Chapter 109

Xu Ziyan did not join other small teams. The strength of him and that of Xu Zirong had far surpassed their cultivation level, and their cooperation was almost seamless. If other people joined, their burden might increase.

“Cultivator Xu.”

The Xu brothers heard a slightly surprised voice before they stood still on the arrow tower.

Xu Ziyan’s expression turned stiff, but he soon returned to normal. He raised his head and smiled politely and with distance, “cultivator Bai.”

Xu Zirong’s eyes slightly darkened, and there was a deep sense of murder hidden in them. How come this Bai Hua would let them go? If he had a better chance now, he’d kill him in an instant!

“Cultivator Xu, the day before yesterday, I…” With an apologetic look, Bai Hua wanted to explain about the misunderstanding two days before.

But Xu Ziyan didn’t give him a chance at all, “it’s okay, the matter has passed, and I don’t think cultivator Bai did it on purpose.” Afterwards, he nodded to him and turned to Jiang Tianxing.

What a joke, he didn’t care whether Bai Hua’s actions that day were intentional or not, he just wanted to stay away from this guy. Bai Hua was generally friendly to Xu Ziyan, except for the not-so-friendly action the other day. However, Xu Ziyan didn’t want to turn this friendliness into something else, he really couldn’t afford this kind of things.

Since Xu Ziyan deliberately kept a distance from Bai Hua, this made Xu Zirong really happy. There’s a wide smile on his face, and he walked right next to his brother. When he passed by and met Bai Hua’s gaze, Xu Zirong instantly gave him a sarcastic look.

Bai Hua’s gaze turned dull and he stared at Xu Zirong’s back. He didn’t understand it – even though his essence core didn’t work on Xu Ziyan, he’s still friendly enough, wasn’t he? And he hasn’t shown any hostility either, how come Xu Ziyan was so cold to him?

Since activating the effect of his essence core, Bai Hua had never been treated coldly like this. He really couldn’t let it go and he wanted to conquer this man.

Bai Hua suppressed the anger in his heart and gradually calmed down. Xu Ziyan’s attitude clearly showed that he was not interested at all. On one hand, perhaps Xu Ziyan wasn’t thinking about any relationship matters at all, or it’s just that he didn’t like Bai Hua’s type.

Bai Hua’s mouth tightened and he dwelled into deep thoughts. His current enthusiastic and cheerful personality were shaped to adapt to the life of Tian Yu sect. For his seniors, an easy-going personality could make it easier to get along with the others.

But this kind of outgoing personality would be difficult to attract those outstanding disciples, just like Lin Xiaotian. If he didn’t happen to have a mission with him one time and successfully revealed his pathetic side, Lin Xiaotian would never feel pity for him nor get close to him. Unfortunately, Lin Xiaotian’s feelings for him were not so advanced that they could do double cultivation, and he had to keep his innocent image in front of Lin Xiaotian too.

Bai Hua found it such a pity that the cultivators who did double cultivation with him were all unimportant ones, and he wanted the primordial yang of Xu Ziyan more and more.

A cultivator’s primordial yang would be the greatest supplement for Bai Hua, especially Xu Ziyan as a cultivator of thunder spiritual roots. If that violent spiritual power could be integrated with Bai Hua, it may be able to help him break through twice in one go.

Bai Hua frowned slightly and decided to give up this approach. Now that Xu Ziyan didn’t have much interest in him, he’d just start disgusting Xu Ziyan if he insisted.

Now, when he thought about it, he suddenly wanted to thank Xu Zirong. With him next to Xu Ziyan, all the girls or guys would be expelled if they ever showed interest in Xu Ziyan.

On the other hand, it was absolutely impossible for a person like Xu Ziyan to be in an intimate relationship with his younger brother. Unless Xu Zirong didn’t mind going that far and destroying everything, including his relationship with his older brother, and he could just witness what happened with bare eyes.

Bai Hua showed a strange smile, when looking at the back of the Xu brothers, he said in his heart, “I’ll let you guard him for now, but I’m really looking forward to the day when your brother becomes my valentine.”

Xu Ziyan wasn’t aware what Bai Hua was planning, and even if he did, he would just sneer.

Perhaps in the eyes of the others, Bai Hua was so charming, but for Xu Ziyan, he wasn’t as good as Xu Zirong in terms of appearance, personality and obedience. So how could he be interested in Bai Hua?

(Wait, there seems to be something wrong with the comparison. Forget it…)

Anyway, compared with Zirong, Bai Hua would just become a pile of stinky shit. Xu Ziyan admitted that unless he suddenly became mentally disabled, he would never have a relationship with him.

“Patriarch Jiang, how long can the array withstand?” Xu Ziyan asked casually.

