115 Part 2

The cultivator seemed to have passed out, and Xu Ziyan noticed that his breathing was very stable, so he stopped paying attention to the cultivator.

“How is it?”

“The Bu family has rebelled.” Xu Zirong explained the situation on the scene in five simple words.

A flash of lightning flashed in Xu Ziyan’s mind, instantly connecting all the suspicious dots together.

Although the Bu family was also one of the four major families in Wuti City, the foundation of this family was far inferior to the other three. In the memory of his original body, the Bu family in the previous life became the first of the four major families in Wuti city thanks to its outstanding performance in the siege. Later, they even walked out of Wuti City and became involved with the Tian Yu sect. They became a big-scale family highly valued by the Tian Yu sect.

Now, it became apparent that the Bu family in the previous life should have been in collusion with the demon cultivators. Without the support of the demon cultivators, they could not develop so fast.

And the unlucky Jiang family was just the pathetic scapegoat used by the Bu family. If Xu Ziyan hadn’t discovered in advance that they had made a trick on the defense array, which enabled him to find out that elder Qi was the traitor, this evil plan might work.

Xu Ziyan had discovered two traces of destruction on the array before. The rough one should be elder Qi’s handwriting, while the one that was better hidden must be done by the Bu family. Patriarch Fang once said that the Bu family highly depended on the strength of their patriarch (particularly on the array) to become one of the biggest families in Wuti City, despite its average ability.

“Not good!” Xu Ziyan felt shocked. In the past, in order to prevent demon cultivators from invading the city, they used the excuse of decorating the streets to set up several arrays on the streets. These arrays were all set by the Bu family who was proficient in it. Now that the family rebelled, did it also mean that those arrays would become useless?

“Not everyone in the Bu family has rebelled. It seems that only one of the patriarchs did. The other two don’t have an idea about this.” Xu Zirong explained that the casual cultivator had been lucky. When the Bu family rebelled and opened the city gate, he happened to be there and witnessed the internal rebel of the family closely.

Then, the two sides started fighting. Although the two patriarchs tried to stopped them, the patriarch still successfully destroyed the north city gate.

Xu Ziyan made a decisive move and immediately relayed the situation to Jiang Tianxing. Jiang Tianxing’s heart moved slightly. Just now, he felt that the cultivators mixed in the monsters looked a bit familiar, but he didn’t know them. Since the Bu family had never been taken seriously, only the cultivators from that family would give him such a feeling.

Speaking of which, patriarch Bu really made good calculations. If elder Qi succeeded, then the Jiang family would definitely be charged with the crime of being traitors, and the Fang family, as the chef of the four families, would become the party to be blamed for the fall and slaughter of Wuti City. Although the Yu family was still much stronger than the Bu family, after such a battle to defend the city, it must have suffered heavy losses as well.

Naturally, the Bu family could undoubtedly get the greatest benefits, and could even enjoy the name of a city defender. The status of their entire family would hugely increase.

Patriarch Bu calculated all thoroughly, but accidents occurred. First of all, elder Qi failed to break the gate, and the monsters which were attacking the west city gate could not enter the city at all. Obviously, the demon cultivators had to break through one of the gates.

There were gates on all sides of Wuti City, which one would be broken through more easily other than the north city gate, since it was guarded by the Bu family who’d also made a deal with them? Also, the demon cultivators didn’t really care about what the patriarch Bu thought.

Their deal with patriarch Bu included a large number of inner alchemy of monsters. These inner alchemy could be used to refine pills and enhance the general strength of the Bu family. Of course, the Bu family had to cooperate with their operations of breaking through the city. What would the Bu family do afterwards? That’s what the patriarch needed to consider, and the iron rhino couldn’t be bothered to think for him.

Since he’s forced, patriarch Bu could only cooperate with the monsters ruthlessly. His only idea now was to slaughter all these casual cultivators who knew the situation of breaking through the city and the cultivators of the Bu family who opposed him. Unexpectedly, the elder who opposed him released a distress signal before his death, and the rescue of Jiang family came so timely.

Patriarch Bu had become like this all because of bad luck. However, the reality in front of him was that before the demon cultivators entered the city, the cultivators of Qi condensation of the Jiang family did.

Those cultivators who supported him had consumed a lot of power in the battle just now, and now there were only about thirty or fifty cultivators who were still alive and supporting him.

“Kill!” Jiang Tianxing roared, he moved his long sword, and the cultivator who stopped him was instantly cut in half.

“Kill!” The other cultivators of the Jiang family also yelled, and they all released the spells in their hands. They immediately caught those who were fighting with them unprepared. Nearly half of the Bu family cultivators were wounded.

Xu Ziyan didn’t attack those cultivators. He was completely unfamiliar with the Bu family. Instead of trying to distinguish between the good people and the spies, it was better to concentrate on the monsters.

He kept moving with his long bow, and his purple thunder spirit arrows fell into the group one after another. After each arrow was shot, a monster would be killed. Xu Ziyan deliberately picked on those monsters with low defense power and he could naturally aim at them accurately.


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