, Xu Ziyan found the actions of Xu Zirong very messy, but they soon got out of the bamboo forest.

“Ho ho, it’s rare for me to have visitors. Friends, if you want, let’s drink a cup of tea?” There’s a low and thick voice. Everyone started searching where that voice came from.

Xu Zirong frowned slightly, then showed a playful smile and said loudly, “then, we’ll come in.” Afterwards, he walked towards that direction.

Jiang Ying was taken aback, his eyes flashed and followed Xu Zirong closely.

Although Xu Ziyan didn’t understand why Zirong accepted an invitation from someone that he didn’t know, he believed that there must be a valid reason.

Fang Tianrui, who was still in a deep sleep, woke up when that person started speaking. He looked around vigilantly and was in a shock when he found that he was being carried. Then, he jumped off without hesitation.

Jiang Ying pouted his lips regretfully, Fang Tianrui was so pissed that he punched Jiang Ying. However, even though they were joking and chatting, they didn’t forget to check out any potential enemies around them.

There was another advantage of cultivating in the demon realm, that is, their level of cautiousness had greatly increased. In the realm, a lot of their enemies were really powerful, and they’d never know if a stone that they were stepping on would suddenly get up and bite them.

After everyone walked a few steps, the scene before them suddenly changed. The bamboo forest seemed to disappear suddenly, leaving only a small green bamboo house.

What’s in front of the bamboo house was a small courtyard. In the small courtyard, there were some flowers, plants and grass. The planters were taking care of them very carefully. Most of the flowers were already blooming, each of them competing, showing their most graceful posture.

One of the dark purple flowers stood in the center of the small courtyard. This flower was gorgeous, and the petals seemed to have a faint light moving back and forth.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw that flower. He had never seen such a beautiful purple flower in his two lifetimes!

There was a weeping willow outside the small courtyard. Judging from its look, it had at least a hundred years old. There was a stone table under the tree and several stone benches around it. An old man with white beard and hair was sitting on one of the stone benches with a smile and beckoned to them.

Xu Zirong also saw the flower for the first time, and the obscurity in his eyes became deeper. His gaze flickered slightly, and he smiled at the old man.

The old man was stunned. What a beauty Xu Zirong was! Now that he smiled next to the beautiful flowers, it couldn’t get any more beautiful!

Seeing Xu Zirong’s smile, Jiang Ying couldn’t help but slow down. He glanced at the old man with some pity, and he thought, “my master is smiling! He is smiling!”

Jiang Ying didn’t know what was wrong with this old man, but it would certainly not be a good thing which could make his master smile so brightly.

The pink rabbit, which had been lying on Xu Zirong’s shoulder, stopped chewing carrots at some point. It started looking around with sharp eyes.

Snowball also cocked his nose and sniffed, then showed a somewhat disgusted expression.

“Ho ho, my few friends, please come here.” The old man with white beard beckoned kindly, and the teapot on the stone table slowly floated, filling the surrounding tea cups with tea.

Xu Ziyan’s eyes flashed, he couldn’t notice this old man’s strength even with his cultivation level, and he started feeling more vigilant.

Xu Zirong seemed to have completely lost his usual caution. He took big steps forward, hugged his brother in his arms and sat on the stone chair.

Xu Ziyan felt embarrassed when being held this way. The old man’s weird gaze also made him even more shy.

Xu Zirong, why didn’t you just put me on the stone chair?

It seems that Xu Zirong had heard what his brother said, and he turned his head and smiled, “brother, since you don’t feel comfortable, it’d be better to have me carry you.”

Xu Ziyan was silent for a while…and thought that he could only accept it!

There’s no other way, he’s a paralyzed patient now!

Now the situation was still unclear, if this old man had bad intensions, it might be safer to be next to Xu Zirong.

“Ho ho, this little friend, and this one is…” The old man brought a cup of tea and asked gently.

“My brother.” Xu Zirong replied quickly.

The old man was taken aback. It seemed that he didn’t expect the two people who behaved so intimately to be—brothers?

He thought that they were…

The old man focused and replied, “this little cultivator seems to be injured. Since I am good at medicine, why don’t you let me run an examination?”

Xu Zirong smiled and said, “there’s no need. My brother is doing fine, and he’ll be moving again after a few days.”

The old man smiled and did not continue the topic. Instead, he started talking with them enthusiastically.

The old man introduced himself as cultivator Wuyuan. According to him, this was a place called the Green Jade Bamboo Sea in the Xuan Yu Realm, and he was a cultivator living in seclusion here. Since it’s a remote location, he hadn’t seen any people in many years.

After knowing that they were still inside the Xuan Yu Realm, Xu Ziyan breathed a sigh of relief. Although they could still return even if they were in another realm, it was still more comforting after returning to a familiar environment.

This old man was knowledgeable, and he could present a lot of things in detail. Especially those rumors about secret realms, although a lot of people might not know if they were true, when Xu Ziyan tried to combine them with his original memory, he was sure that those rumors were real.

After confirming this, Xu Ziyan and the old man chatted more happily. They kept discussing and both felt that they’d known each other too late.

“Ho ho, slow down, slow down. I can’t move faster than you, young people.” After talking for a long while, the old man drank a large sip of tea.

Xu Ziyan suddenly felt thirsty as well. However, he couldn’t move, and he could only indicate Xu Zirong to serve him some tea with his eyes.

