107 Part 1

Chapter 107


Among the second batch of the cultivators of Qi refining, Jiang Ying (f.), Jiang Bin and Jiang Ling were one of them. The more “qualified” second generation of the Jiang family had all stood on the wall at this moment. And most of the cultivators of the Jiang family who had surpassed the stage of building base have also participated in the close combat with monsters. At this time, if the Jiang family couldn’t lead by example, it would be even more impossible for those casual cultivators in Wuti City to give effort.

“Ah!” With a loud screaming sound, the first cultivator who died at the hands of the monsters fell to the ground, and was torn into pieces by those monsters.

This seemed to be a signal, and after a while, other cultivators died in the hands of monsters one after the other.

The cultivators who were still fighting all changed their facial expressions instantly, and there was even a scared disciple from the Jiang family who tried to escape into the array, but was killed by a cultivator of Qi condensation.

Jiang Tianxing looked at the crowd below coldly, “we have had a long history of hatred with the demonic cultivators. Once they break through, no one in the city can escape. As the disciples of the Jiang family, you’ve been supported by people in Wuti City. Anyone who dares to flee will die like him!”

Jiang Tianxing made a loud and firm announcement. Although it was a disciple of the Jiang family who died, all the casual cultivators shivered. Many of them gave up on the thought of escaping quietly. No one would dare to do so before there were any signs of the city being broken through.

Jiang Tianxing’s gaze swept across the faces of the young disciples around him, and many of them lowered their heads with guilt. The next generation of the Jiang family hardly experienced any hardship; such a battle was really overwhelming for them.

Just now, he was also forced to tell his subordinate to kill the disciple who was escaping. The ordinary casual cultivators still had to bear the responsibilities to guard the city wall of Wuti. The Wuti City was headed by the four major families, but it was impossible to rely solely on the disciples of these four major families, as they only played a minor role. If the disciples of the Jiang family escaped, then the rest of the casual cultivators would probably just wipe their feet before running away too.

After this battle, the strength of the Jiang family would be greatly reduced. On the other hand, those who could survive must be the elites. Jiang Tianxing was thinking to train those remaining ones well, and after five years, he could revive the family again and he could even make it stronger.

Jiang Tianxing calmly looked at the battlefield below, and he noticed a resentful gaze of an old man not far away.

He frowned slightly, and suddenly recalled that the Jiang family who had been killed just now seemed to be a descendant of this old man. His eyes darkened, he lowered his head and said something to a middle-aged man next to him. The middle-aged man left, and as the battle became crueler, more and more cultivators participated in the battle, and the old man, along with a team of five people, was ordered to kill a monster at its later stage of Qi condensation.

That monster was a very powerful and giant python, its body was about thirty feet long, and there was a yellowish sarcoma on its head. The sarcoma was throbbing, as if something would pop out anytime.

The scaled armor of this giant python was extremely tough, and any ordinary attacks would be just like tickling on the skin. It could also spit out venom to attack, and at least a dozen of monsters had already been killed by it.

Jiang Tianxing ordered the group of cultivators to kill it, and it’s not only to remove further troubles for himself, but it’s also because of its huge size and horrifying attack power. Once it got near the city wall, it’d surely bring tremendous burden to the defensive array.

The old man and four other cultivators in the early stage of Qi condensation joined forces to attack the giant python, but the giant python did not fall into their trap. Instead, it used itself as a bait to kill the five cultivators.

After swallowing the last cultivator of Qi condensation, the giant python raised its head high, looking at Jiang Tianxing on the city wall, its huge tail slapped to the ground, and its ugly snake head showed a kind of provocative smile.

“Patriarch! Subordinates, please fight!” A strong man snorted coldly and said respectfully to Jiang Tianxing.

Jiang Tianxing groaned for a while but could only shake his head. This brawny man was one of the only three cultivators in the Jiang family’s, who’d reached the later stage of Qi condensation. Although the giant python was powerful, it was obviously not the leader of this siege.

No matter how powerful the monsters were, they weren’t comparable with demonic cultivators with intelligence. If they wanted the brawny man to start fighting now, and if the demon cultivators took this opportunity to attack, he and another cultivator at the later stage of Qi condensation wouldn’t know for sure if they could guard the city wall.

What was even more depressing is that – it’s very likely there’s an “insider” in the Jiang family. Therefore, Jiang Tianxing had to guard the city gate below and couldn’t leave his place.

The brawny man smashed his fist in disappointment, gritted his teeth and watched the giant python slowly crawling among the monsters in the distance. Anything that blocked his path, whether it was a human or a monster, was all swallowed by it.

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