100 Part 1

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Chapter 100

However, now that Xu Zirong had created a trouble like this, Xu Ziyan’s impression for him must have already dropped to a freezing point. In addition, he wasn’t affected by his essence core, unless he had a way to establish a physical relationship with Xu Ziyan. Otherwise, there’s no way for him to attract Xu Ziyan.

“Damn Xu Zirong!” Bai Hua gritted his teeth bitterly, and it was very difficult to find an excellent target for double cultivation like Xu Ziyan. Until that moment, he had only discovered three candidates.

Among the three candidates, Xu Ziyan has the highest amount of primordial yang on his body, and he was still a virgin. If he could do double cultivation with Xu Ziyan for once, he could even upgrade from the early stage of building base to the middle stage.

But such a good opportunity was completely ruined by Xu Zirong, how could Bai Hua not hate him?

Although he was angry, but it happened already and he had to find a solution.

After gradually calming down, Bai Hua began to think about why Xu Zirong would treat him like this.

His contact with Xu Zirong was nothing more than a short day in the Green Spirit Secret Realm. Although Xu Zirong was cold at the time, he did not show such a direct and offensive attitude, so did anything make him change?

Bai Hua closed his eyes and pondered slowly, he began to recall everything that had happened in the hall just now. He tried to remember every detail – since the moment he entered the hall.

Gradually, as time passed bit by bit, Bai Hua slowly showed a smile. And when he opened his eyes, his look was full of surprise.

“It turns out… that it’s like this…” Bai Hua murmured, then burst into laughter uncontrollably.

“Xu Zirong, Xu Zirong, it turns out…that you’re in love with your brother?” Bai Hua used his index finger to tap his lower lip and muttered to himself, “hahaha…this is really unexpected, it turns out that you have such disgusting thoughts to your brother.”

“No…I can’t tell Xu Ziyan. If I tell him so directly, he will definitely not believe me.” Bai Hua smiled and tapped his forehead, then shook his head slightly, “well, this is not an easy matter…but I really like challenges…”

Afterwards, he laughed more and more happily, “I really want to see the expression on your face when you see Xu Ziyan falling in love with me…no, it should be better if you see your brother being in bed with me…”

Bai Hua stuck out the tip of his tongue and licked his lips, His handsome face suddenly became more charming. He touched his smooth skin, and his face showed a certain and victorious smile.

“Xu Ziyan, I’m taking your primordial yang for sure!”

Xu Ziyan had no idea that his virginity was secretly “booked in advance”, and actually, he really had something else to do before leaving the Fang family, it wasn’t entirely because of anger.

Knowing that someone would destroy the magic array on the city gate the day after tomorrow, Xu Ziyan certainly had to be prepared.

He took Xu Zirong to buy some materials in several shops, the two quickly came to the west gate of Wuti City.

The soldiers guarding the city gate were rotated by the four families, and during that month, it happened to be guarded by the Jiang family. If it weren’t for such convenience, Jiang Tianye would not have been able to easily destroy the magic array on the gate under the supervision of other families.

There were two cultivators at the first level of Qi refining guarding the city gate. For such cultivators, Xu Ziyan’s strength was completely suppressed. He didn’t even need to cover up anything, and he directly let Xu Zirong release a concealment technique on him. They started checking the city gate in front of these two cultivators.

The person in charge of the check was Xu Zirong. His ability in forming arrays were many times higher than that of Xu Ziyan. He carefully checked the lines on the array and found that most of the lines were complete, but there were about a dozen nodes which had problems.

“Is it destroyed by human?” Xu Ziyan asked.

Xu Zirong shook his head and pointed out a few points on the magic array, “these should be marks from naturally aging. After all, this magic array has existed for many years. It is not surprising that this kind of aging has occurred. But there are some things wrong here. It’s a trace of man-made changes.”

“Hmm.” Xu Ziyan nodded, then tapped on the other problematic places, “and what about these?”

“I’m not sure, they may be aging, or they may be man-made, but if they are man-made, it is definitely not the same person who modified these places, it should be another group of people. The people who are doing the changes here have higher skills than the previous one. The few places he modified are well concealed as well. If I didn’t know that there must be something wrong with this array, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t find it at all.”

“Another group?” Xu Ziyan was stunned, then rubbed his forehead with a headache, “you mean that there’re two big groups of people wanting to attack the gate?”

Xu Zirong nodded.

Xu Ziyan was caught dumbfounded now. In the gossips that he heard from his previous life, this point was never mentioned. Of course, it might be also because this group was better in hiding and that’s why they’d never been discovered.

“It’s getting more troublesome now.” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help whispering. Initially, the enemy was in the lighter place and he’s in the darker place, and he could use all the methods to prepare for the monsters to besiege the city, but when he found out that there’s someone inside the Jiang family facilitating this to happen, he couldn’t help but getting more worried.

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