108 Part 1

Chapter 108

The young disciples all looked pale, as the pressure brought by this Thunder Spirit Arrow made their teeth tremble. The sense of destruction from that arrow was something they had never encountered before, and it was even more shocking than all the bloody massacres on the battlefield below.

——Actually, they’d misunderstood.

The battlefield below was cruel, and that was only what they saw with their eyes. Through the defensive array, all kinds of shocks were already weakened. But Xu Ziyan’s Thunder Spirit Arrow actually shot near them. This difference in distance naturally made them feel different.

“Zirong!” The moment Xu Ziyan fully pulled the gilt bow entirely, he suddenly said in a low voice.

Patriarch Jiang was stunned. He didn’t understand at all why Xu Ziyan would call his brother at this moment. Would it be possible that he wanted some help in shooting the arrow?

However, Xu Zirong’s following actions stunned him even more, as that charming young man stood behind Xu Ziyan and hugged him. The bodies of the two were sticking together just like the most intimate couple ever.

Everyone there was shocked and speechless. They only saw a low-profile guy supporting his forehead and looking sideway. The gentle Jiang Ying almost had tears all over his face as well. His new owner turned out to show public affection with his elder brother, this was so challenging to everyone’s values.

There was a moment of silence on the entire arrow tower, they couldn’t even hear the sound of fighting on the battlefield. Jiang Tianxing had no idea what to say, as he felt that he must have misunderstood something. And what happened next also proved that he did…(really?)

After Xu Zirong hugged Xu Ziyan, he immediately adjusted his breathing. Since they’d lived together for such a long time, there was a close bonding between them that no one would understand.

With deep breaths, the spiritual fluctuations of the two began to approach gradually. After reaching the closest point, Xu Zirong suddenly raised his hand and lightly tapped the arrow made of thunder light. A dark green color was integrated into the tip of the arrow.

And so—

Was that a combined attack by two closely bonded brothers?


Everyone who had been shocked by Xu Zirong’s behavior suddenly discovered the truth, and in a blink of an eye, they ditched that crazy thought.

The gentle Jiang Ying’s eyes twitched, his master must have done it on purpose, he could guarantee this!

Xu Ziyan looked cold and stern, and his fingers on the bowstring loosened–

The young disciples there felt like their hearts just stopped beating. The power of this arrow was just so powerful, could the python handle that?

If the arrow failed to shoot an enemy, it would be meaningless. Then, could this arrow of Xu Ziyan release its effect?

The people there were so nervous that their heart almost jumped out. They kept staring at the black arrow shooting through the defensive array and flying towards the giant python.

“Come back!” Jiang Tianxing’s attention was uncontrollably attracted by that arrow. When he saw the two shadows, the Xu brothers had already jumped out of the defensive array and there’s no way to stop them.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong had already passed through the defensive array and fell directly into the group of monsters under the city wall. Fortunately, the two guys did not rush out recklessly, but they fought not far from the array. In case there’s danger, they could always re-enter the array and be protected by it.

Jiang Tianxing breathed a sigh of relief, he really dared not let the Xu brothers take risk. If the Wuti City was broken through, the Jiang family could still settle somewhere else, but if these two died, and as long as the nascent soul cultivator stayed alive, the Jiang family could only carry on with their lives in another name. Just now, he was still considering whether he should grab the Xu brothers and take them away after knocking their heads. Fortunately, the Xu brothers acted smartly and didn’t make the situation too difficult for Jiang Tianxing.

“Hiss…Wow!!!” When Jiang Tianxing was paying attention to the Xu brothers, the black arrow was already shot at the giant python.

“Wow! What is that!”

“Damn! Are wood-type spells that powerful?”

“Ah, that’s the bloody vines! No wonder they’re so powerful!”

“Gosh! Isn’t that a forbidden thing?”

Many cultivators of the Jiang family were stunned, before they saw the arrow shooting at the giant python, it suddenly burst out a strong light. After that, several thick green vines appeared out of thin air and they tied the python tightly in it.

The movement of the giant python was restricted, and naturally there was no room to escape. The black arrow landed exactly on the sarcoma on the top of the giant python.

With a loud bang, the sarcoma completely burst open, and a large amount of golden liquid came out of it. The giant python immediately wailed, and its body expanded. The bloody vines wrapped around it shattered and fell on the ground. As these vines were forced out by thunder-type spiritual power, they could only survive for a while, it didn’t matter even if they were broken.

After the giant python was seriously injured, the monsters around it began to climb on it frantically. The golden liquid on the top of the giant python’s head could help many monsters get upgraded. Normally, the giant python was powerful and no monster dared to offend it, but now that he’s already seriously injured and dying, the weaker monsters all started attacking it.

After a while, the giant python died after being bitten by the other monsters. The golden liquid on its head was obtained by a white fox with three tails. After it drank all the liquid, it immediately left the scene at the highest speed. As there’s suddenly a high intake of energy, it needed to find a safe place to get upgraded.

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