Chapter 128

“Hiss!” The sound of the big spider suddenly awakened Xu Ziyan from the messy thoughts. He tried to re-focus and look at the spider of golden core, and he was thinking about how to solve this problem.

Even if he had broken through the period of Qi condensation, there were still huge differences between him and this big spider, and if he wanted to kill this spider, he could only…

With a slight change of his expression, Xu Ziyan had decided something. He relaxed his control to his Dantian and grabbed the opportunity with the purple night divine thunder, which was still entangled with the green night divine thunder.

Xu Ziyan leaped suddenly and jumped out of Little Square. The small spiders around all rushed towards it, the big spider turned its head around and rushed towards them.

After bending the bow and shooting the arrow, Xu Ziyan only made two moves after jumping out of Little Square. The two divine thunders in the Dantian seemed to have been stimulated, and they rushed into his body madly, along the meridian and into the palm.

A black thunder spirit arrow mixed with purple and blue light formed in Xu Ziyan’s hands, and the small spiders around him dared not move any closer.

Xu Ziyan’s face showed a really painful look. As he just entered the phase of Qi condensation not long ago, his meridians suffered when they encountered two kinds of attack power. It’s like they were about to break anytime.

However, in the face of this super powerful and extremely stubborn big spider, Xu Ziyan could only fight with his utmost power. After he won, he could then bring his treasures and his spiritual pet which wasn’t useful at all and leave there. (Little Sheep: =. =)

He’d lost…and he’d be a good man again after 18 years!


The thunder spirit arrow formed by the entanglement of the two divine thunder made a humming sound, and the big spider seemed to have noticed the extraordinary blow of Xu Ziyan, its pace of rushing over was significantly slower.

It constantly attacked the small spiders, as it seemed that it wanted to use the small spiders to consume Xu Ziyan’s spiritual power. However, the thunder spirit arrow made up of the purple and blue divine thunders exuded great pressure, and those little spiders dare not approach at all.

“Thunder Snake Burst Arrow!” Xu Ziyan’s eyes looked deep, his fingertips loosened, and with a buzzing sound, a black long arrow was shot out. The thunder entangled into it was shot towards the big spider.

As soon as the arrow was shot, Xu Ziyan was so exhausted that he fell immediately. Just now, the arrow drained away all the spiritual power in his body. The destructive force of the two divine thunder rushed towards his meridians and caused a sharp pain. If he hadn’t broken through the period of Qi condensation, his meridians would all have been broken by now.

Although he managed to survive, it’s not a good situation. The power of the two divine thunders far exceeded the limit that he could handle. The blow just now had consumed a lot of energy of the purple night divine thunder, but he couldn’t swallow the remaining energy either.

In the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, the senior stressed on the gradual use of power. If it’s not a life-threatening situation, Xu Ziyan would never swallow the green night divine thunder directly.

At this time, Xu Ziyan was like a fat man who had eaten too much. The green night divine thunder in his Dantian was the original energy of the purple night divine thunder. As for other kinds of spiritual power, they were put into Xu Ziyan’s body forcefully.

The meridians all over his body were full of spiritual power, and Xu Ziyan was unable to move on the ground. Fortunately, the most violent part of the purple night divine thunder was absorbed in the arrow just now. Although he couldn’t move now, as long as he digested the spiritual power that the green night divine thunder put into his body, not only would there be no damage, but he could also cultivate an even higher level.

——The pre-condition is that he must survive this battle.

The big spider saw the black and purple arrows flying towards it, and its remaining compound eyes suddenly showed some fear.

However, with just one arrow, it would be difficult to lock its movement, just as the arrow of Xu Ziyan must be cooperated by Xu Zirong in Wuti City. The arrow that failed to hit the target was useless no matter how powerful it was.

The big spider’s eight chelated feet moved quickly, avoiding the arrow sideways. Its black compound eyes greedily looked at Xu Ziyan, who had completely lost his combat effectiveness. This delicious snack finally fell into its hands.

Xu Ziyan curled his lips slightly. As an archer, how could he expect that his enemy wouldn’t try to dodge his arrow?

The Thunder Burst Arrow is equivalent to the combined version of Thunder Snake Burst and Thunder Spirit Arrow, and just as the arrow passed by the big spider——

With a bang, the black arrow exploded, and there was a huge thunder python with nine legs.

The big spider was terrified, its mouth was making some clicking sounds. It was trying to escape the attack range of the nine thunder pythons. But how could Xu Ziyan’s best effort leave him such a chance?

The nine thick thunder pythons trapped the big spider inside like a cage. These thunder pythons entangled and exploded. The big spider was suddenly blown up, and several chelated feet were also broken.

After the nine thunder snakes shed a lot of energy because of the explosion, they turned into nine thunder snakes with the thickness of human fingers.

