Chapter 113

“Anyway, don’t ever mention this to me in the future!” Xu Ziyan roared. This was really a dark spot in his life, and he couldn’t wait to delete this memory completely.

Xu Zirong nodded regretfully, knowing that he had already taken up enough of his advantage today, and if he continued, his brother might get pissed off even more, and that would be a disaster.

After recalling the scene that morning, Xu Zirong narrowed his eyes and slightly raised the corners of his lips. He didn’t expect to have this level of contact with his brother so soon, but an accident made him seize the opportunity and successfully stepped on the bottom line of his brother.

Judging from the current situation, it was still a pretty good effect. Also, given how slow his brother usually reacted, he would probably forget this incident soon…

However, sometimes you just cannot forget things so easily. Xu Zirong was also constantly refreshing his brother’s memory.

Xu Ziyan turned his gaze to the battlefield below without further facial expressions, but his mind was no longer as calm as he showed.

Speaking of what happened that morning, Xu Ziyan really wished that he had the ability to go backwards in time. That slap had completely awakened him.

In fact, it wasn’t a big deal, it’s just that when he was sleeping soundly, he felt a stiff thing on his bottoms. He naturally turned over and touched the thing, it was soft but hard at the same time, and it’s also warm. Before he realized what that thing was, someone had already grabbed his hand and moved on it…

There was only one person who could sleep next to him without making him reject, and that’s Xu Zirong. Without any mental preparation, Xu Ziyan finally understood what’d happened after a hot liquid sprayed on his hand…

“Um… so comfortable…” Xu Zirong’s face turned red, with a satisfied expression on his face, he’s like a lazy cat, rubbing himself in Xu Ziyan’s arms.

Xu Ziyan had been in a state of extreme shock ever since he realized what had happened, and was unable to react accordingly.

“Brother?” Xu Zirong blinked, and suddenly leaned in front of Xu Ziyan’s face, staring at him.

His eyes were so clear, but it brought great pressure to Xu Ziyan. He felt like a frog being stared at by a poisonous snake, if there was a slight change, it would be swallowed instantly.

“Does brother want it too?” Xu Zirong asked and he suddenly smiled.

Want? What do I want?

Xu Ziyan felt that his thoughts and that of Zirong were not in the same dimension at all, otherwise, why would he not understand what he meant at all?

But he soon understood it…

When Xu Zirong grabbed one of his own organs with his soft and delicate hands, Xu Ziyan was petrified. He suddenly got up and wanted to jump out of bed, but Zirong turned over and pressed against him.

“Get off me!” The veins on Xu Ziyan’s forehead were obvious.

“No, my brother made me comfortable just now, and I have to make my brother comfortable too.” Xu Zirong said stubbornly.

“There’s no need!” Xu Ziyan gritted his teeth and refused.

“Don’t…” At this time, Xu Zirong was not well-behaved at all. His slender fingers slid up and down quickly, making Xu Ziyan, an old virgin who hadn’t vented his lust for many years, quickly had his thing hard and upright.

Xu Ziyan took a deep breath. He hadn’t had this refreshing taste for many years, this feeling made his waist sore and he was unable to lift his strength. He was already in a suppressed state. Without the support from his waist, he couldn’t resist at all.

“You…um… let go!” Xu Ziyan almost cursed. If Zirong was not the one who did this kind of thing, he would definitely attack without hesitation. But the one who was “abusing” him was the baby brother he had loved for so many years, and since there wasn’t any defense on Zirong, if he attacked, Zirong would be injured heavily.

Would he wound his brother seriously for this kind of matter? How would Xu Ziyan accept this?

Xu Ziyan’s physical resistance was suppressed, and he couldn’t use his spells either. In the end, Xu Ziyan could only let Xu Zirong continue doing what he was doing, until he reached the climax.

At the moment of utter bliss, Xu Ziyan’s eyes almost lost focus. He faintly felt something on his lips rubbing back and forth. While being in a trance, he stuck out his tongue to lick it, and Xu Zirong seemed to be stunned for a while. After that, Xu Zirong put his tongue deep into his brother’s mouth and they kissed passionately.

“Uh, uh!” Xu Ziyan finally realized that it was his beloved brother who was kissing him fiercely, and he felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He slapped Xu Zirong away and kicked him. He ran away while trying to lift his pants up, and he didn’t even time to take his shirt back on.

Xu Zirong, who was kicked aside, still hadn’t realized what’d happened. Anyone would react the same if he was kicked away during a passionate kiss.

When he raised his head from the corner of the bed, he saw an empty bed and messy quilt, there’s also a faint fragrance in the air.

