107 Part 2

Jiang Tianxing stared at the python that deliberately slowed down and he felt very anxious. He only had limited manpower. If he could not kill the python as soon as possible, once he was brought close to the city wall, there would surely be unpleasant consequences, and it might be better than the city gate being opened by the insider.

“Patriarch Jiang, why don’t you let me try?”

Just as he was extremely anxious and kept thinking about who could kill the python, there was a clear voice behind him.

“You?” Patriarch Jiang was stunned, as it was Xu Ziyan who’d discovered the traces of monsters.

He frowned even more, and he didn’t seem to agree. This was a disciple of nascent soul of Liu Guang sect. Even though he’d discovered the traces of monsters, Jiang Tianxing had never thought of letting Xu Ziyan join the battle.

Was he just kidding?

If he let Xu Ziyan join the battle, and if problems occurred, that nascent soul would surely seek for revenge, and the Jiang family would be at risk.

Jiang Tianxing knew very well that those nascent soul cultivators could be very kind, but once it was about the lives of the people close to them, they couldn’t act calmly.

He didn’t have much contact with Luo Yun, and he was not sure about his temperament. For the sake of safety, he had made up his mind earlier and he was determined to make the two disciples leave Wuti city safely.

Even if the city was broken, he would sacrifice his life to let the two disciples and the next generation of the Jiang family leave from the secret path.

“Cultivator Xu, the battlefield below has become so chaotic, and the giant python has already reached the later stage of Qi condensation. It is too dangerous for you. If you want to kill the monster, you can wait until you get stronger, and you’ll go to the Extreme West too. There’s no need to take the risk here.”

Xu Ziyan smiled at him, “patriarch Jiang, you are worrying too much. If I want to kill that monster, I don’t need to leave this city gate.”

“Oh?” Jiang Tianxing looked at the bow behind Xu Ziyan with doubt. He had already noticed that the bow was a magic weapon, but it was a magic weapon of the lowest level, and it’s only suitable for disciples of Qi refining.

Also, in Liu Yun Pavilion, Xu Ziyan did not use that bow to shoot. Jiang Tianxing thought that he liked weapons like this and used it to look more powerful.

“Then…try it.” Jiang Tianxing hesitated before he agreed. Xu Ziyan was protected by the defensive array, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Xu Ziyan showed an honest smile, and pulled out the bow and held it in his hand. He stood straight with the bow, the spiritual power on his body, there’s suddenly a clear sound, and the outer layer of the bow burst directly, revealing a layer of radiant metal inside.

“Colorful gilt!” The brawny man beside Jiang Tianxing exclaimed.

Xu Ziyan smiled slightly, holding the bow in his left hand, and he pulled the bowstring in the right hand. A dark purple arrow gradually formed between his fingers, shining with dazzling thunder.

Jiang Tianxing was slightly surprised by Xu Ziyan’s move, and he also thought that he’s lucky.

He had also thought about choosing a better bow from the Jiang family’s treasure house and giving it to Xu Ziyan, so as to build a relationship with him. In his opinion, a disciple of nascent soul shouldn’t be using such a cheap bow, it’s not even suitable for decoration.

Fortunately, when he had this thought, he was horrified by Xu Ziyan’s information about the monster siege of the city and he then forgot about it, or he’d be embarrassed to death.

The colorful gilt is a very rare metal, its biggest advantage is to enhance attack power.

One’s spiritual power can increase after the support of the colorful gilt. For cultivators like Xu Ziyan who preferred an offensive attacking style, this kind of magic weapons would be the most ideal for him.

Originally, the simple appearance of the long bow was deliberately designed by Xu Ziyan, as he did not want to expose the colorful gilt. As the old saying goes, you should never reveal your wealth. Previously, he was just a kid with no background, only with basic training skills. If he brought a long bow made of colorful gilt everywhere, it would mean proactively looking for death.

However, the situation has now become different. He had already reached the late stage of building base, and he was also a disciple of nascent soul from the Liu Guang sect. It would be a joke if he continued to act so low profile.

He didn’t care what the others say, but he didn’t want his master to be blamed, so he simply decided to reveal this weapon under these circumstances. In this way, if anyone wanted to steal the bow, then he’d have to think twice before triggering the nascent soul.

Although there were many details, it was lasted for a short while when Xu Ziyan’s arrows got when more spiritual power was infused in it. It had already turned to black from dark purple. The thunder light was densely entwined with the arrow, and there’s almost no gap at all.

Jiang Tianxing was completely shocked by Xu Ziyan’s arrow. He didn’t have to know what cultivation level Xu Ziyan had reached, the attack power of his arrow had at least reached the later stage of Qi condensation, and it’s just shocking.

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