Chapter 129

Fortunately, she was lucky that day. The gluttonous didn’t seem to want to kill her. After taking a few steps and without being stepped, this female spider immediately slipped away…

“Oh…it’s not edible!” After the female spider disappeared, the gluttonous immediately changed back to the appearance of a little sheep, and it kept vomiting.

This is the disadvantage of this crack underground, as mostly all monsters had poison inside them. Imagine, what taste can they carry since they’re all poisonous? That’s why the little sheep was so easily attracted by a roasted chicken of Xu Ziyan…

Although there were some reasons why the gluttonous found it so boring to stay there and wanted to go out, the roasted chicken of Xu Ziyan did have some important effect too, or the gluttonous could as well sign the contract itself without having Xu Ziyan’s consent. Given its cultivation level, it would be a walk in the park to pressurize Xu Ziyan.

After vomiting a few times, it finally got rid of all the bitter smell of the spider. The gluttonous kicked Xu Ziyan’s shoulders unhappily. It had to eat so many spiders because of its new master. Master, you must treat me well in the future!


Xu Zirong saw Xu Ziyan lying on the ground from a long distance, and was so scared that his soul was almost flying away. He even couldn’t wait to stop his flying sword and landed directly from mid-air.

After checking anxiously over and over again, and after confirming that his brother fainted because of exhaustion, Xu Zirong breathed a sigh of relief. He started to check the surrounding environment.

“Meh!” The gluttonous yelled uncomfortably. Xu Zirong hadn’t noticed it before because of the array, how come this little guy had such a sense of disgust? This scent was so familiar, he wouldn’t forget it even after several thousands of years.

Xu Zirong stared at the little sheep very vigilantly, and he held his brother even more tightly in his arms. This little sheep gave him a very strange feeling. It looked really suspicious together with the surrounding environment.

However, he did not act recklessly, he was just on guard. Perhaps it was his illusion, but he always felt that this sheep seemed to be similar with his pink rabbit.

“Brother? Brother?” After whispering a few times, he found that Xu Ziyan was still not awake, and Xu Zirong didn’t plan to wait there any longer. He managed to break through the delusional array very uneasily, and after looking at the wreckages around him, he thought that there might be even more powerful monsters which’d pop out anytime!

After putting his brother on the back, Xu Zirong got on his flying sword. Before it started flying, he felt that the sword had become quite heavy.

He looked back…

“Meh!” The little sheep blinked its big black eyes, squatting on the tip of the sword with an innocent look.

Xu Zirong was silent for a moment, and once again confirmed that neither the little sheep nor that rabbit with antlers was easy-going. He was also pretty confused, as no one ever told him in his last life that the super spiritual pet would be a little sheep or a rabbit. How come they all popped out in this current life?

It’s even the kind of contract that no one could resist…

Turning his head and raising his sword, Xu Zirong decided to ignore the little sheep. Anyway, his rabbit was acting similarly, who knows if this little sheep would appear and suddenly disappear again?

Without the gluttonous, Xu Zirong did not feel the downward pull, but when flying upwards, it seemed that a faint wind was supporting them to accelerate. The distance he went up was also much smaller than the distance Xu Ziyan thought he had fallen. It only took him less than the time of drinking a cup of tea before he flew out of the crack.

After returning to the cave at the highest speed, Xu Zirong carefully placed his unconscious brother on the stone.

During this period of time, since his brother already knew how he’d think and decided to keep a distance, Xu Zirong became more agitated although he understood why his brother would do so.

He gently stroked his brother’s cheek, and he was addicted to his brother’s handsome and resolute face. His fingertips were turning circles on his full lips, and this gentle touch instantly aroused him.

Xu Zirong’s eyes became deeper. He lowered his head and gently touched his brother’s lips. He thought that just by licking it wasn’t enough, that’s why he stuck his tongue in.

He filled his brother’s mouth with his tongue, and every inch of the skin inside was licked over.

When Xu Ziyan’s tongue was played like this, he frowned even though he’s in a coma and he groaned slightly.

This groan awakened Xu Zirong, who was intoxicated with this sweet kiss. He slowly opened his eyes, and the blood in his eyes gradually faded. After taking a long breath, he looked at his lower half body somewhat agitatedly, he knew that it would be less than a month before he became an adult, but this month seemed forever for him…

After checking the condition of his brother’s whole body again, and confirming that he was indeed in a coma only because of his loss of energy, Xu Zirong turned around and planned to leave there.