Xu Zirong looked a little dull, but when he noticed the stickiness between his fingers, he let out a deep laughter. The laughter was so genuine that Xu Ziyan could feel how happy his brother was. And at this moment, he wasn’t so far away.

But soon, Xu Ziyan put on an angry face again, as it was a complete disaster for what he and his brother had done. That’s why he escaped far this time, as he didn’t want to look at Xu Zirong, at least for now.

Compared to his brother who’d escaped and had his values destroyed, Xu Zirong was in a fantastic mood.

He didn’t expect that his thing would grow that morning, but he didn’t expect that his brother would unconsciously touch him either. What he did afterwards was completely out of his instinct. However, his brother’s reaction was a bit unexpected. He originally thought that when he touched his brother, his brother would use spells instantly to knock him off. Unexpectedly, his brother didn’t want to fight back at all.

After licking off the white liquid on his fingertips, Xu Zirong laughed again. It seemed that his brother was even more tolerant of him than he thought. Perhaps, he could speed up the progress…

So, that was what’d happened that morning. Of course, from Xu Ziyan’s point of view, he’d helped his brother jerk off in a silly way, and he was also “served” by Xu Zirong out of the principle of fairness. As for the passionate kiss just now, Xu Ziyan chose to ignore it. All in all, it wasn’t his first time doing it and he had been familiar with it long time ago.

Anyway, Xu Zirong had already explained, it was all because he had been sleeping too deeply, and Xu Ziyan also accepted this kind of explanation. No matter if that’s true, he’d already determined that it was an accident.

It was an accident that he helped Zirong jerk off, and the fact that Zirong “paid him back” was another accident. As for the kiss, it was also not planned. None of these were expected and they would never happen again!

(Ding Dong, congratulations to Xu Ziyan who had learnt how to be an ostrich!)

After determining the character of the whole incident that morning, Xu Ziyan quickly left it behind. This accident could not alter the fact that monsters were trying to attack the city, and this kind of messy matter was surely not as important as the battle.

The siege of that day was even more tragic than the day before. A large number of cannon fodder beasts died in it. That day, most of the monsters attacking the city were those above the level of building base. These monsters were madly releasing various skills, putting a tremendous pressure on the cultivators below.

In just two hours, there were already two shifts of the cultivators. Those cultivators who withdrew themselves from the battlefield looked all pale and exhausted.

The group of disciples of the Jiang family also retreated, and were resting in a private house. The battle of that day gave him a new understanding of the use of the lost soul spell, especially in a messy battle like that. He discovered that it could play a better role in teamwork than a single attack.

It’s a pity that he had been trapped in Jiang’s house all the year round. He had no friends, and he also hadn’t seen the only person that he liked for days.

After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t find a person who could cooperate with him in the fight, and it was so depressing that he wanted to vomit blood.

“Jiang Ping.” An attendant in green clothes yelled at the door.

“Here.” Jiang Ying (m.) frowned. He was pretending to be Jiang Ping, an inconspicuous disciple in the Jiang family. He was introverted and he had almost no contact with the others. Who would look for him at this moment?

“Are you Jiang Ping?” The attendant asked.

“It’s me.” Jiang Ying replied.

“Okay, come with me, those two guests from the Liu Guang sect are inviting you over.” The attendant was very polite. Although he had no idea why they would look for Jiang Ping, he realized that good luck was waiting for him.

“Okay.” As soon as he heard that brother Xu Ziyan was looking for Jiang Ping, Jiang Ying was immediately relieved. His master knew his new identity, and wanted to get him away.

He followed the attendant to the tower, and he just heard Xu Ziyan and Jiang Tianxing complimenting the performance of “Jiang Ping” just now.

Jiang Tianxing was also very fond of this disciple of the Jiang family, who killed a large number of monsters, but when he entered, the facial expression of Jiang Tianxing immediately changed.

“You…” Jiang Tianxing’s eyes widened, and he was speechless for a while.

Jiang Ping just stood there calmly without further actions.

Jiang Tianxing’s face turned blue, and he whispered, “why are you here?”

“I came out as I didn’t want to stay inside. Anyway, it’s not the first time.” Jiang Ping’s tone changed suddenly and he looked nonchalant.

Jiang Tianxing’s face suddenly turned black, and raised his hand to cast a soundproof spell, separating Jiang Ping from him.

Then, the two seemed to have said something, and Jiang Ping’s expression had always looked provocative, however, Jiang Tianxing seemed to be calming down gradually.

Xu Ziyan didn’t want to participate in other people’s domestic affairs. Although Zirong told him that Jiang Ying wanted to follow him, Xu Ziyan would not force Jiang Ying without the consent of his father.


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