100 Part 2

He knew the plot, so he could prevent problems with the gate in advance. If all four gates were guarded, it would be very difficult for the monsters to enter the city and start killing.

However, there was a second group of people, which put Xu Ziyan in a more passive position, since then he wouldn’t be able to explain things more openly. He could guard the gate of the Jiang family, but who could tell whether the second group would try attacking the other gate after seeing that the one guarded by Jiang family couldn’t be broken through?

He knocked his head while feeling depressed, and he began to think, if he continued pretending and communicating with patriarch Jiang, what was the possibility that his plot would be found out?

His conclusion was…given the intelligence level of patriarch Jiang, he wouldn’t say it even if he found Xu Ziyan lying, as he’d mind the Taoist Luo Yun.

After understanding this, Xu Ziyan calmed down. He really couldn’t tell the others about the monsters going to besiege the city, but he could tell them that there’s someone destroying the magic array of the gate.

It didn’t take too much time to check the array, and Jiang Tianxing certainly did not care about such trivial matters. And once the man-made destruction of the array was found out, then Jiang Tianxing would naturally become much more cautious as well. Then, Xu Ziyan planned to add his observation, and Jiang Tianxing might dispatch more people to look for traces of the monsters in the woods nearby.

When it comes to besieging the city, all it counts is always the quantity. With so many monsters, it is not possible not to leave any trace.

In his previous life, Wuti City was besieged very quickly. Aside from having people from the inside, there was a certain distance from these small cities to the extreme west, and there was a lack of caution.

“Let’s go, we’ll head back now.” Xu Ziyan turned around and planned to leave. Just when he did, he heard someone yell from afar, “who’s there sneaking around?”

Xu Ziyan’s heart moved and pulled Xu Zirong to hide into an alley. The two cultivators guarding the gate heard the loud shout. They were shocked and quickly released a spell. A red light flashed under the city gate. A huge magic array emerged.

“Shadow Chasing Array?” Xu Zirong was surprised for a moment, but he quickly released a large number of blood lice to divert the target.

After this red circle appeared, the entire gate was blocked. The two cultivators guarding the gate watched an old man passing by with vigilance. The old man got into the reins of his mule with a look of horror, shaking and dared not move.

The old man didn’t dare to move, and the two cultivators did not attack either. After all, there weren’t any spiritual fluctuations on the old man, and he didn’t look sneaky.

An old man with a gloomy look suddenly appeared next to the gate. His gloomy eyes looked around vigilantly. After finding nothing, he immediately urged the power of the magic array out, but when he felt the information sent back from the magic array, his facial expression changed tremendously.

The old man’s expression became more bitter, and the two guarding cultivators dared not approach. From the caution of the old man to the array being activated, it was only a few short moments, but the two found nothing at all.

The old man trapped in the center of the array shouldn’t be a powerful character. This also indicated that whoever that was discovered by this patriarch Qi, he should’ve fled far away.

“You useless scumbag!” Patriarch Qi flicked his sleeves angrily and shouted at the two cultivators. They dared not refute, so they just let patriarch scold them as much as he wanted.

This patriarch Qi was a guest of the Jiang family. He was notoriously grumpy and gloomy. There had been no evidence, but there were rumors about him being so narrow-minded, and anyone having offended him would be killed by some reason.

The two cultivators had just reached the first level of Qi refining, and that’s equivalent to being slightly better than ordinary people. In fact, if their level was a little higher, they would be assigned with more important tasks than guarding the gate.

The patriarch Qi left with a gloomy face. What happened that day gave him a bad feeling. There was only one day left before Jiang Ying (f.)’s wedding day, and he had to discuss this more thoroughly with someone.

“This guy is not right.” Seeing patriarch Qi leaving, Xu Zirong said with a deep frown.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan looked at him suspiciously.

“Since the shadow chasing array is set up under this city gate, it is absolutely impossible for anyone to silently modify the array. The shadow chasing array is not good at defending, but it is absolutely impossible for anyone to modify the array of the gate silently. Unless the person who controls the Shadow Chasing Array voluntarily gives up control of it.” Xu Zirong narrowed his eyes slightly. Wasn’t his older brother worried of not being able to find the insider of Jiang family? Although Jiang Ying (m.) previously proposed a target to be suspicious about, but that’s only a suspect, and there has been no evidence yet. Xu Ziyan still couldn’t do anything directly on Jiang Tianye.


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