99 Part 1

Chapter 99

There was a sense of murder hidden under the dark eyes of Xu Zirong, and Xu Zirong’s gaze at Bai Hua became very cautious. Originally, he planned to find a chance to kill him when there’s no one, but he dared to take action on his brother – this was something that he’d never tolerate!

The brother of this life was given to him by God! And he’s exclusive!

Anyone who was interested in his brother could only die!

“Zirong!” As if Xu Ziyan started feeling the murderous intent emerging from Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan held Xu Zirong’s hand and looked straight at him, “what are you going to do?”

Xu Zirong was shocked, he quickly lowered his eyes but raised his head again, his eyes full of worries for his brother, he bit his lip, “brother, he was…”

“Okay, I know. I’m fine.” Xu Ziyan interrupted him immediately. He understood that Zirong was worried about him, that’s why he took the murderous intention, but if he killed Bai Hua from Tian Yu sect in front of so many people with no good reasons, it would be just like creating a war between the two sects.

Initially, Xu Ziyan didn’t discover the charm techniques that Bai Hua used. If he didn’t have the Green Night Divine Thunder in his body, he would’ve taken it silently. However, this charm technique wouldn’t create very intensive effects, it would just gently arouse people’s interests in him. It couldn’t even be called charm techniques.

Although the effect was not strong, Xu Ziyan was still very upset. Anyone who’s been calculated like this wouldn’t be in a good mood. If it’s someone else, perhaps Xu Ziyan would even fight and teach him a lesson. But when he once again remembered that it’s Bai Hua, he had to take it bitterly.

He wasn’t prepared to act against the male protagonist yet!

The additional effect of Bai Hua’s essence core was excellent and very discreet. Except for Xu Ziyan with Green Night Divine Thunder, there was also Xu Zirong having practiced the Blood Sea Heart Sutra who wasn’t influenced at all.

The atmosphere in the whole hall became more enthusiastic after Bai Hua joined, but Bai Hua was not happy, because whenever he peeked at the Xu brothers, he always found out that none of them were looking at him, and the Xu brothers were happily chatting with the others.

Bai Hua was biting his lower lip secretly, and the invincible essence core in him actually had no effect on the Xu brothers, which made him really depressed.

The fascination effect of the essence core didn’t necessarily affect everyone. Bai Hua knew about this, but after seeing the Xu brothers, he’d made up his mind in attracting both for his double cultivation.

In just five years, Xu Ziyan improved from the middle stage of the building base to the later stage. It’d be such a waste if he couldn’t cultivate with Xu Ziyan.

It can be proved that Xu Zirong’s talent was no worse than Xu Ziyan. After seeing that these two highly advanced cultivators and yet they weren’t seduced at all, Bai Hua felt so resentful that he almost bit his teeth off.

In this hall, whether it was the young generation of the Jiang family or the Fang family, they were all under his influence. However, these people weren’t important in Bai Hua’s eyes at all!

No matter how Bai Hua tried to talk to Xu Ziyan, Xu Ziyan, who was already wary of him, chose to deal with Bai Hua in a general manner, and he had no intention to talk to Bai Hua in depth at all. Bai Hua tried hard for many times, but Xu Ziyan always tried to lead the topic to somewhere else. If he still didn’t understand that Xu Ziyan didn’t want to get close to him, then he would’ve learnt nothing in this life at all.

“Cultivator Xu, do you still mind the fact that I once lied to you?” Bai Hua said apologetically, “but I was really forced to…I…”

“Why would cultivator Bai think like that?” Xu Ziyan asked in shock, “didn’t I already make it clear? At that time, cultivator Bai was forced to do so, and I can fully understand you.”

“But…” Bai Hua frowned, and said with a bit of sadness, “but cultivator Xu seems a little cold to me…could I have offended cultivator Xu in some ways?”

“Cold? Ahaha…you think too much.” Xu Ziyan laughed, then felt his palm was scratched again, he quickly turned his head back, “what’s wrong?”

Xu Zirong looked at Bai Hua expressionlessly, his delicate face was like an ice sculpture, and his dark eyes looked calm like a dead person, there’s no sense of life at all.

Bai Hua felt inexplicably guilty after Xu Zirong looked at him, and he suddenly had a sense of crisis.

With a move of his finger, the dragon-shaped jade hanging on his neck faintly emitted a faint light, illuminating him as a whole, but Xu Zirong did not attack him as he expected, he just glanced at him coldly and said to Xu Ziyan, “brother I’m hungry.”

“Oh, you’re hungry. Hold on for a while, and brother will cook for you.” Xu Ziyan smiled and patted Xu Zirong’s head, then glanced at Bai Hua indifferently.

At just one glance, Bai Hua understood that his plan to seduce Xu Ziyan had failed completely. He was secretly annoyed that he couldn’t control himself from activating the protective effect of the jade. Although he wasn’t attacking Xu Zirong, activating the jade meant that he was once suspicious.

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