111 Part 2

Xu Ziyan watched Yu Hao’s mother cry again, and he didn’t know what else to do. He really wasn’t good in comforting the others.

“Auntie, don’t cry first. I want to ask you, is your son called Yu Hao?”

The old lady jerked her head up, her dry and thin arms grabbed Xu Ziyan, “you…you know my Hao’er?”

Xu Zirong frowned lightly next to her. He reached out his hands, seemingly gentle but firm, and he pulled the old lady’s hands away from her brother’s arms and placed them on her own lap. Then, he said softly, “there happens to be a disciple within our sect called Yu Hao, who looks a bit like you. Also, you’ve mentioned his name, that’s why my brother suspected whether it’s the same person.”

In fact, when Xu Zirong said that Yu Hao looked a bit like the old lady, it was a compliment for Yu Hao. Although this lady looked old, one could tell from her face that she was gorgeous when she was young. However, Yu Hao wasn’t ugly but his appearance was way too common.

His face was not unique at all and it’s too common, he couldn’t be found in a crowd. Also, he had a sense of filthiness, once revealed, he made people want to beat him up…

“Hao’er…you guys know Hao’er?” The old lady became emotional immediately. She reached out to grab Xu Ziyan’s arm again. Luckily, Xu Zirong was quick enough. He took a pillow and stuffed it in the old lady’s arms.

The old lady was stunned and confused. She stared at the pillow in her hand and at Xu Zirong, not understanding what this meant.

Xu Ziyan, “……”

He knocked a chestnut on Xu Zirong’s head, then told him to not interfere through his eyes. Although Xu Ziyan had been feeling confused by Xu Zirong’s weird attitude lately, his “teaching” to Zirong as a brother still worked.

Xu Zirong made an apologetic look and stood aside. He watched as his brother jerked the pillow out of the confused old lady’s hand and threw it aside, then reached out and took her hand and patted it gently.

Xu Zirong kept staring at the old lady and Xu Ziyan’s hands clasped together with a depressed gaze. His way of look was just too obvious, although the old lady felt excited when she heard about his son again, she noticed Zirong’s look and let go of Xu Ziyan’s hand.

Xu Ziyan was pissed off by this stupid action of Xu Zirong and the corners of his eyes twitched. Unfortunately, Xu Zirong kept his principle consistently – I’ll always repent but I’ll never change.

Xu Ziyan was helpless and he simply gave up trying to correct Xu Zirong. He tried to ignore him as much as possible, and in a very gentle tone, he started telling this old lady some of her son’s situation.

Xu Ziyan was shameful to admit that he had actually not seen Yu Hao for more than five years, so he had to rely on Xu Zirong to give him more information. In the end, they managed to present Yu Hao as a tall, healthy man.

After seeing the old lady looking hopeful again, Xu Ziyan prayed silently – Yu Hao, please be good. I described you as a tall, young guy in front of your mother. If you still look that filthy, I’ll be so shameful…

After comforting the old lady, Xu Ziyan still had to deal with the follow-up matters. The Yu family was one of the four biggest families in Wuti City, even if the branch of Yu Hao looked very insignificant, he shouldn’t have taken away someone’s concubine so boldly …… however, Yu Hao’s father must have forgotten the existence of this person anyway.

After staying in Wuti City for so many days, he also inquired a lot of news of Yu Hao’s father. Xu Ziyan didn’t want to comment on this person. He felt that he’s a much worse person than father Xu. All in all, although father Xu didn’t have much love to his son, he fulfilled his obligations as a father, but Yu Hao’s father…well.

As Yu Hao’s mother was a concubine, she’s like a servant in many people’s eyes. Also, since she already got old and her son “died” early,  one could be sure that she’d have no good ending.

Xu Ziyan’s original plan was to use the name of “life savior” to “buy” Yu Hao’s mother from the father. Although it didn’t sound good, it’s the fastest way. Xu Ziyan also thought about other solutions, but using Bai Hua’s methods would never work.

When Bai Hua rescued Yu Hao’s mother, the Wuti City was already broken through. Although the team of Yu’s father successfully fled after leaving Yu Hao’s mother behind, they were unlucky enough to be entangled by a high-level monster. In his team, there were no outstanding cultivators at all. And it’s obviously easy to guess the consequence – the whole team was killed and Yu Hao’s mother was then set free.

When Xu Ziyan thought of this, he started feeling the effect of being a protagonist. Look at Bai Hua as one himself, when he wanted a disciple, God even helped him to take care of the rest.

He scratched his head helplessly and started wondering how many spiritual stones he needed to bail Yu Hao’s mother out. Given how greedy father Yu was, he’d certainly take this opportunity to rip Xu Ziyan off.


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