98 Part 2

“Cultivator Xu.” Bai Hua was also surprised. He didn’t expect to meet Xu Zirong there, but this did not stop the feeling of surprise in his heart.

“Friend Bai, you…” Xu Ziyan was confused for a while, but he instantly understood that the term “Bai Muhua” was actually the alias of Bai Hua, and he found it somewhat ridiculous.

It turned out that he had already met Bai Hua…

“Cultivator Xu, please forgive me. At that time, I somehow entered the Green Spirit Secret Realm, and I was worried that the people who chased me would follow me, that’s why I used an alias.” Bai Hua explained gently. He had a very good impression of Xu Ziyan, and obviously, he didn’t want Xu Ziyan to misunderstand him because of this alias.

“It’s okay, you’ve been forced to do so.” Xu Ziyan forgave him generously.

What else could he do? Could he act as an enemy because Bai Hua was using an alias? That’s Bai Hua, the protagonist in the novel and the most favored man ever. Although Xu Ziyan wanted to keep a distance from him, he didn’t want to become an enemy either.

Acting against the protagonist? Just look at the fate of Xu Zirong in his last life! Unless Bai Hua was determined to kill Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan still wanted to get along with him as much as possible…Well, it’s best to be able to stay away from each other for the rest of his life.

“Cultivator Xu is really forgiving, I really admire you.” Bai Hua’s eyes flashed and there’s a light smile on his mouth.

“Do cultivator Bai and cultivator Xu know each other already?” Before Fang Tianyun introduced Bai Hua, he was interrupted by Xu Ziyan, but the conversation between the two also made him confused.

“Hehe, we once met.” Xu Ziyan smiled.

Bai Hua chuckled and explained it, and Fang Tianyun laughed after understanding it. Then, he introduced Bai Hua properly again.

There were all young people in the living room. Although Bai Hua and Xu Ziyan were both disciples of the big sects, they weren’t arrogant people. Therefore, there wasn’t much of a gap when they talked to the others.

Xu Zirong had kept his icy cold facial expression from beginning to end, and he didn’t say anything. Even when Bai Hua smiled and greeted him, he just glanced at him indifferently, without even saying a word.

Bai Hua had been lived in the Fang family for a few days. Thanks to his warm personality and kindness, he was very popular among the younger generations of the Fang family.

Seeing that the person they favored was coldly rejected, many of the young people there, who’d been stunned by the gorgeous look of Xu Zirong, couldn’t help but frown. And they started to dislike him for a bit.

“Please forgive him, cultivator Bai, Zirong’s personality is like this.” Xu Ziyan apologized to Bai Hua embarrassedly. He didn’t expect that Zirong would be so impolite to utterly ignore Bai Hua’s greetings.

“It’s okay.” Bai Hua’s face looked so relaxed, but he’s actually grinding his teeth. This Xu Zirong was just too annoying! When he’s still a kid, Xu Zirong had already started to dislike him, and he grew even worse after growing up!

Perhaps it was because of the disinterest of Xu Zirong’s towards Bai Hua, and with the fact that he’s been having an “essential core” all these years, Bai Hua had an inexplicable interest towards Xu Zirong after passing these smooth times in Tian Yu sect.

So you dislike me, huh? Well, I’m going to make you fall in love with me until you start begging!

At that time, I want to know if you can still act so coldly in front of me, or you’d be willing to follow me with fascination? Just like…those few people before!

When Bai Hua thought so, there seemed to be a strange wave on his body.

The people in the whole hall suddenly felt that Bai Hua had become more and more attractive, and even the Jiang family who saw him for the first time thought that this disciple from Tian Yu sect was really elegant and unique.


A crisp sound from the Dantian caused Xu Ziyan’s eyes to twitch, and his fingers tingled slightly.

The expression on his face remained unchanged, but in his heart, he was incredibly shocked. He didn’t fall into that strange state just now, but he suddenly thought that Bai Hua seemed to be getting more attractive than just now.

Fortunately, the Green Night Divine Thunder in his Dantian was extremely effective in preventing all kinds of charm spells. Unless it was the kind of aphrodisiac that directly acts on the body, this kind of charm spells wouldn’t be effective on Xu Ziyan at all.

He snapped his fingers tightly, and when Xu Ziyan turned his head, he saw that Xu Zirong had already clenched his fists and getting ready to attack.

“I’m fine.” Xu Ziyan whispered helplessly. He clearly told Zirong to act if he did something strange, but he clearly didn’t do anything, right? So why would Xu Zirong start acting up?

Xu Zirong squinted his eyes and looked at his brother up and down for a long while. He didn’t notice that his older brother showing a fascinated look, he then calmed down and lowered his hand.

He had seen the waves in the body of Bai Hua just now for countless times in his previous life. For so many times, Lin Xiaotian, Mo Ziyuan or even the original Xu Ziyan were just talking to him normally, but when they felt that wave, they instantly pulled Bai Hua to bed.

At the beginning, when Bai Hua tried to seduce Xu Zirong, he also felt that wave, but it clearly had no effect on Xu Zirong. However, that strange wave seemed to work magically on the others.


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