101 part 2

In history, those demon cultivators possessing a demonic body and doing whatever they wanted would be walked in long time ago, or they already obtained high-level practices out of some rare opportunities and they were hiding in some secret place. They would only appear after obtaining certain amount of self-defensiveness.

Jiang Ying had made the second plan, so he had to work hard to cultivate the lost soul spell.

According to the introduction of this book, the long soul spell is a kind of illusion attack, which is aimed at the enemy’s soul. After practicing it to a high level, it can even enable a person to take away someone else’s life by just looking at him. However, the book that Jiang Ying got ahold of wasn’t a complete one, and he could at most cultivate it to the stage of golden core. However, this was already good enough for him, as he could then escape from the Jiang family and look for the other half of the book.

“Do you want to lose the second half of the book?” Xu Zirong said this lightly, making Jiang Ying confused.

He suddenly wanted to stand up, but his body wasn’t in control at all, “do you have its second half?”

“Well, not only do I have the second part of the book, but I also know a secret.”

Jiang Ying’s expression moved slightly, and he slowly said after thinking for a while, “tell me, what do you want?”

Xu Zirong smiled slightly, “I want you!”

“You want me?” Jiang Ying was stunned, then his face turned totally pale, “you…you…”

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows and sneered with disdain, “what are you thinking about? Do you think that I am interested in your body? Why don’t you look at the mirror, are you even comparable to my brother’s finger?”

Jiang Ying was stunned again, realizing that he had misunderstood. His face flushed immediately, and then he was a little angry when he heard Xu Zirong’s sarcastic words. Then, he was a little shocked when he finally understood the real meaning of Xu Zirong.

Jiang Ying’s expression changed several times, and finally turned into a lunatic smile, “Ahahaha…Although you are arrogant, you have what it takes to be arrogant. And…you’re in love with your brother, this is too interesting.”

Jiang Ying’s face distorted a few times, then it transformed into the gentle and elegant Jiang Ying. He was not as relaxed as the evil Jiang Ying, but instead, he gave a wry smile, “since you’ve told me this kind of thing, won’t I die if I don’t accept your request?”

Xu Zirong smiled and said playfully, “guess.”

The gentle Jiang Ying couldn’t help but curse in his heart, “what do I have to guess? You’re threatening me so obviously, I guess you just want me to fall into your trap!”

Xu Zirong knew how to threaten and lure at the same time, he’s really got good methods!

The gentle Jiang Ying was without any facial expressions and seemed to be weighing his own gains and losses. Xu Zirong didn’t urge him, he was just tapping the tabletop gently with his index finger.



It was a regular tapping sound, and the sound of the knuckles tapping the tabletop was quite clear, but Jiang Ying only felt upset upon hearing it. His heart was beating faster, and he also wanted to attack Xu Zirong.


Just as he was about to attack, Xu Zirong suddenly used his palm to tap on the desk.

Jiang Ying only felt that his heart shrank suddenly, and his spiritual power suddenly burst out uncontrollably, and he spat out a mouthful of dark red blood.

The room was horribly quiet, and the faint bloody smell filled up the small space.

Jiang Ying was silent for a while, he raised his head after calming down, and he wiped away the blood stain on the corner of his mouth. The way of him looking at Xu Zirong was more than just complicated. His numbness also disappeared at the moment he spat out the blood, and he was very confused.

“I can give you enough time to consider. Just give me the update before your sister gets married.” Xu Zirong stood up and patted the non-existent dust on his body, “I’ve already told you half of the secret. It depends on you whether you’ll get the other half.” Afterwards, he raised the corner of his mouth, yet there’s no sense of smile in his eyes, “remember, this is our deal, and if you tell someone else…”

He didn’t say what the consequences would be, but both understood that Xu Zirong had the ability to take revenge.

After seeing that slender figure disappear into the passage, Jiang Ying couldn’t bear it anymore, and he spit out some blood again. The blood looked much sharper than last time, but it’s still a bit dark.

“What’s going on?” The evil Jiang Ying asked anxiously. When two were sharing one body, the other felt the other half’s emotions, “did he do it?”

“No.” The gentle Jiang Ying’s face turned a little pale, “I’m guessing that the lost soul spell that we’ve found is a little problematic.”

“Is there a problem? And what is it? We spent so much effort to get it.” The evil Jiang Ying said.

The gentle Jiang Ying nodded, “but don’t you think that the procedure had been too smooth?”

“Too smooth?” The evil Jiang Ying’s eyes tightened, and the two recalled the situation at the same time.

Jiang Ying was only eleven years old at the time, as he had a demonic body, he couldn’t practice any “normal” cultivation of the Jiang family. Then, they found a treasure map out of an occasion, and the treasure was not far away from Wuti City.

According to the instructions on the treasure map, Jiang Ying, who was still young and had no spiritual power, had to work hard to finally obtain the secret book of that demon cultivator, and that’s the lost soul spell that they were practicing now.


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