He wouldn’t dare to put that little sheep next to his brother, as he wasn’t very fond of it either. That’s why he decided to just throw it outside the cave. All in all, they’d already killed the monsters around him, and the little sheep wouldn’t be in great danger even if it’s thrown outside.

After dealing with some chores and notifying Fang Tianrui and Jiang Ying of his brother’s situation, Xu Zirong returned to his brother’s bedroom again and stood quietly aside, waiting for his brother to wake up.

It took two days for Xu Ziyan to wake up from this coma. While he was unconscious, he felt that someone had fed him several times. Although the cool spring water relieved his fatigue well, but why would there be a tongue stirring inside after he drank it???

Even in a coma, someone still took advantage of him. Xu Ziyan felt that he might as well die…

“Brother, you are awake!”

His eyelids quivered slightly, and he heard Xu Zirong’s cry of surprise in his ears.

He had been beside him the whole time, caring for him the whole time.

Such a fact instantly hit Xu Ziyan’s heart. His heart was not made of stone, after being treated with love and care, he really couldn’t hate Xu Zirong. Especially he’s the baby brother that he’d cared for and loved for such a long time…he felt so confused and didn’t know what’s the right choice.

Should he try to make Zirong like girls again, let him choose other female cultivators, or he might as well be together with Zirong, following his wishes?

He sighed softly in his heart and slowly opened his eyes. He showed a slight smile to Zirong, “sorry to have made you worry.”

Xu Zirong was taken aback, with some doubts and surprises in his heart. However, he only showed a slightly relaxed look, “brother, it’s good that you’re fine.”

He felt that his brother’s smile was a little strange, it seemed to be a smile of relief. However, he wasn’t sure where this relief came from.

Xu Ziyan suddenly showed a bitter smile, “I’m afraid…that it’s not nothing.”

“What?” Xu Zirong was startled and raised his hand to put his brother’s wrist. However, the pulse was just the same as the other day.

He looked at Xu Ziyan suspiciously. Xu Ziyan moved his fingers with a lot of difficulty, and said while looking dumbfounded, “I’m not hurt, it’s just that I’ve absorbed a great deal of spiritual power from the purple night divine thunder, that’s why my meridians feel so full that I can’t move my body.”

“!!!” Xu Zirong was startled, “brother, did you absorb the Purple Night Divine Thunder?”

“Ah, there was no alternative at that time. If I didn’t absorb it, I would die.”

“Brother, it’s all my fault, if I didn’t…”

“What are you talking about!” Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes. If he could move, he would definitely knock on Xu Zirong’s head, “this is an accident, why would I blame you?”

Xu Zirong remained silent, as he obviously wasn’t relieved. Xu Ziyan felt helpless too, it’s really difficult to have a younger brother who liked to think negatively.

Especially now that he lacked enough power, it would be a problem to make him understand by force.

It’s really difficult to offend someone completely paralyzed…

“Ahem, okay, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to find the intersection.” Xu Ziyan didn’t want Xu Zirong to still be depressed, and he hurriedly changed the subject.

Sure enough, the appearance of the meeting point immediately aroused Xu Zirong’s interest.

This demon realm was really too dangerous, let alone those monsters, Xu Ziyan even saw a demon cultivator of nascent soul two days ago…

The appearance of the first one meant that there would be the second one. Who could guarantee that they would be lucky enough to escape if there’s a demon cultivator of nascent soul again?

Originally, Xu Ziyan had always been worried about their situation, otherwise he would not have such a strong hope to break through the existing realm.

Now, although he had broken through, but his attack power returned to zero afterwards. As a paralyzed person, he’s like a drag in such a dangerous situation.

Fortunately, he found the meeting point in the crack in time, otherwise he would not even know for how long he had to lie on bed.

After the green night divine thunder in his dantian swallowed the original power of the purple night divine thunder, it started to be in a deep sleep for evolution. When it woke up again, it could be called as the purple night divine thunder. However, without Little Green (the name that Xu Ziyan had thought of) to help him refine the spiritual power inside the Dantian, he had no idea how long it would take for the spiritual power which filled up his meridians to be consumed.

According to his progress, it would take at least 20 days…

“Eh, by the way, where is my snow ball?” After a long while, Xu Ziyan thought of his spiritual pet.

