106 Part 2

He couldn’t afford such a loss, so he could only use various reasons again and again to test his brother.

This time was of no exception, if his brother really couldn’t stand the bloodthirsty nature of himself, then he could only…

Xu Zirong’s eyes darkened, and the fingers under his sleeves began to be stained with bright red color, as if he was wearing a pair of bright red gloves.

Brother…please don’t let me down!

Xu Ziyan frowned upon hearing Xu Zirong, but he wasn’t nervous. After all, Xu Zirong’s reaction was as expected, but since Zirong was able to tell it so honestly, it also meant that his condition wasn’t so serious, right…?

Seeing Zirong lowered his head, his voice became lower and lower, and there’s a whole sense of frustration surrounding his body. Xu Ziyan suddenly felt soft. Seeing how Xu Zirong was, if he showed a bit of irritation, it’s like he didn’t even the courage to live anymore.

He patted Zirong on the shoulder sympathetically, and Xu Ziyan reached out and held him in his arms again, “don’t talk nonsense, you’re my brother, how would I hate you?”

“But…” Xu Zirong didn’t look up, he buried his face deeply in Xu Ziyan’s arms and he muttered, “but brother seems to hate me when I said that I like blood.”

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help laughing, “don’t talk nonsense, you don’t like blood, it’s just that all men like fighting. And blood is a by-product of it. Haven’t you heard of it? Some people faint after seeing blood, but some get excited. Those who faint just do so as it’s their instinct, and you can’t say that they’re not brave enough, right? So, if you are excited after seeing blood, it’s just a habit.”

“Oh.” Xu Zirong nodded obediently, but he still did not look up.

Xu Ziyan noticed that Xu Zirong’s ears seemed to get a little red, which looked a little funny. He looked grown up, but he was still a kid in his heart! Xu Ziyan had no idea for how long Zirong had this hidden in his heart, and he should feel more relaxed after expressing it.

He gently lifted Xu Zirong up and put his forehead against his, “you can tell me what you think in the future, there’s no need to think too much yourself, okay?”

“Hmm.” Xu Zirong agreed obediently, and he couldn’t hide the joy in his eyes.

Xu Ziyan patted his shoulders, and once again focused his attention on the battlefield below the city wall, while Xu Zirong stood quietly aside, and a bright red color appeared on that delicate face, making many young men and women who had not yet participated in the battle blush. There were even people secretly asking others about the identity of Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong couldn’t describe how happy he was!

Xu Ziyan’s reaction completely exceeded his expectations. It was already an unexpected result that Xu Ziyan could tolerate him, and Xu Zirong hadn’t realized that his older brother actually protected him unconditionally.

Xu Zirong believed that Xu Ziyan could definitely tell the differences between a bloodthirsty person and someone who likes to fight, yet he deliberately mixed these concepts on purpose. It seems that he’s already finding an excuse in case Xu Zirong went wild one day…

Xu Zirong felt warm in his heart, this kind of satisfaction was something that he had never experienced before.

He looked at his brother silently. There was a sweet smile on his face. There was indeed someone in his life who cared for him and protected him unconditionally, someone who’d tolerate all his flaws, and Xu Zirong would let his brother leave!

“The second team, come on!” Jiang Tianxing paid attention to the entire battlefield, he looked worried, and there’s also a slight sense of anxiety between his eyebrows.

There were noises of the drum again, and the cultivators of building base started to get out of the defensive array and fight with the monsters.

The cannon-fodder monsters in the front row were almost all dead, and those behind were for long-range attacks. They started attacking the defensive array, and the speed of consumption of spiritual stones increased a few times.

Jiang Tianxing felt helpless. The defensive array that could protect the front wall must be supported by high-level spirit stones, but for small families like the four major families in Wuti City, there were limited spiritual stones preserved in the clan.

If the situation went on like that and if they couldn’t hold on until night, then the defensive array would be broken by those monsters. At that time, the situation would be much more overwhelming.

Hundreds of cultivators of building base jumped off the city wall and fought with the monsters under the city. The first batch of Qi-refining cultivators had already exhausted their spiritual power, and they began to push back in an organized manner, letting a new batch of cultivators take their place and continue to stand on the wall to attack. The cultivators who retired immediately found some quiet corners and began to meditate for recovery. Since there was limited spiritual medicine, before the most intensive moment of the battle arrived, no one would dare to waste it.


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