Unexpectedly, Xu Zirong was just string at a purple flower and ignored Xu Ziyan’s request.

Xu Ziyan felt a little unhappy. How come he now felt neglected? Little bastard, haven’t you realized that your brother needs something now? How dare you get distracted?

“Ahem, Zirong?”

“Huh? Brother, what’s the matter?”

“I want some water.” Xu Ziyan motioned for the tea on the table with his eyes.

Xu Zirong’s eyes turned slowly and his voice was a little hoarse, “brother wants some…water?”

Xu Ziyan suddenly felt that something was wrong, “no! I suddenly feel that I’m not thirsty anymore!”

“Really? My brother doesn’t need water anymore?” Xu Zirong leaned forward and his kept rubbing his lips near Xu Ziyan’s ears.

“I don’t want to drink anymore!” Xu Ziyan was speechless. He suddenly recalled that this bastard liked to take advantage of him whenever he fed him water.

If there were only two of them, it would be fine. It was not their first kiss anyway, but there were so many people that day! If Xu Ziyan let Zirong feed him water, Zirong might even kiss him, and Xu Ziyan would become totally shameful.

“Well then…” Xu Zirong nodded regretfully, and glanced over the old man casually.

The old man still looked like nothing matters, it’s only that there’s a sense of regret under his eyes.

Xu Zirong sneered in his heart. He did a good job of disguising, which was almost seamless. The old man was unlucky enough to have encountered him. Cultivator Wuyuan? Well, did he really think that he’d reached the level of nascent soul then?

After Xu Zirong’s interruption, Xu Ziyan never told him that he’s thirsty again. After so many years of cooperating with Xu Zirong, even though Xu Ziyan hadn’t noticed anything abnormal of the old man, he didn’t intend to take risks.

Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui also hadn’t drunken a sip of water. From the beginning, Jiang Ying didn’t even look at the old man, he just kept hanging around Fang Tianrui.

Fang Tianrui was also quite hopeless when he saw how Jiang Ying stared at the others, yet the gentle Jiang Ying always had reasons that he couldn’t refute. Also, when it comes to being a shameless person, the evil Jiang Ying would always win…

Every time he argued with the evil Jiang Ying, he would end up being pressed on the bed, that’s why Fang Tianrui had already given up on communicating with the evil Jiang Ying.

“Cultivator Wuyuan, I am not sure what plants you have here. It looks like I have never seen them.” Xu Zirong, who’d been observing the flowers in the yard, asked suddenly.

The old man’s eyes flashed, “you’ve got good eyes, it’s the kind that you only see once a hundred years. If you are interested, do you want to check them out more closely?”

Xu Zirong smiled slightly, “okay.” Then, he got up and followed the old man while still holding his brother.

Xu Ziyan had already become speechless about the fact that he’s been hugged like a princess by Zirong. He couldn’t fight against these small gestures of Xu Zirong at all, especially Xu Zirong looked as if, “brother, you’ve thought too much, I am only hugging you as it’s more convenient.”

Xu Ziyan’s face was expressionless, and he was staring at Jiang Ying’s shaking shoulders and Fang Tianrui’s smiley eyes, he roared in his heart, “bastard, sooner or later I will give you a princess hug too! And you’ll see how it feels like to be hugged like that as a guy!”

(Wait a minute, isn’t this kind of thing often done between lovers? Xu Ziyan, your position is not entirely correct!)

The old man briskly pushed open the wooden door of the small courtyard and led them into the garden. Xu Ziyan felt that Zirong seemed to be walking a little more slowly, as he seemed to follow the old man’s pace very carefully.

Jiang Ying was never a stupid guy. Xu Zirong hadn’t been acting normally since the beginning (at least not how he used to be). Naturally, he tried to be more careful, and he reminded Fang Tianrui to be careful too.

The four of them followed the old man. They walked along the road with flowers and finally reached the most beautiful purple flower.

“Let’s take a look, this is my best work – Thousand Purple Yarn Fairy.” The old man pointed to the purple flower and said proudly, “I found this flower a hundred years ago. After a hundred years of cultivation, this flower now has spirituality. It can nourish your mind and save your life. Do you want to have a closer look?”

Xu Zirong approached without being told by the old man. Instead, he looked at it carefully for a while, then suddenly smiled, “cultivator Wuyuan, how come your Thousand Heavy Purple Yarn looks so much like the Blood and Resentment Flower that I saw before?”

The old man’s facial expression changed suddenly once he heard the name of Blood and Resentment Flower. He waved his hand and struck an attack, but Xu Zirong had already been prepared for this, he used this opportunity to tie his brother on his back.

“Blood and Resentment Flower!” Jiang Ying was shocked when he heard it. He didn’t have much chances to go out and cultivate, but he had a lot of time to read a lot when being captured, and those even included very rarely found books. The Blood and Resentment Flower was a peculiar flower on one of the rarely found books.

This kind of flower must be reared with resentful souls, and they even had to be the kind of resentful souls that were tortured during their lifetime and still resentful after death. It’s naturally difficult to encounter such resentful souls, and the more resentful souls were used to feed the flower, the better it would grow.

It would take at least tens of thousands of lives to grow one Blood and Resentment Flower. This flower looked beautiful and with bright colors. If Xu Zirong never said so, no one would ever know how many bones had to be given to raise it…


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