“The snowball?” Xu Zirong was shocked, and he immediately thought of the little sheep. He replied a little unhappily, “it’s outside.”

That little sheep didn’t look simple, and he didn’t want to have such an unpredictable element beside his brother. Or, it’d be enough to have the pink rabbit, so what about that little sheep?

“Outside? Oh, let it be outside then. I always think that the snowball isn’t very simple, I reckon it’s more or less like your pink rabbit.” Xu Ziyan said nonchalantly.

“Yeah.” Xu Zirong’s expression softened a lot when he heard his brother’s reply. He hated anything that would distract his brother, and since his brother didn’t really care about this spiritual pet, he might as well take it as non-existent. All in all, that pink rabbit could appear or disappear at any time, and it didn’t matter whether it had him as the master.

After discovering the meeting point, the four naturally didn’t want to stay there, especially Xu Ziyan who had the lowest extent of self-defense after being paralyzed, and he really wanted to leave there as soon as possible.

When Xu Zirong went to explore the crack, of course he brought Jiang Ying along. During these past days, Fang Tianrui and Jiang Ying had got a lot closer after several battles. It might be their destiny, since they had experienced this life-or-death situation in this demon realm together.

They became a lot more intimate in the battle. The deception of Jiang Ying earlier had also become a sort of helplessness under the twisting of the gentle Jiang Ying. As he had been captured at home since he was little and he could only go out after faking to be his younger sister, the gentle Jiang Ying could very well disguise himself into a harmless person.

Fang Tianrui may not have believed the bullshit of Jiang Ying, but as a man who was deeply in love with Jiang Ying (f.), it’s really difficult to have hate when facing that familiar face.

Even Jiang Ying (f.) had become Jiang Ying (m.), the once gentle and obedient woman had become a man who could fully control himself…

Fang Tianrui, “…”

“What are you thinking about?” Xu Ziyan looked at Fang Tianrui curiously. He admitted that as a straight guy who had never looked at the face of the same sex closely, he was quite curious of the relationship between Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui.

Fang Tianrui was silent for a while. He had already understood everything about Wuti City from Jiang Ying, which included this almighty disciple of the Liu Guang sect too.

His feelings for Jiang Ying were tangled and complicated, but he felt much easier when facing Xu Ziyan. Before Xu Zirong left, he deliberately asked Fang Tianrui to take care of his brother, and he naturally wouldn’t refuse.

“It’s nothing.” Fang Tianrui said in a dull tone. His relationship with Jiang Ying were a mess. Now it seemed to be a harmonious relationship, but after leaving the environment, he wasn’t sure whether they could still be together.

Although Xu Ziyan was curious, he couldn’t keep asking them about their relationship either. He could only cough twice and change the subject.

The two discussed something about cultivation, and Xu Ziyan even instructed Fang Tianrui something about using thunder-type magic. In a while, it was getting dark already, Xu Zirong and Jiang Ying were about to return…

“Brother…” When Xu Zirong came back, he squeezed Fang Tianrui a side without a trace, then he grabbed Xu Ziyan’s hand with a smile, “what are you two talking about?”

Seeing the situation, Jiang Ying grabbed Fang Tianrui who’s been squeezed aside, “Tianrui, I am so tired, can’t you comfort me for a while?”

Xu Ziyan, Fang Tianrui, “…”

Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong expressionlessly. Although he knew perfectly what Xu Zirong was thinking, the way Xu Zirong showed it was another matter. Especially now that some “outsider” was there, he really wanted to slap Xu Zirong a few times if he could move!

You stinky brat, aren’t you afraid that no one would know you’re in love with me? Do you want to announce to everyone this kind of thing?

Xu Zirong didn’t give up by his brother’s look. He stroked his brother’s palm innocently and started drawing circles on it.

Xu Ziyan felt helpless about how thick-skinned Xu Zirong was. Since he couldn’t beat up Xu Zirong, what else could he do…

The two brothers communicated silently using their eyes, on the other side, Jiang Ying had already grabbed Fang Tianrui away.

In the quiet bedroom, only the two of them were looking at each other. If Xu Ziyan didn’t have such sharp-looking eyes, it really looked as if they were looking at each other affectionately.