“If the scale of the siege is not large, it can last at least three days.” Jiang Tianxing was very clear about his resources, and he could obtain the result with some calculation.

If the monsters still had not captured Wuti City in three days, they had to retreat unless they planned to have the entire army removed. The nearest large city to Wuti City Would be the Luoye City under the command of Tian Yu sect. Luoye City was more than ten times larger than Wuti City. The most important thing was that there were at least three cultivators of golden core.

Three days would be enough for the cultivators to receive the signal from Wuti City and be there as soon as possible, which means that in three days at most, there would be cultivators of golden core to rescue them.

After the battle just now, Jiang Tianxing also discovered that the level of these demonic cultivators were not higher than that of the later stage of Qi Condensation. Otherwise, there’s no way Wuti City could hold on for so long once the golden core cultivators took action.

“You guys take some rest first. I will order the reserve team to be on duty.” Jiang Tianxing sent Xu Ziyan and the others to rest. The cultivators who had just left the city to fight have returned to the city. Those who survived all smiled, and even those injured ones couldn’t hide the joy on their face.

Although many people died this time, more monsters died. The materials on these monsters, like the inner alchemy, were all very valuable items for trade.

The life of casual cultivators was not easy. Even the benefits gained by the disciples of the Jiang family were not as good as their gains in this battle. A full wallet could make all kinds of unhappiness fade away. Although they were sad for those who had sacrificed, they needed to look forward.

Jiang Tianxing looked at the crowd which had returned below and he was relieved. Not many disciples of the family had died. The disciples of lower level whom he cared more also returned alive.

As long as these people could survive this battle, they would remain the hope of the Jiang family in the future. Jiang Tianxing even began to wonder whether he should send them to some middle-level sects for cultivation.

The substitute teams stood on the city wall and began to guard against the next attack by the monsters, while the cultivators who had retreated randomly chose a few residential houses and started to meditate.

Xu Ziyan noticed that Bai Hua seemed to have left and he quietly breathed a sigh of relief, but he became nervous again, as he almost forgot that he still needed to save Yu Hao’s mother!!!

This time, the monsters did not break through the west gate, and naturally there was no way for them to wipe out half of Wuti City. The Yu family would not have to move out in a hurry, according to this logic, Yu Hao’s mother would not be left behind.

However, Xu Ziyan was very worried that role of Bai Hua as the protagonist would have a peculiar effect, what if Yu Hao’s mother appeared all of a sudden and without warning? He had nothing against Bai Hua rescuing an elderly, but he would be a little unhappy if this elderly happened to be Yu Hao’s mother…

The fact that Bai Hua was the protagonist was already annoying enough, but with the existence of Qian Wen Pavilion where all kinds of rumors spread…this would just become unbearable.

Xu Ziyan decided that he must not give Bai Hua this opportunity to increase his strength. Besides, he had been interested in the ability of Yu Hao for a long time. He had to seize such a good opportunity and he wouldn’t forgive himself if he missed it.

“Follow me.” Xu Ziyan said to Xu Zirong.

“Where are we going?” Xu Zirong looked at his elder brother in confusion. Their perfect cooperation made him in a good mood. Even though he asked out of habit, he was ready to activate the flying sword and fly.

“To save a person.” Xu Ziyan tried to reply mysteriously.

“Save a person?” Xu Zirong paused.

“Let’s go, you’ll know when you get there, and I don’t even know if we can save her.” Xu Ziyan was worried that Bai Hua would be faster, and he hurriedly flew with Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong was happy to be close to his brother, he simply put away the flying sword and stood behind Xu Ziyan in a manly manner.

Within five seconds, Xu Ziyan regretted his decision just now…

What did he make Zirong stand behind him in a hurry!? This was just too stupid!

Since they were standing so close, they could feel each other’s temperature through the clothes. When Xu Ziyan felt the hot air blowing on the back of his neck, he recalled how they used the combined technique in the battle.

When he felt the warmth in his ears, his earlobes seemed to be trembling slightly, the arms around his waist felt gentle yet powerful. Xu Zirong was wrapping his waist firmly and he couldn’t move.

Although this posture was to ensure that Xu Ziyan would not accidentally tremble and cause any failures in skills, but could Xu Zirong be holding too tightly?

What annoyed him the most was that after he shot the arrow, he originally wanted to take a half step forward and be further apart from Zirong, but Zirong suddenly tightened his arms around his waist, making him slightly bump back. With this bump, his whole body went stiff, as he felt like his buttocks had touched something of a man…

His mind went numb, and he rushed forward and started fighting the monsters. Zirong followed him, and in the beginning, Xu Ziyan was still a bit embarrassed, but the easy and open attitude of Zirong completely confused him…

Could he have felt it wrongly?




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