Chapter 119

Xu Ziyan nodded silently. He didn’t know what kind of place the Demon Realm was, but judging from the surrounding environment, it couldn’t be like that kind of peaceful paradise anyway.

He could discuss Zirong’s emotions later, but if they sacrificed their lives here, then there’s no use doing it.

“Roar!” It seemed that he realized that his prey was going to escape, and the three-eyed lizard lifted its head from the lava and spit out a big fireball.

Xu Zirong’s expression remained unchanged, the blood vines sprout from the ground, but this time they were only half the usual thickness, which was obviously very seriously affected by the environment.

A huge fireball whizzed out towards the two of them, and the flaming lizard spit out several fireballs consecutively, bringing Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui into his range of attack.

Xu Zirong’s bloody vines did not draw the fireball away as they used to be, but they were burned to ashes. Xu Zirong frowned slightly and released two bloody vines again, but it was just enough to offset the first attack of the fireball.

“The monster attack here is extremely powerful. Everyone, please be careful.” After seeing that the bloody vines were burned to ashes so easily, Xu Ziyan quickly reminded Jiang Ying to be careful.

Jiang Ying’s eyes flashed, and he took Fang Tianrui, who was in a coma, on his back, and he wrapped Fang Tianrui well with a belt. He fluttered with his whip and quickly knocked off the fireballs.

Xu Ziyan bent his bow and used his arrows, and his cyan thunder spirit arrows were shot at the flaming lizard, which didn’t show any weakness either. After letting out a dull growl, it rushed towards them wagging its tail.

They didn’t see this lizard well enough, but it was more than ten meters long, with a layer of glass-like scales on the back and a faint red pattern.

The flaming lizard’s combat ability was incredible, and one would flinch just by looking at its sharp teeth. Its thick and big tail kept hitting on the ground, and there were instantly a few cracks on it.

Xu Ziyan failed to exert the effect of the Thunder Spirit Arrows, which they were supposed to, and the thick scale armor of the flaming lizard did its job well.

“Here I am!” Xu Ziyan roared, and the arrows in his hand were shot out one after the other. Although they could not cause much damage to the flaming lizard, they successfully aroused its anger.

It wasn’t suitable for Xu Zirong to use his bloody vines under such circumstances. He could only retreat behind Xu Ziyan and defend for him.

The flaming lizard crawled on the ground extremely fast, and almost rushed to Xu Ziyan in an instant. Xu Ziyan quickly jumped back, avoiding its big mouth with two rows of sharp teeth.

“Be careful!” Jiang Ying roared, waved his whip and hit away several huge fireballs that secretly attacked Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan’s expression suddenly changed when he saw this. The flaming lizard that was entangled with him did not release any spells, which meant that…

“Retreat quickly!” Xu Ziyan looked at the three-eyed heads emerging from the lava, suddenly feeling hopeless. He had been in a fierce battle since the morning, and there was no time for him to recover the loss of spiritual power.

If there was only one flaming lizard, maybe he could cooperate with Zirong or Jiang Ying to kill it, but now there were at least twenty flaming lizards within his sight.

Xu Ziyan made a decisive move to retreat. With the three of them and Fang Tianrui who’s still in a coma, it would just mean giving away their lives for the lizards’ meal if they insisted.

Fortunately, the flaming lizards didn’t move that quickly, and this was not a social animal that could cooperate with each other in hunting, so they easily escaped from the lizards. Xu Ziyan could even use a sudden counterattack to kill a flaming lizard.

After fleeing for a long time, this group of talents fell from the flying sword in exhaustion.

They were really in bad luck, as it took them a long time to get rid of the flaming lizard which wanted to take revenge, and they still encountered a group of owls when flying back.

This group of owls were quite difficult to deal with. Although they weren’t so powerful, they could fly fast. When they were chasing Xu Ziyan, they even kept calling their friends, making the chasing team grow continuously.

Later, Xu Zirong really couldn’t stand it anymore, he quietly opened an invisible bloody web. Those blood shots composed of spiritual power were fine and tough, and he could use just a few of them to form a net. All the flying owls were cut into pieces and became minced meat.

The three or five owls that flew the fastest were the unluckiest. They used their bodies to warn their kin. The remaining owls no longer dared to approach Xu Ziyan and the others easily, and this allowed the group to escape.

“Huh, huh, I’m exhausted…” Jiang Ying panted and sat slumped in the temporarily excavated cave, sweating all over his body. Fang Tianrui was well protected in his arms without any harm.

Xu Ziyan was also sweating profusely, the spiritual power in his body was all used up, and even the meridians in his body were aching due to the exhaustion.

Xu Zirong’s condition was worse than him, although he was also escaping, his last explosion made him consume 1/3 of the blood in his body. It wasn’t rocket science to use the Blood Sea Heart Sutra to form a bloody net, yet he had used all of his strength to cut open the thick skin of the owls with the blood shots.