“Okay…” In the end, Xu Zirong retreated. He raised his brother’s hand and kissed it, then let go of it unwillingly, “I will control myself in front of the others. However, I want my brother to give me some reward.”

Xu Ziyan just eased his serious expression, and suddenly felt something was wrong.

Wait! Why did Zirong sound like we’ve been together already? When did I give him such an illusion?

“I didn’t…um…” He couldn’t finish is sentence. Xu Ziyan widened his eyes, looking at how Xu Zirong kiss him with affection.

Xu Ziyan glared at him. He’s trying to say something but he kept his mouth shut because of Zirong’s look.

Xu Zirong licked his mouth as if he hadn’t gotten enough. He just looked at his brother with bright eyes and he said, “let’s talk about it later…”

Xu Ziyan wanted to scream at this time. How come this kid would kiss him so suddenly? Also, how come he couldn’t get enough by kissing? How come he’s so relentless now?

Seeing that his brother wasn’t willing to speak, Xu Zirong pouted sorrowfully. The nearer it was to his birthday, the less he could control the affection in his mind. If he couldn’t touch or kiss his brother in his daily life, he might as well do something more shocking now.

But…since that trip to the crack, he discovered that his brother’s attitude had again changed a bit. Although his brother might not have discovered it, for someone who cared about his older brother all the time, those changes made him ecstatic.

He didn’t know what kind of emotions Xu Ziyan experienced in the crack underground. However, he clearly knew that the bottom line of his older brother had been further retreated. It could also be said that emotionally, Xu Ziyan was almost accepting him.

If they didn’t have this “brotherhood”, they might be together already.

Xu Zirong was hesitating. He wasn’t sure whether he should tell his brother that they weren’t real brothers. In the end, he decided to keep it secret. On one hand, he wanted his brother to accept him before knowing that they weren’t real brothers; on the other hand, he didn’t want to lose this “brotherhood” with Xu Ziyan.

Without further stimulating his brother, Xu Zirong very honestly told his brother about this trip to the crack.

Perhaps it’s because of the departure of the little sheep, this time, although it was dark in the crack, it didn’t feel pressurizing. Xu Zirong and Jiang Ying quickly found that meeting point. After observing for a while, they found a black tapir guarding aside.

That tapir probably only had the cultivation level of the late stage of Qi condensation. For Xu Zirong, it only took some effort to solve it. However, in order to prevent other monsters from coming here to occupy the territory after the tapir was killed, Xu Zirong did not act on that tapir.

After telling his brother about the situation of the crack, Xu Ziyan decided to act fast. He decided to go to the meeting point the next day.

Xu Zirong naturally didn’t object. Although he really liked to be in an environment where only his brother was there (this excludes Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, as they never interrupt Xu Zirong and Xu Ziyan), it was such a shitty environment, and he didn’t want his first time with his brother to happen there.

After licking his lips, Xu Zirong still looked at Xu Ziyan in a way that he refused to let go.

“You, immediately, go to bed!” Xu Ziyan felt bad, and decisively drove Xu Zirong away.

Although Xu Zirong was unwilling to, he still acted obediently. When Xu Ziyan thought that his little brother was still quite good, Xu Zirong was already thinking when he could enjoy his delicious brother.

He might not have any genes for romance, but he’d seen how his senior brothers acted during his many years in Liu Guang sect.

He believed that his brother would give his first time as his present for adulthood, and of course, he had to leave his brother a good impression too!

Xu Ziyan had no idea what his little brother was thinking about, and he was working hard to digest the spiritual power that he’d swallowed.

The senior’s technique could absorb the thunder type energy of the Purple Night Divine Thunder without condensing, and every time he absorbed it, he could strengthen himself further. Then, the rate of absorption would increase again, forming a virtuous circle.

However, the spiritual power in Xu Ziyan’s body was still too small compared to the huge energy of the Purple Night Divine Thunder, even if he already exhausted himself, he still needed at least 15 days or more.

Xu Ziyan didn’t understand what he was doing so desperately for. Obviously, fifteen days and twenty days would not be much different. But there seemed to be a voice in his mind that was constantly warning him to be faster, or some very bad things would happen…

Outside the cave, pink rabbit, who had returned, looked at snowball in awe, and its eyes were full of disgust…

The same expression also appeared on snowball, the little sheep’s face. However, the little sheep seemed to have realized the existence of the pink rabbit.

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