108 Part 2

All monsters were eager to get upgraded, even if there was a demonic cultivator driving them behind, they would not give up this opportunity when facing this temptation.

The iron rhino felt helpless in this situation, as it’s the nature of monsters. If he was given the chance to be upgraded, he might give up the battle instantly as well.

The fight for that golden liquid had at least caused the death of at least three monsters of Qi condensation. Also, the monster fox that just fled, the high-level monsters which were surrounding the west gate immediately fell behind.

Jiang Tianxing’s eyes twitched and he was looking at the giant python struggling and dying…finally being eaten alive. There was a kind of helplessness in his heart. This was indeed the work of a disciple of a nascent soul cultivator! Especially from a big sect!

Small families could never be compared to those big sects when it came to things like that! Look at the disciples from another sect, they were just about 20 years old and had already reached the later stage of building base. They also managed to use one arrow to kill a monster that his five cultivators of Qi condensation failed to kill. This was indeed a difference in strength.

With the cultivation level in the late stage of building base, they could already shoot an arrow as lethal as the later stage of Qi condensation, what kind of inborn talent could that be? And what kind of master could teach a disciple so well?

Jiang Tianxing secretly made up his mind to send both Jiang Bin and Jiang Ling to participate in the assessment of Liu Guang sect in the future. Although they were relatively closer to Tian Yu sect, Bai Hua from Tian Yu sect seemed a lot weaker than the Xu brothers.

“Patriarch Jiang.”

People always appear whenever you mention or think of them. Jiang Tianxing suddenly heard Bai Hua’s voice.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Tianxing was still very polite to this disciple of Tian Yu sect, all in all, there would only be advantages in building a good relationship with this sect.

“Patriarch Jiang, patriarch Fang wanted me to inform you that the monsters of the south gate have been defeated for now, not sure what’s the situation of the west gate?” Bai Hua arched his hands in front of Jiang Tianxing, while he was looking at the young people behind him and he seemed to be searching something.

Jiang Tianxing nodded, “the two cultivators of Liu Guang sect just heavily injured a monster of the later stage of Qi condensation. These monsters have just got themselves into a mess. I think that the demonic cultivators behind them will order them to retreat first.”

Before he finished talking, there was a melodious cry behind the battlefield. A cyan bird was flying at the back of the battlefield in circles. The monsters surrounding the city wall retreated like a tide, leaving behind the wreckage of the ground.

As soon as Jiang Tianxing raised his hand, the muscular drummer began to beat the drums again. The cultivators who were so into their fighting finally became more conscious after hearing the sound of the drums. They pulled their injured teammates and entered the range of the defensive array.

Xu Ziyan’s clothes were almost stained with sweat and blood, but there was a hearty smile on his face.

This kind of bloody fight is a real test of a human’s will power. Xu Ziyan wasn’t sure whether it was in his genes, or whether he’s under the influence of his original body, but he was super enthusiastic to fight.

At the beginning, he felt a bit disgusted when blood splattered on his body. However, he immediately fell in love with this feeling afterwards. He really enjoyed doing it with Xu Zirong, who knew his every little thought and make appropriate changes, this kind of perfect cooperation really made him indulge.

“Haha, it feels damn good!” Xu Ziyan slapped Xu Zirong on the shoulder hard. After using the combined technique, his confused feelings caused by being hugged by Xu Zirong had completely disappeared…

Xu Ziyan was once worried that Xu Zirong wouldn’t grow into a masculine man with his gorgeous face, and now he knew that he didn’t need to worry at all.

Xu Zirong acted quickly, without the slightest change in the way he looked. Xu Ziyan watched him carefully for a long time, and there’s no single trace that Zirong had gone crazy.

He breathed a sigh of relief quietly. Obviously, being bloodthirsty is only the nature of men. See Xu Zirong, he didn’t go nuts after seeing so much blood, it already proved that he wasn’t that into it and he wasn’t a lunatic!

(It’s only that Xu Zirong was picky when it’s about the quality of blood…how lucky!)

The two brothers cooperated with a lot of mutual understanding. Although they couldn’t use the advantage of the gilt arrow with close combat, Xu Ziyan’s close combat wasn’t easy to deal with either. Also, although Xu Zirong’s blood-type magic was invisible, it’s everywhere. Xu Ziyan wasn’t harmed at all from the beginning to the end.

After this time, he also had thoroughly felt the atmosphere of a battle.

In such a large-scale battle, especially when they had to fight against monsters, there is no point in having too many people. No matter how large a team is, they can’t defeat the monsters, so only a small team can give fully play to the strength of the cultivators.

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