One shouldn’t underestimate the owls, as they were monsters reaching the level of Qi condensation. No matter how many ways Xu Zirong had tried, he knew that there was a price to pay to fight against something of higher level.

“Zirong, are you okay?” Xu Ziyan stood up, kneeling beside Zi Rong.

Xu Zirong endured the sharp pain of his Dantian and shook his head gently: “I’m alright.”

Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong worriedly, even if Zirong didn’t say it, how could he not have noticed the weakness in him now? He clenched his fists tightly, and he really felt hopeless and he wanted to punch on the wall.

The cave where they were hiding was temporarily excavated on a greyish black mountain rock. The opening of the cave was very cleverly chosen, as it was impossible for them to be found. After the chasing and escaping just now, Xu Ziyan found that although the environment of this demon realm was harsh, there was an abundant amount of aura, even similar to that in Qilin Tower.

There was suddenly a plan in his mind. He wasn’t so far away from breaking through the level of Qi condensation. Now that they were stuck there and without help, he might as well cultivate further and enter the level of Qi condensation instead of expecting someone to come and help.

Xu Zirong temporarily arranged an array at the entrance of the cave, and its effect was only average. However, without human cultivators, it was enough to deceive the monsters.

Zirong’s rabbit hadn’t made a move since the beginning, and it’s still lying on Zirong’s shoulders and eating carrot. Xu Ziyan was speechless, yet he couldn’t do anything about it.

After giving Xu Zirong a pill to cure his injuries and watching him fall asleep, Xu Ziyan reached his hand and placed it on the Xu Zirong’s veins, looking serious.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Ying raised his eyebrows, then lowered his eyes, as if he’d seen nothing.

There was no room for him to participate in the affairs between the Xu brothers. No matter what the outcome would be, as an attendant, he shouldn’t interfere.

The pink rabbit seemed a little surprised by Xu Ziyan’s actions, but it still wasn’t doing anything to stop him, it’s still eating carrots calmly.

Xu Ziyan felt a little uneasy. He obviously had touched Zirong’s skin with his fingers, but he was still unable to make up his mind to probe his body with spiritual power.

His fingertips rested on Zirong’s veins for a long while. Finally, he sighed and penetrated his spiritual power into his body.

After a while, he retracted his hand, and his gaze at Xu Zirong became very complicated.

If Xu Zirong was still awake, he would be able to conceal the abnormality in his body, but now he has fallen asleep, and Xu Ziyan immediately noticed the abnormality of the blood in his body.

Xu Ziyan was also struggling inside, he didn’t even know what to do. He didn’t understand why Zirong still cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra even though he’d changed his fate.

Xu Ziyan wasn’t stupid, it’s just that he’d never thought that Zirong would lie to him. Also, he didn’t understand that where Zirong obtained the Blood Sea Heart Sutra since he hadn’t had the snake shell removed?

With a deep sigh, Xu Ziyan’s feelings towards Zirong became even more complicated. The only thing he still felt fortunate was that Zirong had never killed any innocent people even after having cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

So, does it mean he still isn’t a demon cultivator?

After recalling what Big Foot Luo had told him, Xu Ziyan still comforted himself that he’s not been a failure.

Even though his younger brother had cultivated demon cultivation when he wasn’t aware, and even though his little brother had changed his sexuality, even fallen in love with himself…

Xu Ziyan ignored Jiang Ying’s horrified expression on the side, he bumped his head against the wall a few times in annoyance. Afterwards, he wiped his face vigorously, and he thought – since I could survive after being transmigrated to this gay world, how would I not survive this blow?

Wasn’t it just the Blood Sea Heart Sutra? It’s fine that he’d learnt it! The nature of a weapon is upon determination of the controller, as long as Zirong didn’t do anything evil, the fact that he’d cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra should cause no harm.

As for Zirong’s sexuality, hadn’t he already decided that it’s just Xu Zirong feeling confused? Sooner or later, he’d understand that girls are better and he’d return to the right track.

God, you can’t fool me! And I won’t follow your script, so what?

Xu Ziyan raised his middle finger towards the sky, and he felt super determined to continue with his life.

“Um…” The healing medicine that Xu Zirong took was prepared by Big Foot Luo. Since it’s from a nascent soul cultivator, it wouldn’t be just “another ordinary item”. After moaning slightly, Xu Zirong slowly woke up from his dream. Although he couldn’t have his blood replenished within such a short time, he could at least have his meridians repaired.

“Zirong, how are you feeling?” When Xu Zirong woke up, Xu Ziyan immediately rushed over. Even though he wanted to keep a distance with his little brother, it’s still hard to break through some old habits.

“Um…I’m okay.” Xu Zirong’s face was still pale, and he struggled to squeeze a smile, which successfully triggered Xu Ziyan’s wish to spoil his younger brother.

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