103 Part 2

Just like the metal flower on the eaves over there, even ordinary iron blocks could create the same effect, but the one hanging there was made of the finest iron.

There was at least a thousand times’ difference in value between ordinary and fine iron, and many low-level cultivators even whispering among themselves whether they should steal the flower quietly.

Of course, this was all just thinking. Wherever there were such precious materials, there were cultivators from the Fang or Jiang family who were there to welcome guests. These people would guide the guests to Fang’s house. If someone left his position while he was on duty, there would immediately be other cultivators for replacement.

In a restaurant in the city, on the second floor by the window, there were a man and a woman. The man was handsome and the women was shy and gentle. By just sitting there quietly, they already attracted a lot of attention.

“Brother, do you think that something is wrong?” The charming woman was wearing a green dress. She sat beside the man, looking at the crowd below and said blankly.

“Well, the people in Wuti City seem to have noticed something.” The man tapped his fingers on the table, his eyes became extremely deep.

The woman raised her eyebrows, “do you think that they’ve discovered Tie Xi’s plan?”

The man shook his head, “I don’t think they all know, but there’re too many high-level cultivators getting out of the city these days.”

“Aren’t they going to the surrounding towns to send invitations?” The woman was puzzled.

The man chuckled twice and patted the woman’s head, “humans are very cunning creatures. They seem to be sending invitations, but I’ve noticed that every time they leave the city, they deliberately go through the woods.”

“So what? Isn’t it closer through the woods?” The woman still didn’t understand.

The man flicked the woman’s forehead, “little idiot, the journey through the woods is shorter, but there are many monsters living there too. If they are stopped by the monsters, they will have to fight to leave, which will take even more time.”

The woman pouted, “brother, you are so stupid. Didn’t Tie Xi send those monsters away?”

The man rolled his eyes speechlessly, and flicked on the woman’s forehead again, “just admit that you’re a small idiot. You’ve already said that the monsters are sent away. Then, imagine if you’re the city lord, and when all monsters have disappeared in the woods, wouldn’t you become suspicious?”

“Oh, it turned out to be like this.” The woman suddenly understood.

The man looked at the sky helplessly, the strength of the Flood Dragon clan was really strong. When each Flood Dragon made a sound, it would reach the level of the initial stage of Qi condensation. When they reached adulthood, they could directly possess the strength of golden core. What’s even more depressing is that…while they possessed great power, their intelligence level stayed the same…

The limbs are well-developed but their mind is simple. Fortunately, the Flood Dragon Clan had lived in the North Sea for many years, and they did not participate in the battles on the ground. Otherwise, in the face of those cultivators who were good at setting traps, it’s hard to imagine what consequences there would be for the Flood Dragon clan.

“Brother, should we help those demonic cultivators?” The woman said so, while getting ready.

The man immediately looked more serious and harsh, “what did I say when we came here? We’re just here for the fun, and we’re not helping any humans nor demonic cultivators!”

“But… those demonic cultivators are considered our kind.” The woman stuck her tongue out.

The man suddenly stared sharply at her, ”I think that you don’t want to pass the adult ceremony, do you? We are the Sea clan, what do we have to do with those demonic cultivators? Besides, don’t you think that those are good people, think of how many of us were killed by them!”

The woman was startled by the man’s harsh words, and she dared not speak anymore. Her elder brother belonged to the thorn dragon clan, the thorn dragon clan and the flood dragon clan were almost completely different clans.

The flood dragon clan had developed limbs yet simple minds, while the thorn dragon clan was the opposite – they didn’t have high physical power but they were very intelligent.

It is for this reason that the patriarchs of the thorn dragon and the flood dragon clans had long set a strategy for the joint development of the two races. The flood dragon clan would be responsible for protecting the safety of the thorn dragon clan, while the thorn dragon clan needed to use their intelligence to fight for more benefits for the flood dragon clan.

When a flood dragon was turning into an adult, he must be accompanied by an adult thorn dragon when he went to the mainland for cultivation. The woman in a green dress looked powerful enough to defeat the man next to her, but she could only listen obediently to his criticism.

“Let me warn you, if you dare to make a move in this city, I will report to the elders upon my return, and I’ll tell them that your adult ceremony hasn’t been accomplished. When that happens, you will wait a hundred years before you come out for cultivation again.” The man was worried that the woman would act recklessly, and he immediately warned her of the most serious consequence.

The woman shrugged. Since she was little, she had been stuck in the North Sea for over 300 years, and it was a precious opportunity for her to be out. It would be miserable if she’s sent back and kept there.


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