The big spider broke and fell to the ground, and there’s a lot of green blood flowing out, its compound eyes had become blind, and its thick shell was also cracked, revealing lots of wounds.

Even so, this big spider still did not die. It still roared miserably, as if it was venting the anger in its heart.

“The thunder snake kill!”

Finally, Xu Ziyan used the last trick he learned from the purple night nine changes.

The nine slender thunder snakes suddenly tightened, and they strangled the big spider one by one. The big spider screamed in horror, but the nine thunder snakes were like the sharpest blades, which quickly cut into its body.

After the last nine thunder snakes completely exhausted their energy and disappeared, the big spider lost its original shape. The flesh was smashed on the ground.

“Huh…huh…” Xu Ziyan gasped.

The Thunder Snake Kill is the follow-up move of Thunder Snake Burst Arrow, and it was also the last method of Xu Ziyan.

None of the enemies he encountered before could force him to use this trick. The biggest feature of this trick was suddenness. No one would have thought that the already powerful thunder snake burst arrow could be transformed into another kind of killer move. If the enemy relaxed after resisting the thunder snake burst arrow, then the thunder snake kill would definitely give him a nice surprise.

After the big spider completely lost its life, the little spiders that had been waiting for an opportunity fell to the ground one by one. These little spiders were completely dependent on the big spider, and once the big spider dies, they would die along.

The little sheep showed utter surprise in its eyes. It never expected that Xu Ziyan could be so powerful, and he even killed that big spider of golden core.

With the cultivation level in the late stage of building base (plus he reached Qi condensation in the middle) and having succeeded to kill a monster of golden core, it was really surprised by its master’s power.

It originally thought that Xu Ziyan could escape under the chase of the big spider, but it didn’t expect this new master to give it such a big surprise.

After making sure that there’s no more life-threatening danger, Xu Ziyan allowed himself to faint.

In fact, he had been waiting to faint since a long while ago. After he swallowed the purple night divine thunder and reaching the level of Qi condensation, he even had to use all his spiritual power and the most violent part of the purple night divine thunder to strike the final blow. It was already a miracle that he could still hold on.

After seeing its new master fainted, the little sheep bounced all the way to his side.

After staring at the sleepy face for a long time, the little sheep took a breath, well, this guy didn’t look like he’s going to die anytime soon. Why not follow him then?

“Hiss hiss…”

There was a familiar hissing sound again, and that noise of “ka-cha” also reappeared.

The little sheep looked at the creatures hidden in the dark with disdain, showing a sneer.

“Food…” There was a rough and hoarse voice above the little sheep.

The little sheep raised his head, and not far above, there was a spider that was bigger than before hanging upside down in the air.

The spider had only six chelated feet, but where it should have had its head, it had a slender female body. Its body was not complete, the lower part of the body was hidden in the spider’s body. On the delicate female face, there was a small mouth but it reached to the ears, revealing two big fangs.

The female spider made a hissing sound, leaving a few transparent drops of liquid in its small mouth. That liquid dripped on the ground, which immediately dissolved the rocks on the ground at a speed visible to the naked eye, leaving a large pit on the ground.

“Go!” The little sheep suddenly opened its mouth and roared, expressing its thoughts clearly.

The female spider seemed a little unwilling. She kept rattling, and a large number of small spiders came out again around the little sheep.

“Roar!” The little sheep’s eyes flashed. It opened its mouth and its body got larger, suddenly turning into a monster with a sheep body and a human face.

It was sucking hard, and a large number of small spiders were sucked into its mouth like a tide. Even the female spider hanging in the air became wobbly by the suction, and it suddenly attracted to the rock wall in horror.

The little sheep swallowed countless small spiders with just one mouthful. It closed its mouth and stared at the female spider while chewing, as if it’s guessing how she would taste.

The female spider was terrified. She hurried over when she heard her husband’s cry for help. She initially thought that with her cultivation level as a nascent soul, there could hardly be any enemies that could threaten her at the bottom of this cave. She’d never expect to see such a killer!

For the monsters, after their wisdom was awakened, they would be able to pass on enough knowledge from the bloodline, so this female spider easily recognized the identity of the gluttonous.

The gluttonous is a sacred monster, and it’s not on the same level as the female spider. No matter how much she wanted to fight, she couldn’t afford to offend the gluttonous…also, it’s just one of her husbands, and she still had twenty to thirty husbands to choose from.

All in all, after the sexual intercourse, she’d eat that spider also, so she decided not to fight against the gluttonous for a male…

The female spider shrank into a ball, and she no longer dared to challenge the gluttonous. In fact, she wished that she had never appeared. When facing such a fierce monster, it all depended on its mood to see whether she could survive.

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